Fantasy Football:Chalk Talk with Jags Allen Robinson

"Rookie wide out sails in garbage time"

“Rookie wide out sails in garbage time”

Jaguar fans have very little to hang their hats on after the 44-17 blowout loss to the Colts over the weekend but Allen Robinson is one of them.

Robinson was one of the few bright spots leaving Sundays game, catching 7 balls for 79 yards on 10 targets. Robinson’s snap count has been increasing incrementally from week to week, playing 70% of snaps against the Colts. Fellow rookie Allen Hurns played 86% of snaps, still earning more playing time than Robinson. Through 3 weeks the Penn State alum has 12 receptions for 154 yards, placing him 52nd overall amongst wide receivers and 7th amongst rookie wide outs in PPR formats. We shall take a look at how Robinson piled up the stats on Sunday.


Jaguars open this 3rd down with an 11 personnel group and Robinson lined up as the X wide receiver.

Arob4Robinson runs a 2 yard comeback route, ideally you think both Chad Henne and Robinson noticed how much the defensive backs were playing off and adjusted to this play call.

As Robinson reals in the throw you see how much space is around him, easy pitch and catch, nothing special about this play.

Arob5When watching college tape of Robinson he has always excelled after the catch, as seen above some things just don’t change. Robinson breaks through the arm tackles pushing forward for an additional 3-4 yards. Displaying his strength in the open field.

Arob11Once again Jaguars are lined up in 11 personnel, 2 & 4 in what should be a prevent defense from the Colts. I highlighted this play because the defensive back is playing press coverage in an attempt to jam Robinson at the line of scrimmage.

Arob12As the DB attempts to jam Robinson, he cuts to his left then back to his right, the DB becomes off balanced because of the quick twitch ability of Robinson

Arob13Robinson has already won, his speed is superior enough to run by the DB at this point, in which he does exactly that.

Arob14The linebacker is out of position as well, leaving nothing but green in front of Robinson. You can see the trust is already being built between Blake Bortles and Robinson. Bortles knows Robinson will go up and get this ball before the safety does.

Arob15Robinson has to climb the ladder and adjust his body to catch this ball. You like the fact that his hands and arms are extended away from his body.

Arob16The safety delivers a big time hit after Robinson catches the ball. However, Robinson remains in control of the football, and absorbs the crushing blow.

Closing Thoughts

Robinson displayed exactly as you saw on film during his collegiate days at Penn State. Elusive and powerful after the catch,  he possesses an adequate frame to high point the ball and strong hands to catch in traffic. Robinson is an uber talented rookie, but is currently competing with two other talented rookies, Allen Hurns and Marqise Lee for snaps. Fellow rookie Blake Bortles entered the game after starting QB Chad Henne went down with an injury, Bortles is set to make his first career start in San Diego this Sunday. With the promising play Bortles last week,  the ceiling is very high for Robinson. There will be ups and downs along the way, but that should be expected from a rookie quarterback and a young offense. I  fully expect Robinson to emerge as the best receiver from this group.



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