Fantasy Football: Draft Him! WHAT? WHY?


Well here’s my first of many fantasy articles for Just a real quick introduction of myself. I’ve learned the first step is admitting you have a problem, yes! I’m addicted to fantasy football. Now that we got that out of the way, I’ve been very fortunate to have success in the fantasy world. I was often helping others so I thought what the heck! Ill dabble in some writings and we will see where that gets me. I’m extremely active on twitter so let me know your thoughts on my first article. You can follow me on twitter: @thegrizzlybeard if you don’t prefer twitter leave a comment at the bottom of the page. If you don’t tweet at me or leave a comment and I find out you read this. I will cry just like Knowshon Moreno. (nobody wants that again)



Whew! You’re still reading at this point and the introduction didn’t bore you too badly. The topic I want to get into is kind of different this week. I looked back at the top 15 running back rankings for preseason 2013. I chose to use rankings and I will go through with why they thought a player would be good and what the real value should be in 2014. The reason I did this is because  players like Matt Forte slipped all the way to 12th in there rankings and players like Ray Rice climbed all the way to 4th.

The Insanity

1 Adrian Peterson, MIN 5 $60
2 Arian Foster, HOU 8 $57
3 Marshawn Lynch, SEA 12 $56
4 Ray Rice, BAL 8 $55
5 Doug Martin, TB 5 $53
6 Jamaal Charles, KC 10 $52
7 C.J. Spiller, BUF 12 $51
8 Trent Richardson, CLE 10 $49
9 Alfred Morris, WAS 5 $48
10 LeSean McCoy, PHI 12 $45
11 Steven Jackson, ATL 6 $40
12 Matt Forte, CHI 8 $39
13 Stevan Ridley, NE 10 $38
14 Frank Gore, SF 9 $36
15 Chris Johnson, TEN 8 $33



AP: Peterson was the consensus number 1 running back heading into 2013 and rightfully so. He didn’t have the season some were hoping for and should that he is some what human. He battled some injuries last year and just turned 29 years old. Unfortuantely some good things come to end, I would say he is going to start to decline in 2014. I’m not saying a huge drop by any means, Heck, I think he will still be a top 5 running back. I don’t expect him to get near the 2,000 yard mark.

Arian Foster: A lot of people reached on Foster in 2013 and I didn’t want any part of him. In fact, I was trying to scoop up Ben Tate as much as possible. The still didn’t work out too well. For a player who led the NFL in rushing I don’t have him in the top 10 for my 2014. The appeal of him was he gets the ball and gets it a lot. No one was going to predict the Texans to have the season they did. Foster is just too much of a reliability for me to draft him in the first round. He has been plagued with injuries and they have a team that is rebuilding.

I could go on and talk about each player individually, personally who wants to read about how everyone was wrong on Matt Forte and he received goal line carries finally. Yes, I’m still psyched about it.  What I’m going to do is highlight on a couple players that people are shrugging off due to a simple injury. You can over come an injury and be an elite player. Look what happened to Adrian Peterson.  He was ranked 10th and came in at number 1. Why not try to call a player that finishes in the top 5. As you can clearly see Lynch and Peterson were the only 2 that were close to the top 5. If fantasy football was as simple as reading rankings there would no one writing about it. Instead I choose not to follow everyone and come up with some of my own reasons on why to fall in love with players. The thing is some of the guys outside of the top 10 will end up in the top 5 by the end of the season. I want to find those guys for you, I want to find those late round steals. I don’t want to produce another article that follows everyone else thoughts.


Doug Martin : I’ll start with this guy, I was crazy high on him last year. I’ll gladly admit I took him at 1 in several leagues. Why not! That’s what you have to ask yourself. Why not take this player over someone who is aging or splitting carries. You look at Doug Martin you have a down field runner who can easily make a play and be in the end zone. Some players struggle making a play, what that means is he can lower his shoulder, juke, do whatever  it takes to get into the end zone. He has the applicability of scoring 50 points in a week in fantasy. Lastly, he can catch the ball and score some major points. I’m not as high as I was in 2013 and its not because of talent, its strictly because he is in a new system and has Lovie Smith as a head coach. For whatever reason he may not let Martin be the goal line back and that worries me.

CJ SPiller : I’ve been questioned by several people on why do I like Spiller so much. My answer is for all the same reasons you loved him before the 2013 season. Hes number 7 back on the board and has a chance to be a top 3 back at the end of the season. He has such a high ceiling and was able to show that last on a couple of plays. Buffalo’s offense tends to run the ball over passing which is a positive. Spiller also hasn’t been featured much inside the end zone. I can see him getting some carries but splitting and see him with around 7-10 touchdowns. It would not be out of the picture to see Spiller with around 1800 total yards this upcoming season.




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