Premier League: Week 33 Injuries & Suspensions

So while week 32 may have felt like a quieter week in the Premier League after the chaotic week preceding it, there were in fact a whopping 33 goals scored. So once again there were fantasy points in the plentiful but mixed in amongst that was a frustrating week for injuries with a number of key players being downgraded (Agüero being your prime example). A number of those are still questions going into this week so without further ado let’s get into it!

Before we get into the teams here are this week’s fixtures:

  • Man City vs Southampton          05.04.14 @ 7:45am ET (12:45pm GMT)
  • Aston Villa vs Fulham                05.04.14 @ 10:00am ET (3:00pm GMT)
  • Cardiff City vs Crystal Palace    05.04.14 @ 10:00am ET (3:00pm GMT)
  • Hull City vs Swansea                 05.04.14 @ 10:00am ET (3:00pm GMT)
  • Newcastle vs Man United           05.04.14 @ 10:00am ET (3:00pm GMT)
  • Norwich vs West Brom              05.04.14 @ 10:00am ET (3:00pm GMT)
  • Chelsea vs Stoke City               05.04.14 @ 1:30pm ET (5:30pm GMT)
  • Everton vs Arsenal                    06.04.14 @ 8:30am ET (1:30pm GMT)
  • West Ham vs Liverpool              06.04.14 @ 11:00am ET (4:00pm GMT)
  • Tottenham vs Sunderland          07.04.14 @ 3:00pm ET (8:00pm GMT)

Update @ 4pm ET Friday 4/4/14: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Cardiff City, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham, Hull City, Man City, Man United, Newcastle, Stoke City, Tottenham, West Brom, West Ham.

Arsenal Injuries            @ Everton


Laurent Koscielny/

Laurent Koscielny/

Koscielny (Calf) Return unknown: Appears to be out for a while.

Gibbs (Ankle) 75% chance of playing: I would still expect him to play in a crucial match but I’m not sure you can rely on it. Drop if you have the spare transfer.

Monreal (Ankle) Available for Selection: Complete change here with Gibbs now being doubtful but he isn’t doubtful enough for me to be picking up Monreal.

Ramsey (Thigh) Available for Selection: He has returned a week earlier than expected but even though they probably throw him straight back in you don’t want to own him for this week.

Özil (Hamstring) 26.04.14, , Wilshere (Foot) 19.04.14: Drop and reconsider once they have returned

Walcott (Knee) Return unknown, Diaby (Knee) Return unknown: Out for the season. You shouldn’t own either.

Gnabry (Knee) 75% chance of playing: Not sure he is playing anyway. Don’t own.


Aston Villa Injuries      vs Fulham

Okore (Knee) Return unknown, N’Zogbia (Achilles) Return unknown, Kozak (Broken Leg), Return unknown: You’re not owning any of these three.

El Ahmadi (Thigh) 75% chance of playing: No further update as of Friday. Hard to judge what to do here.

Herd (Personal) Return unknown: Barely been fantasy relevant when available anyway.

Benteke (Achilles) Return unknown: This a HUGE injury for both real and fantasy as Benteke will be out for the rest of the season jut as he was hitting form. You have no choice but to drop him.

Agbonlahor (Illness) 75% chance of playing: Bad week for him to be doubtful for Villa with the Benteke news. Tough to know whether it will clear up or not. Bench is probably the best place for him.

Cardiff City Injuries      vs Crystal Palace

Fabio (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Has been a regular lately but they have plenty of options so I’d drop him to be safe.

Hudson (Hamstring) Return unknown: Won’t play this week.

Noone (Muscle) Upgraded to Available: Cheap option with an intriguing match up but it is tough to know if he will play.


Chelsea Injuries           vs Stoke City


Samuel Eto'o/

Samuel Eto’o/

Cole (Knock) Available for Selection: Unlikely to play so don’t own him.

Ramires (Suspended) 13.04.14: Don’t own him this week.

Mikel (Knock) 12.04.14: Barely fantasy relevant and shouldn’t be owned

Van Ginkel (Fitness) 12.04.14: This has crept up on me a bit but he is now playing reserve team fixtures to regain his fitness. You still cannot own him until he nails down a place in the starting XI and then shows he is a valuable commodity.

Eto’o (Hamstring) 12.04.14: Has been money at home this season so its a shame you will have to wait a week for him to return. Drop if you have the transfer.


Crystal Palace              @ Cardiff City

Chamakh (Hamstring) Available for Selection: A decent striking option for a bargain price but this injury has dragged big time. In this match up I would be tempted to take a flyer on him if I need a cheap striker.

Gayle (Ankle) 05.04.14: An inconsistent fantasy player. You should not own him.


Everton Injuries           vs Arsenal

Jagielka (Hamstring) 25% chance of playing: This is a big blow for Everton and for your fantasy team. Arsenal have been misfiring a bit lately so a clean sheet was a real option but you cannot start him now.

Barkley (Calf) 75% chance of playing: A nice option for a cheap price who has been upgraded slightly. This is a big game for the race for 4th so Everton will definitely want him if he is fit. If your desperate then start him but if not then bench him.

Pienaar (Knee) 12.04.14: Better scoring options for cheaper so cutting ties with him injured should be easy.

Oviedo (Broken Leg) Return unknown, Gibson (Knee) Return unknown, Kone (Knee) Return unknown, Traore (Hamstring) Return unknown: None of these are really worth worrying about this week.


Fulham Injuries            @ Aston Villa

Burn (Muscle) 05.04.14: Not sure there is much to say here as he has 8 fantasy points all year so even if healthy it is unlikely he features.

Parker (Knee) Available for Selection: Not sure there is much value here even with the upgrade. A poor fantasy scorer.

Karagounis (Knock) 75% chance of playing: They have soooo many midfielders its impossible to know who will play. This situation is such a mess and I want nothing to do with it.

Duff (Knee) Return unknown: Drop.

Briggs (Hernia) Return unknown: Don’t own.

Bent (Parent club) 12.04.14: He hasn’t been good this year so this is not a big deal really as you shouldn’t own him anyway.


Hull City Injuries          vs Swansea

McGregor (Knock) Return unknown: This is actually a sneaky good match up (even though Swansea scored 3 at home last week) but it doesn’t appear he will be healthy. Drop.

Figueroa (Knock) Available for Selection: One of their better fantasy defenders in a potentially good match up. Oh, and he’s pretty cheap as well.

McShane (Ankle) Return unknown, Dudgeon (Knee) Return unknown, Brady (Groin) Return unknown: You don’t want to own any of these guys this week.


Liverpool Injuries         @ West Ham

Enrique (Knee) Return unknown, Coates (Knee) Return unknown: Again you don’t want to own either of these this week.


Man City Injuries          vs Southampton

Nastasic (Knee) 13.04.14: Struggling to return from injury and has been set back again. Do not own.

Richards (Knock) Available for Selection: Unlikely to feature even if healthy so don’t own him.

Agüero (Muscle) 13.04.14: Downgraded to out. Grab Suarez for this week.


Man United Injuries      @ Newcastle




Smalling (Hamstring) Available for Selection: I really do not know who will play in this defence so it makes him hard to own.

Rafael (Knock) 75% chance of playing: This is a tough one because they will want him for the champion’s league most likely. However, the fact he isn’t even that greater scorer for an expensive option means I am not owning him.

Buttner (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: Evra probably plays anyway so do not own him

Evans (Calf) Available for Selection: Same as with Smalling.

Giggs (Groin) 75% chance of playing: Barely featured in the Premier league this season and I cannot see that changing this week.

Van Persie (Knee) 26.04.14: Drop him and get Suarez.

Rooney (Toe) Return unknown: HUGE news breaking late on Friday as Wayne Rooney is confirmed out for this weeks game and could potentially miss more time. His cost is so high you have to drop him this week and see what happens for next week.


Newcastle Injuries        vs Man United

Krul (Knee) 12.04.14: Missing this week but should be back next. Just bench if you have a decent second option but drop if you do not.

Debuchy (Groin) 12.04.14: He is really struggling to return so if you haven’t already then drop.

Ryan Taylor (Knee) Return unknown, Obertan (Knee) Return unknown: Neither are playing soon so drop them.

Sissoko (Hamstring) 19.04.14: Their best fantasy midfielder so this is poor timing for your fantasy team right before a game with a leaky Man United. You have to drop him for this week if you have the transfer.

Remy (Calf) 12.04.14: Downgraded to out so you may as well drop him this week.

Sammy Ameobi (Ankle) 05.04.14: Unlikely to play even if healthy. Don’t own him.


Norwich Injuries           vs West Brom

Yobo (Calf) 75% chance of playing: Has come in and really impressed for them lately. Injury kept him out last week but I like this match up and they defend well at home. No update as of Friday.

Fer (Hamstring) Return unknown, Elliott Bennett (Knee) Return unknown: You’re not owning either of these two this week.


Southampton Injuries  @Man City

Kelvin Davis (Knock) Return unknown: Wouldn’t play even if healthy.

Clyne (Groin) 05.04.14: Tough match up so I wouldn’t have him in my team even if healthy.

Yoshida (Knee) 10.05.14: Do not own.

Wanyama (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Cheap option but doesn’t score that well. Do not own


Stoke City Injuries        @ Chelsea

Huth (Knee) Return unknown: Don’t own him for now.

Assaidi (Knee) 12.04.14: Downgraded to out so drop if you own.


Sunderland Injuries     @ Tottenham

Fletcher (Ankle) 05.04.12: Reasonably expensive option that has not been that impressive. Drop even if healthy.


Swansea Injuries          @ Hull City

Nothing to Report.


Tottenham Injuries       vs Sunderland


Jan Vertonghen/

Jan Vertonghen/

Walker (Groin) 12.04.14: Downgraded to out. You should of cut ties with him by now.

Vertonghen (Calf) 12.04.14: Do not own this week.

Chiriches (Fitness) Available for Selection: I just do not know if he plays even with him being healthy. Great defensive match up though.

Paulinho (Illness) Available for Selection: Illness has passed for their best fantasy midfielder but I’m not sure if you can trust him enough to own.

Lamela (Thigh) Return unknown: Don’t own.

Capoue (Ankle) 05.04.14: Should return but who knows if he plays. This team has been so unsettled.

Soldado (Hamstring) 12.04.14: Downgraded to out. Drop.

Adebayor (Hamstring) Available for Selection: Soldado is out so you would think he has a sure fire place in the starting line up. Replace Soldado with him as he has a decent match up.


West Brom Injuries      @ Norwich

Brunt (Knee) 26.04.14: You don’t want to own.

Jones (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: Should have been back last week. I really like him if I could be sure he plays because Norwich have a terrible scoring record.

Popov (Neck) 05.04.14: Same as above.

Yacob (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: I more than likely wouldn’t touch him no matter how desperate I got.

Anichebe (Hamstring) Available for Selection: I would rather have the cheaper option in Chamakh


West Ham Injuries        vs Liverpool

Collins (Calf) 75% chance of playing: Really tough match up. I wouldn’t want him in my team even if healthy

McCartney (Hamstring) 25% chance of playing: Borderline fantasy relevant. I wouldn’t want to own him with this match up anyway.

O’Brien (Shoulder Dislocation) Return unknown: Out for a while. Don’t own.

Borriello (Hamstring) Return unknown: Not worth owning.


If you are lucky enough to have no injury issues and you won’t gain a transfer by waiting a week you may want to use a transfer to get in a Man City player who has a two game week next week. Of course they do play Liverpool so you probably don’t want a defender but it may be a chance to get in Silva or Touré. The other team playing twice is ….. Sunderland! Yeah you probably don’t want any of their players even in a two game week.


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