Premier League Injuries and Suspensions (Week 34)

Week 33 was a quieter week for many fantasy teams and now that we are reaching crunch time in the fantasy year every owner will be desperate to get as many points as possible. In order to do that you need to stay up to date with the latest Premier League injuries and suspensions as we enter week 34 with a number of important names appearing on the injury report. Of course many of you will be desperately looking for the latest on the Rooney and Aguero news who both missed last week’s match ups.

Before we get into the teams here are this week’s fixtures:

  • Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa     12.04.14 @ 10:07am ET (3:07pm GMT)
  • Fulham vs Norwich                    12.04.14 @ 10:07am ET (3:07pm GMT)
  • Southampton vs Cardiff City      12.04.14 @ 10:07am ET (3:07pm GMT)
  • Stoke vs Newcastle                   12.04.14 @ 10:07am ET (3:07pm GMT)
  • Sunderland vs Everton              12.04.14 @ 10:07am ET (3:07pm GMT)
  • West Brom vs Tottenham           12.04.14 @ 10:07am ET (3:07pm GMT)
  • Liverpool vs Man City                13.04.14 @ 8:07am ET (1:37pm GMT)
  • Swansea vs Chelsea                  13.04.14 @ 11:07am ET (4:07pm GMT)
  • Arsenal vs West Ham                15.04.14 @ 2:45pm ET (7:45pm GMT)
  • Everton vs Crystal Palace          16.04.14 @ 2:45pm ET (7:45pm GMT)
  • Man City vs Sunderland             16.04.14 @ 2:45pm ET (7:45pm GMT)

UPDATED @5pm ET 11.04.14: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Cardiff, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City, Newcastle, Norwich, Southampton, Stoke City, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Brom.

Arsenal Injuries            vs West Ham

Fabianski (Illness) Available for Selection: Illness cleared up but he is still unlikely to play.

Koscielny (Calf) 50% chance of playing: Not sure they risk him this week and neither should you.

Gibbs (Ankle) 75% chance of playing: This is a tough one because we are so far from the game right now. No update as of Friday. I wouldn’t risk him at the price if I had the transfer spare.

Özil (Hamstring) 26.04.14, Wilshere (Foot) 19.04.14: Drop and reconsider once they have returned

Rosicky (Knock) 75% chance of playing: West Ham are solid at the back so this could be tough. Not sure I want him on my team.

Chamberlain (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Expensive player who is a huge risk so if you can spare the transfer I’d probably drop him.

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Gnabry (Knee) 75% chance of playing: I’m not sure they select him even if he is fit so I wouldn’t own him. No update as of Friday.

Walcott (Knee) Return unknown, Diaby (Knee) Return unknown, Miyachi (Hamstring) Return unknown: Out for the season. You shouldn’t own any.


Aston Villa Injuries      @ Crystal Palace

Okore (Knee) Return unknown, N’Zogbia (Achilles) Return unknown, Kozak (Broken Leg), Return unknown: You’re not owning any of these three.

Delph (Achilles) Available for Selection: Has looked good lately. A really cheap option who could give you good points this week. I would give him a shot in this match up.

El Ahmadi (Thigh) Available for Selection: A cheap option with a really nice match up. 

Herd (Personal) Return unknown: Barely been fantasy relevant when available anyway.

Benteke (Achilles) Return unknown: This is the big one as far as Villa players are concerned. You have to drop him and go get another striker because he is out for the season.

Agbonlahor (Illness) Available for Selection: Illness has passed and he will most likely start.


Cardiff City Injuries      @ Southampton

Turner (Knock) 50% chance of playing, John (Knock) 50% chance of playing: Two cheap options but they don’t score that highly and this is a tough match up

Fabio (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Has been a regular lately but they have plenty of options so I’d drop him to be safe.

Hudson (Hamstring) Return unknown: Won’t play this week.

Noone (Abdominal) Return unknown: Looks like he will miss this week. Drop.

Bellamy (Knock) 75% chance of playing: A cheap option but he doesn’t play that often so I wouldn’t own him.

Jones (Knock) 50% chance of playing: Not a high scoring option upfront and Campbell is more likely to play even if Jones is healthy.


Chelsea Injuries           @ Swansea

Image courtesy of The Guardian

Terry (Foot) 75% chance of playing: This is a real tough one. Terry is a warrior but they will not want him to aggravate the injury. I’m not even sure the match up is that great so I would bench him to be safe.

Hazard (Calf) 50% chance of playing: Chelsea only has one injury right now but my word is it a big one. There has been no update as of Friday. If I had to decide now I would say they do not risk him this week because they have bigger concerns to come.


Crystal Palace              vs Aston Villa, @ Everton

Nothing to report


Everton Injuries           @ Sunderland, vs Crystal Palace

Jagielka (Hamstring) 16.04.14: Out for this week. Drop.

Osman (Eye) 75% chance of playing: A really good fantasy scorer but with no update as of Friday it is tough to risk him.

Pienaar (Knee) 12.04.14: Should return this week but I don’t want to own him myself even if he is healthy. No update as of Friday.

Oviedo (Broken Leg) Return unknown, Gibson (Knee) Return unknown, Kone (Knee) Return unknown, Traore (Hamstring) Return unknown: None of these are really worth worrying about this week.


Fulham Injuries            vs Norwich

Heitinga (Knock) Available for Selection: This is the big game for Fulham’s season you have to feel. Norwich are just above Fulham and have been terrible away from home. He is fit and could potentially having a sneaky good game as a cheap option.

Burn (Muscle) 12.04.14: Available but I’m not sure there is much to say here as he has 8 fantasy points all year.

Parker (Knee) Available for Selection: He will probably playy but I’m not sure there’s much fantasy value here even if healthy.

Karagounis (Knock) Available for Selection: This midfield situation is such a mess and I want nothing to do with it.

Duff (Knee) Return unknown: Drop.

Briggs (Hernia) Return unknown: Don’t own.


Liverpool Injuries         vs Man City

Agger (Knee) Available for Selection: I don’t see them keeping a clean sheet and I think there could be a few goals in this game.

Enrique (Knee) Return unknown, Coates (Knee) Return unknown: Again you don’t want to own either of these this week.


Man City Injuries          @ Liverpool, vs Sunderland

Image courtesy of the Guardian

Nastasic (Knee) 13.04.14: Struggling to return from injury. Hard to trust him this week so I say make him a guy to watch with a view to adding him next week.

Yayo Toure (Knock) Available for Selection: He is one of their best players and could grab a couple of goals this week.

Agüero (Muscle) Available for Selection: I am going to say that the OK from his manager means he is playing from the start. Get him in your line up if you can afford him because he will likely play twice this week.


Newcastle Injuries        @ Stoke City

Krul (Knee) 50% chance of playing: Should return this week but I’m not adding him on a 50/50.

Debuchy (Groin) 12.04.14: Again should return this week and is a cheap semi-high scoring option in defence.

Ryan Taylor (Knee) Return unknown, Obertan (Knee) Return unknown: Neither are playing soon so drop them.

Sissoko (Hamstring) 19.04.14: He is their highest scoring fantasy midfielder but you might as well drop him because he isn’t playing this week.

Remy (Calf) 19.04.14: Downgraded so drop him.

Sammy Ameobi (Ankle) 12.04.14: Unlikely to play even if healthy. Don’t own him.


Norwich Injuries           @ Fulham

Bassong (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Has been their rock and they need him this week. They have struggled away from home this year so I wouldn’t risk him.

Fer (Hamstring) 25% chance of playing, Elliott Bennett (Knee) Return unknown: You’re not owning either of these two this week.


Southampton Injuries  vs Cardiff City

Image courtesy of

Boruc (Back) 75% chance of playing: This appeared out of nowhere last week. No update as of Friday.

Kelvin Davis (Knock) Return unknown: Out. DROP!

Clyne (Groin) 12.04.14: A nice match up this week and a really cheap option. Issue is that there was no further news as the week progressed to confirm he will be playing.

Yoshida (Knee) 10.05.14: Do not own.

Ramirez (Ankle) 25% chance of playing: Downgraded a little over the week. Do not own.

Rodriguez (Knee) Return unknown: He is done for the season so drop him and get someone to replace him which I accept will be hard. This is a real blow to fantasy players.


Stoke City Injuries        vs Newcastle

Huth (Knee) Return unknown: Probably going to be out for the season. Do not own.

Adam (Facial Injury) 75% chance of playing: I feel like he is a risk of being sent off every week but he scores decent points for his price. Don’t risk this week.

Assaidi (Knee) 12.04.14: Should return this week and with Newcastle slumping he might be a sneaky good option. No further update as of Friday.

Ireland (Illness) 75% chance of playing: Illness has passed but I’m still not sure he is playing so I wouldn’t own him.


Sunderland Injuries     vs Everton, @ Man City

Altidore (Knock) 16.04.14: Missing at least one game this weekend and the other is a tough match up. Do not own this week.

Fletcher (Ankle) Return unknown: Do not own.


Swansea Injuries          vs Chelsea

Tiendalli (Illness) 75% chance of playing: Unlikely to play anyway. Do not own.


Tottenham Injuries       @ West Brom

Walker (Groin) 19.04.14: Downgraded. Drop.

Dawson (Hamstring) 19.04.14: Out for the week. Drop

Vertonghen (Calf) 19.04.14: Downgraded. Drop

Demebele (Hip) 25% chance of playing: This is a messy situation with all the injuries. I want nothing to do with this injury.

Lamela (Thigh) Return unknown: Don’t own.

Capoue (Ankle) 19.04.14: Downgraded. Drop.

Soldado (Hamstring) 19.04.14: Downgraded. Drop.


West Brom Injuries      vs Tottenham

Morrison (Muscle) 75% chance of playing: Cheaper better scoring options on his own team. Do not risk.

Gera (Hamstring) 03.05.14: Do not own


West Ham Injuries        @ Arsenal

Collins (Calf) 75% chance of playing: Has longer to get ready but I’ve got a sneaky feeling Arsenal could have a big week. I wouldn’t want to own him.

McCartney (Hamstring) 25% chance of playing: As above

O’Brien (Shoulder Dislocation) Return unknown: Out for a while. Don’t own.

Borriello (Hamstring) Return unknown: Not worth owning.


So there is your Premier League injury and suspension news as it stands at 3pm ET on Wednesday but there may still be some injury reports to come out from Chelsea’s game Tuesday. The other team playing midweek is Man United who are not in action this weekend so no need to worry about that! In addition, there are lots of players who are on the bubble for being healthy this week so you will want to check back for my latest update Friday!

Be sure to check out @fakepremierlg on Saturday and Sunday to get all the line ups as they are announced especially if you play in a line ups lock at game starts league.


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