Daily Fantasy Basketball Playbook – 12/10

Jeff Teague

After a pretty fun weekend in Atlanta that consisted of an Alabama football victory, delicious chicken wings, all of the rum, and yes even karaoke, apparently I was having too much fun so I was struck with a cold this week. Also, it’s final exam week. Yay me! So before the cold medicine knocks me out again let’s talk about the players that you should consider for tonight.


Jeff Teague – $7,300

Teague has been a very nice play this season. He’s hitting perimeter shots, grabbing rebounds, dishing out plenty of assists, and picking up a couple steals per game. What scares potential owners is his inconsistent scoring, which is based directly off his minutes played. When Teague is topping 30+ MPG, he’s golden. When not, it’s usually his scoring that takes the biggest hit while keeping the rest of his averages about the same. Tonight, I’m booking on 30+ minutes against the Philadelphia 76ers, which would mean a big night for owners.

Arron Afflalo – $5,300

With the Nuggets battling numerous injuries, the starters are going to have to step up. Afflalo clearly got the memo, posting 25/6/2 in Monday night’s loss. Tonight he faces a Miami team that hasn’t exactly been able to shut down opposing backcourts so far this season. Afflalo will shoot above his value tonight.


Chandler Parsons  – $6,500

So Monta Ellis has a bad elbow and Dirk still hasn’t been the usual Dirk lately. What does that mean? A season best for Parsons on Tuesday night posting 30 points (6 3pt shots), 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block. Even if Ellis does play, he may be limited. Considering Parsons had such a hot touch on Tuesday, I’m playing for a rollover game tonight as well.

Jared Sullinger – $6,700

I almost shed a tear when I saw him at this price. He’s averaging nearly a double-double for a season, has been almost automatic this season posting a 3pt shot, and will throw in a nice little bonus of steals or blocks every once in a while. His shooting percentage could be higher but he’s a very safe bet for the price he’s at. He’s going up against the Hornet’s interior defense that he should take advantage of tonight.


DeAndre Jordan – $7,200

This was a tough pick tonight. Seems like this season, if you want some big man stats then prepare to give up a chunk of your budget. With Cousins still out and Howard being a big question mark, Jordan makes for a solid play tonight. He’s currently averaging 12 rebounds and 3 blocks per game, so any other stats he puts up is just a bonus. If he gets enough opportunities on offense, he’s a double-double machine and tonight against the Pacers he makes for a “high floor” play.


As always prices are from FanDuel. Don’t mind me but I’m about to pass out and then have a nice shower cry while thinking about my exams.


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