WWE Raw Report

Welcome to the WWE RAW Report. I will be giving a rundown of the show each week as well as my thoughts on what happened. please send me your comments, questions or any other feedback to @Zbullsmoke on twitter.

RAW Pre Show

Not much went on. They basically just recapped last week’s RAW and hyped up tonights show as well as the upcoming Pay-Per-View, “Fastlane.”  which is

There was a backstage segment featuring the miz and mizdow. More of the same kind of stuff we have just seen from them the past few weeks with them arguing.The whole thing between these two is a little confusing and a waste of time in my opinion.


The show opens with Roman Reigns cutting a tough guy promo. The crowd seemed to be mixed on him. Daniel Bryan comes into the ring. He basically just hypes the match between the two of them at Fastlane. The Authority then comes out. Triple H calls out sting to face him by the end of the night. They then make the match of Reigns and Bryan vs. Kane and Big Show and say it happens right then.


Reigns/Bryan vs. Kane/Big Show

Winner: Reigns/Bryan via Disqualification. After the match all 4 men brawl. Then Bryan hits Reigns inadvertently. Then Triple H comes out and makes a match for later in the night: Bryan and Reigns vs Kane/Big Show/J&J Security and Seth Rollins.

My Thoughts: Kind of surprised they opened the show with this match. Pretty week to end it in a DQr, but otherwise a decent match. It was cool to see Bryan and Reigns come to blows after the match though. Really stupid idea to book a 2 vs 5 match involving 4 guys we just watched. Sounds like they might be trying to just fill time.


Seth Rollins v Ryback

Winner: Ryback via Disqualification when J&J Security interferes.

My Thoughts: I didn’t really understand why they put this match where they did on the card. That being said the match was ok as Ryback was almost treated like a jobber which is ok in my book. It also put more heat on Rollins as Ryback has obviously become a fan favorite.


video package played featuring Sheamus and hyping his return.


Paige vs. Brie Bella

Winner: Paige via Pinfall

My Thoughts: This match has the most actual wrestling and hard hitting action on the card yet. It had a little bit of an MMA feel to it.


Rusev tribute to John Cena. More like cutting a promo on Cena running him down to hype the fight at Fastlane. Rusev got the cheap heel heat and received the “USA!” chant as well as the “WHAT?” after every sentence. Cena comes out to and responds.

My Thoughts: Other than the “WHAT?” chants from the crowd, I thought this was pretty good hype for the upcoming PPV match. Pretty heated verbal and physical exchange between the two. I really like Rusev as he is a believable and tough wrestler.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt

Winner: Bray Wyatt via Pinfall

My Thoughts: Great match! The little bit of unintentional blood from Wyatt was a nice touch. Hard hitting physical match with back and forth action and a few false finishes.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman come to the ring. Heyman cuts a promo hyping Lesnar beating either Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania.


Stardust/Goldust vs New Day

Winner: Koffi kingston via pinfall

My Thoughts: Waste of time! Both of these teams are going nowhere. They continue the Goldust/Stardust future breakup, but its pretty lame in my opinion. They need to move on with all of them and let them do something else.


Backstage interview Daniel Bryan. Roman Reigns appears. They both talk about the match they have later in the night.

After commercial break backstage segment with Goldust/Stardust. Then triple H is in the ring. He calls out sting after a short promo. Lights go on and off with sting look a likes appearing around the arena as well as strange video clips playing. Then a message appears on the screen that says “I Accept.”


Usos vs. Tyson Kidd/Cesaro

Winner: Kidd via Pinfall

My Thoughts: Pretty good match. I love the team of cesaro and Kidd. Hope they give them the belts soon and really build them up.


Rikishi is announced as a 2015 Hall of Fame inductee.


sin cara vs. The Miz w/ Mizdow

Wnner: Sin Cara via pinfall

My Thoughts: Again The Miz and Mizdow are a real waste of time keeping this storyline going.


Bray Wyatt Promo. Awesome strange promo. They have to be hyping him for a match with the Undertaker.


Curtis Axel vs. Dean Ambrose

Winner: Ambrose via Pinfall

My Thoughts: Ok match. Pretty much what you would expect in this matchup.


Daniel Bryan/Roman Reigns vs. Big Show/Kane/J&J Security/Seth Rollins

Winner: Reins via Pinfall. Ryback, Ziggler and Eric Rowan come to the ring and everyone brawls leaving only Bryan and Reigns and J&J in the ring.

My Thoughts: kind of cool to further build the wedge between Bryan and Reigns but other than that a really crappy main event.


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