MLB Reviews/Previews: Second Base Rankings

Second base was a position that had the potential to be completely forgotten coming into the offseason with no major free agents on the market. However, thanks to an extremely active winter meeting we saw two top 10 second basemen in all formats last season change team. Those trades saw Dee Gordon head home to Miami and Howie Kendrick cross the city of LA to go from the Angels to the Dodgers. So what does that mean for those two players next year?

Well for Gordon he is sure to be the number one middle infielder for the Marlins and is likely to bat in front of Giancarlo Stanton so that should give him a great opportunity to be a top 10 second baseman next year.

Kendrick moves into a completely vacated middle infield for the Dodgers with both Hanley and Gordon gone. The Dodgers gave up a pretty nice piece to acquire Kendrick so I would be stunned if he isn’t the full time player at second base for them this season. Justin Turner is the other guy in the mix there but he has capability to play SS that Howie doesn’t.

Before we bury any deeper into the upcoming season let’s take a whirlwind tour of the leaders from last season across my roto ranking system, the ESPN player rater and points total according to CBS fantasy.

Roto ESPN Player Rater (Roto) Points Leagues
Player Score Player Score Player Points
Anthony Rendon 25 Jose Altuve 14.56 Jose Altuve 560
Brian Dozier 23 Dee Gordon 11.12 Anthony Rendon 526
Ian Kinsler 23 Anthony Rendon 9.93 Brian Dozier 500
Jose Altuve 21 Ian Kinsler 8.53 Ian Kinsler 499
Robinson Cano 21 Robinson Cano 8.33 Robinson Cano 479
Josh Harrison 20 Josh Harrison 7.85 Dee Gordon 446
Howie Kendrick 18 Brian Dozier 7.83 Matt Carpenter 435
Dee Gordon 15 Howie Kendrick 6.93 Chase Utley 434
Neil Walker 15 Daniel Murphy 5.88 Howie Kendrick 425
Asdrubal Cabrera 14 Neil Walker 5.72 Ben Zobrist 409

The immediate stand out here is that Jose Altuve who tops the CBS and ESPN rankings sits fourth in my system. This is due to the relatively low number of runs scored, home runs and RBI that he accrued this season. Yes he dominated in steals getting nearly three times as many as most but he also hit three times less home runs, scored nearly 30 less runs and had 10 less RBI than the guy who ranks second in Dozier (Altuve had a SIGNIFCANTLY better average than the swing happy Dozier).

Seven players appeared in all three lists but there was a little more variation in the lower places than for other positions with Carpenter, Utley and Zobrist all appearing in point’s leagues only.

Speaking of Zobrist, he has also changed teams this year moving over to Oakland where he fits the philosophy perfectly with his multi positional ability and as always this eligibility means he will probably end up being drafted higher than his production actually merits.

Roto Categories

Dozier 112 Dozier 23 Kinsler 92 Gordon 64 Altuve 0.341
Rendon 111 Walker 23 Rendon 83 Altuve 56 Turner 0.340
Kinsler 100 Rendon 21 Cano 82 Bonifacio 26 Harrison 0.315
Carpenter 99 Kinsler 17 Utley 78 Kipnis 22 Cano 0.314
Gordon 92 Valbuena 16 Walker 76 Dozier 21 Panik 0.305
Altuve 85 Schoop 16 Kendrick 75 Wong 20 Kendrick 0.293
Kendrick 85 Cano 14 Dozier 71 Harrison 18 Gordon 0.289
Zobrist 83 Cabrera 14 Infante 66 Rendon 17 Murphy 0.289
Murphy 79 Ackley 14 Ackley 65 Kinsler 15 Gennett 0.289
Cano 77 Harrison 13 Cabrera 61 Kendrick 14 Rendon 0.287


My Immediate stand outs:

  • Dozier was a 20/20 player last season and was drafted in the later rounds of virtually every draft
  • Rendon broke out in spectacular fashion and was in the top three in runs scored, home runs and RBI. He was also top 10 in steals and average making him the ideal five category player at the position.
  • Cano wasn’t the titan at the position he was in New York but he was still a great option at the position scoring top ten in four categories.
  • Kinsler put a hold to the talk he was done also placing in the top 10 in four categories in a powerful Detroit line up.
  • Jacob Turner, who I mentioned above, hit for a stunning average and could be a big threat for more player time for the Dodgers
  • Josh Harrison came on strong last year but possibly won’t start the year with second base eligibility depending on your league rules.

My early 2015 rankings:

  1. Anthony Rendon, WSH
  2. Robinson Cano, SEA
  3. Jose Altuve, HOU
  4. Ian Kinsler, DET
  5. Brian Dozier, MIN
  6. Dee Gordon, MIA
  7. Jason Kipnis, CLE
  8. Neil Walker, PIT
  9. Howie Kendrick, LAD
  10. Dustin Pedroia, BOS
  11. Kolten Wong, STL
  12. Daniel Murphy, NYM
  13. Ben Zobrist, OAK
  14. Jedd Gyorko, SD
  15. Chase Utley, PHI
  16. Aaron Hill, ARI
  17. Brandon Phillips, CIN
  18. Javier Baez, CHC
  19. Marin Prado, NYY
  20. Eric Young, NYM
  21. Roughned Odor, TEX
  22. Jurickson Profar, TEX
  23. Brett Lawrie, OAK
  24. Scooter Gennett, MIL
  25. Josh Rutledge, LAA

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