Week 14 Fantasy Football Rankings: Playoff Edition

Rashad Jennings

The time has come everyone, the moment you have been waiting for all season long……My Week 14 Fantasy Football Rankings! Ha ha ha ha. Just kidding, for most leagues the playoffs are about to begin, and with it nerves will go awry, anxiety levels through the roof, and depending on the owner no objects are safe, and little ears should be sheltered.

I am not one to throw or hit inanimate objects, but I have been known to nervously pace, obsessively watch StatTracker’s and occasionally watch games without a shirt. I never said I was perfect folks, just someone people seem to enjoy reading or getting advice from.

This is a big week for everyone, even those on Bye weeks because they will be monitoring their potential opponents, and absolute worst case praying to the fantasy gods not to have a player get injured during the Bye. This has happened t me, and being Fantasy Football absolutely nothing is certain, and the game is simply unpredictable. That being said, rankings and projections are often the only way you can set lineups and make some tough decisions with an ease of concious for your big battle. I have what I consider an ideal lineup in my oft discussed Work League, but that means having explosive players like DeAndre Hopkins and Tre Mason on my bench. That is where they were in Week 13 by the way when they both exploded. Thankfully my starters did very well in their own right, so I can’t complain. With a lineup of Cam Newton, Jamaal Charles, Antonio Brown, Calvin Johnson, Delanie Walker, and Rashad Jennings at flex I just can’t make mysef plug either of those guys mentioned above in my lineup.

I am attaching the rankings below as I normally do, but to those perhaps inexperienced owners, or indifferent owners now is the time to ensure your Commissioner is on point. Make sure payouts are set, seeding is accurate, and that tie breakers are determined BEFORE the games start. Raising a ruckus, or recommended change after the fact will not work. I played in a league a few years ago where the payouts were not set, and the tiebreakers were something odd like bench points. Believe it or not it came in to play as one match resulted in a tie, and the owner who had three quarterbacks on his bench ended up winning and advancing. The league exploded, but nothing was raised prior to the first round, therefore nothing could be done.

Be on the ball, especially in new leagues, and keep your commissioners on the ball for the most important part of your Fantasy Football season. Good luck this week to everyone who needs it, unless you face me :), and be sure to keep an eye on my rankings below throughout the week as I do a lot of tweaking.


Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros



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