Fantasy Football: Baltimore Ravens’ Rookie C.J. Mosley a Stud in Week 5


Week five is over and the usual suspects of rookies are nowhere to be found; however, Baltimore Ravens’ rookie C.J. Mosley is a bona fide stud.

And here is a dirty little secret about the dud list, in order to be a dud, you must have first been thought of as a stud.  So it is the usual suspects that dominate that list.  But let’s get the good out.

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C.J. Mosley, Linebacker, Baltimore Ravens:  Let’s talk about his compilation film: Mosley ranks sixth in the NFL in tackles, he has 49.  He is also the only player in the top 20 in tackles that has an interception and a forced fumble.

Now let’s talk about Sunday’s performance that put him on the stud radar. In the Ravens 13-20 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Mosley was a stand-out. He was everywhere. He stopped the run. He rushed the quarterback. And he defended the pass.

He finished the game with 14 tackles and one interception. A rookie stud not named Clowney or Mack?  Yes, Baltimore, there is a new defensive stud in your midst.

Marcell Dareus, Defensive Tackle, Buffalo Bills: Forget the offseason shenanigans — he has — and with performances like this we should too.  We are all about the present and presently Dareus is a stud. In the Bills’ 17-14 win against the Detroit Lions, Dareus was the focal point. His third sack of quarterback Matthew Stafford also forced a fumble. The Bills’ defense with Dareus leading the way held the Lions scoreless in the second half.

Dareus finished the game with five tackles, three sacks and one forced fumble. Carry Jim Schwartz off the field? Schwartz should have been hoisting Dareus off the field.

Bobby Wagner, Linebacker, Seattle Seahawks: Sometimes it just seems obligatory to add a Seahawk to the stud list. It ain’t so. Their defense is that complete and that good. Enter Wagner. In a game that was closer than most imagined, Wagner kept the Seahawks in it. Sure, there was quarterback Russell Wilson breaking my heart with is 201 passing yards and 122 rushing yards and three touchdowns, because my opponent had him in fantasy football. But I digress. Wagner dominated the defensive line, and thus Kirk Cousins and the hope of Washington’s rushing game.

Wagner’s final stats were eight tackles, one sack and two passes defended.  He was awesome.


Robert Quinn, Defensive End, St. Louis Rams: Two tackles.  I’ve said enough.

James Harrison, Linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers: I am oscillating on this one, because realistically did we expect much from Harrison? He was a Steeler for a day. Then he retired. Now he returns. So really what are our expectations? The schedule couldn’t have been more favorable for him. It was, after all, the Jacksonville Jaguars. So did we expect more than one tackle. Yeah, kinda.

Geno Atkins, Defensive Tackle, Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals were supposed to prove their undefeated record was no fluke. The Bengals’ defense was pitted against an offensive line that had allowed 10 quarterback sacks, 11 quarterback hurries and 38 hits. Atkins and his fantasy general managers had to be licking their chops at the statistical possibilities. And then the game happened.

Atkins corralled two tackles for the entire game.  Still no sacks recorded.  Two tackles.  I’ve said enough.

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