IDP All-22 Analysis of Dolphins’ Cameron Wake and Titans’ Avery Williamson

Since Week 1, Cameron Wake has 2 sacks. His IDP outlook is analyzed in this All-22 article

Week 6 is underway, so we can get an idea of how productive defenders are going to be over the course of the next several games. There are two players in particular that have caught my eye, and in the interest of full disclosure, because I’m owners of them in a few leagues; Avery Williamson and Cameron Wake. These two are on opposite ends of production arrow, as Williamson is trending up and Wake has been trending down. But why?

I decided to break out the trusty All-22 to see what the eye in the sky could tell me.

Avery Williamson caught my attention in Week 3 against the Bengals. In just a few plays, you could tell this kid could diagnose and get to the ball. Here are a few plays that I looked at in that match-up against Cincinnati.

This was a first down play that ended up being a short dump-off to Ryan Hewitt:

Williamson sees the pass and knows where the play is going.










He’s engaged on the block.










He breaks off the block and makes a nice solo tackle.










The play netted 6 yards, but he was able to break off the block and prevent Hewitt from gaining more yardage, notching a solo tackle.


On this play, Williamson doesn’t do too much, but uses his quickness to make a tackle:

On the hand-off, he sneaks by the guard and, really, didn’t even realize Williamson was there.










He uses a quick burst and side-step to pursue Jeremy Hill.










This play, he was able to get the tackle for the loss on Jeremy Hill.


By Week 5, he had earned more snaps and made some nice plays against the Browns. Here’s one on Ben Tate, who had quite a bit of success running the ball:

On the hand-off to Tate, Williamson doesn’t make any sudden moves, he stays square and diagnoses where the play is going










He gets around the tackle, to make the stop on Tate.










The result was gain of two yards and another solo tackle for Williamson.

Avery Williamson got the start in Week 5 and, has arguably been their best linebacker over the last few weeks. He’s certainly been more productive than Zaviar Gooden. He’s been entrusted with the in-helmet communicator, so it appears he’s not leaving the field soon. He’s currently producing a near 19 percent tackle rate, but as his snaps increase, that will go down but he has LB2 upside over the course of the remainder of the season.

Now, the next defender I’m looking at is Cameron Wake. Since his Week 1 dominance of the Patriots, he hasn’t registered a sack but is still generating consistent pressure on the QB, nearly 18 percent in his last 63 blitzes. So, what’s going on with Wake?

A few things here. The QBs are getting the ball out quicker. As shown in Miami’s tilt with the Chiefs:










Wake is able to get around the tackle, as Jason Trusnik creates a jam between the guard and the tackle










He has a clear path to the QB, but Alex Smith knows where he’s going and fires the ball out.

He’s also seeing double-teams on a regular basis, as was the case here against Buffalo:










Scott Chandler picks up Wake here, immediately cutting off his progress to the QB.











As Chandler releases, the right tackle picks him up, again, not allowing him to gain any momentum in pursuit of E.J. Manuel.

Cameron Wake owners are frustrated for sure. He’s lucky he had that two sack game, plus, the Dolphins have played in four games, so it’s still relatively early on in the season. His track record of production also give him the benefit of the doubt. Since the 2010 season, he’s recorded 45.5 sacks and is generating pressure on over 13 percent of his blitzes. Pro Football Focus has graded him as one of the more dominant pass rushers over the last several seasons, as well with only one pass rush grade under +30 (+29.9) since 2010.

I think there is a silver lining for Wake owners. Wake will face seven teams over the next 11 weeks who’ve already allowed double-digit sacks. Week 8 should have Wake owners salivating as they face the Jaguars, who’ve allowed 21. I believe there’s a buy-low opportunity with his favorable schedule over the next several games. The next three games will definitely tell the story of how the rest of his season goes.


Mike Woellert is an IDP Contributor for FakePigskin.

Target, grading and rush snap data courtesy of Pro Football Focus
Image Credit: CBS Boston


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