Fantasy Football: Andrew Luck and Week 2 QB Rankings

Andrew Luck

Andrew  Luck

This young quarterback will be facing a far worse passing defense this week, and it could mean fantasy goodness. (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)


Andrew Luck headlines our quarterback rankings for Week 2. After a strong showing against the Broncos in Week 1, Luck and the Colts will host the Eagles in Week 2. Luck posted numbers good enough to make him QB3 in Week 1, and the Eagles’ defense looked awfully porous against the Jaguars last week. This week there is a convergence of factors that has Andrew  Luck’s stock on the rise.

Before we get to the rest of our Week 2 QB rankings, let’s take note of a couple interesting finishes from Week 1’s group of quarterbacks:

Robert  Griffin III – All of Griffin’s numbers looked good in Week 1. All of them, that is, except for his fantasy points. RG3 completed nearly 80% of his passes and threw for just shy of 300 yards. Even though the fantasy points weren’t there in Week 1, there is reason for hope of better performances in upcoming weeks. If you don’t own Griffin yet, you might toss out a trade offer to see if his owner was scared off by the low fantasy totals in Week 1.

Tom  Brady – Despite throwing 56 times in Week 1, Tom  Brady threw for under 250 yards. Brady barely completed 50% of his passes and only threw for one touchdown. If you watched the game, you likely also noticed that Brady was frequently off on his throws. We’re not saying to cut Brady, but we are saying to keep an eye on him and drop him in your rankings this week.

Josh  McCown – In 2QB and Superflex leagues, McCown was an interesting pre-draft quarterback based upon his last year and his huge receiving options in Tampa Bay this year. But McCown struggled mightily against the Panthers in Week 1, to the tune of two interceptions, two fumbles, and only 183 passing yards. If you’re in a particularly deep 2QB league, you might consider stashing McCown’s backup, Mike  Glennon.

With those three in mind, let’s move on.


Week 2 QB Rankings:


The best quarterback in the game is going up against a depleted Chiefs’ secondary that just got carved up by Jake  Locker. Start Manning with confidence.


  • Andrew  Luck, Colts


Luck posted numbers good enough to make him QB3 in Week 1, and the Eagles’ defense looked awfully porous against the Jaguars last week. This week there is a convergence of factors that has Andrew  Luck’s stock on the rise.



Rodgers is much more capable of exposing a bad Jets’ secondary than Derek  Carr was in Week 1. Expect Rodgers to come back motivated to improve after last week’s loss.



We’re betting he finishes Week 2 with more than one passing touchdown. Week 1 was an aberration.



Week 1 showed us that this team is going to ride its passing game into the ground. Ryan is a solid starter again this week.



The Seahawks had ten days off to prepare for their game against the Chargers. There is no reason to think that Seattle’s offensive excellence slows down this week.



In part we are a believer in Palmer, but more so we are believers in how terrible the Giants defense is.



The Panthers defense is great, but they are not the Seahawks. Stafford is still a great option this week with better receiving options than he has ever had.



It was a great recovery for Foles and the Eagles in the second half last week. Lots of upside, but still plenty of risk with Foles.



Kaepernick is still an unknown this season. Last week he barely had to lift a finger to put up impressive fantasy numbers against a terrible Romo-led performance.


Big Ben has a new target in Markus Wheaton, who is unpolished but a great weapon. If you can buy low on Roethlisberger we recommend it.



Newton’s points are in his running ability, and while we are confident he starts there is still the question of if he uses his legs.



The Bears are continuing to roll under the leading of Cutler, but the matchup is brutal.


The much-maligned Dalton still has elite receiving options, and let’s not forget that last year he did finish well inside the top 10.


  • Jake  Locker, Titans


Locker is continuing to impress with his accuracy and spreading around the ball. Add in playing the Cowboys and this is a great QB2 option.


  • Robert  Griffin III, Redskins


RG3’s lack of rushing yards has us concerned.


  • Tom  Brady, Patriots


Brady seemed to believe that his receivers catch with their feet last week. We expect progress from there but believe it will take time.



Romo is a great buy-low option in our opinion after this week. The Titans’ defense is going to stall Romo’s fantasy numbers for one more week.


The breakout of Knowshon Moreno should relieve some of the pressure on Tannehill in the next couple weeks, but this offense has a ways to go.


Flacco will not throw 60+ times in too many games this season, but he did last week.


Will Dwayne Bowe’s return from suspension help the Chiefs’ offense? Not enough for Smith to break the top 20 for this week.



Insert a quarterback playing against the Seahawks here.



Will you get the 1st half Hoyer performance or the 2nd half?



Most of Henne’s fantasy points came on terrible defensive efforts by the Eagles. Expect regression this week.


Fitzpatrick was an effective game manager last week, which was all the Texans needed. There is very little upside to this situation.


Patterson ran for 100 yards this past week, and we think that Norv Turner figures out a few ways to adjust this offense to fit Cassel’s limited strengths. There is still the risk of Teddy Bridgewater stepping in to start at any time.




  • E. J. Manuel, Bills


He looked pretty competent this past week, but rushing touchdowns are unlikely to repeat this week. EJ’s total would have been 9 fantasy points without that bonus.


  • Derek  Carr, Raiders


The only rookie to start this week put up reasonable fantasy numbers, but against the Texans it’s hard to imagine a repeat performance. Lots of sacks for the Texans this week, but Carr may redeem himself in junktime.



The last name is all that Eli and Peyton appear to have in common at the moment.


  • Josh  McCown, Bucs


Awkward progressions and poor throws throughout the game last week. Too much risk for us to like McCown as anything more than a QB3.



We believe Shaun Hill is starting this week, but whether he plays the entire game is in question. Look elsewhere if possible.










  • Mike  Glennon, Bucs











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