LT’s Top 5’s: Guitarists


I’m going to be fully honest. As someone who only has the tiniest shred of musical ability – if that – I probably wouldn’t be the best judge of talent. All I can go by is what sounds good in my earholes. So that’s exactly what I did when choosing the guitarists for this week’s “LT’s Top 5’s”. Please note that while my last two Top 5 lists were Metal-driven, this list will include guitarists from other genre’s.

5. Tosin Abasi/Animals As Leaders

If I were basing this list on talent alone, Abasi very well could challenge for the top spot as there are probably only a handful of players in the world more technically gifted (at least from what I’ve heard). His body of work isn’t extensive, and I’ve only ever heard him play in his instrumental power house AAL, but man can he shred. And, as a sucker for big, heavy-sounding guitar tones, Tosin’s style is right up my alley as he can alternate from his sweep picking to his riffs all on his 8 string Ibanez.



4. Tom Morello/Rage Against The Machine

I’m well aware that Morello isn’t the most technically proficient player around, but, in RATM and “Audioslave” he hasn’t needed to be. What puts Morello on my list is his style and the unique sounds he’s been able to derive from his guitar setups. I’m not huge into DJ’s and “scratching”, but when that same sound is emanating from a guitar, suddenly it sounds amazing to me.



3. Stevie Ray Vaughn/SRV and Double Trouble

I’m admittedly not the biggest blue’s fan, but I am a massive fan of SRV. He had it all; the feel, the technical prowess, and he made it look so effortless as he laid down those bluesy licks and solos that just make you want to go dump a bunch of barbecue sauce all over something. Unfortunately, his career was cut short by a terrible plane accident so we don’t truly know just how great he could’ve been.



2. Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin

I’m not going to be able to adequately articulate just how amazing Page is, but I have a feeling that if sex were to some how take musical form it would appear as JP whaling away on his Les Paul. Go listen to “Whole Lotta Love”, “The Rover”, or “When the Levee Breaks” and tell me you’re not aroused.



1. John Petrucci/Dream Theater

Again, not much will be needed to say here, but for me Petrucci takes the cake. He’s responsible for some of the most mesmerizing, mind-bending solos of all time, but he also delivers some of the best metal riffs to boot (see “As I Am”). His genius is on display in every single DT album, and I can’t describe to you the feeling I get when he rips into his solo on “Peruvian Skies”.



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