Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 3/21


With all this March madness going on, it’s easy to forget about daily hoops. Some people are living one breath at a time in hopes to win a billion dollars from Warren Buffet. But most people are like me, and don’t have a shot in hell already with a busted bracket. If you’re one of the lucky thousands left with a perfect bracket, than please continue to live in that dream world. I’ll see you in reality when it bites you in the ass like it did millions of people already.

I do love having four days devoted to basketball like this as a sports fan, but as a daily player, it boggles my mind how more people don’t get into daily basketball. When considering the time spent making the correct picks versus the probability of you winning, you have a better chance of being stuck by lightening while on a plane that is crashing, and having the winning lottery ticket in your wallet…twice. So I will stick to daily hoops, and you can keep your billion Warren Buffet. I’ll take my $5 leagues any day of the week. Suck on that.

So let’s stick to those better odds of winning and get into tonight’s games. All but one game are above the 190 point mark, with Chicago and Indiana being the only one below, understandably. All my prices are according to DraftKings. Good luck, and allons-y with the picks.

Start ‘Em 

Anthony Davis ($10,300) vs the Hawks – AD practiced Friday morning, so hopefully that bodes well for tonight. He is fighting an upper respiratory infection, which held him out of last game. If he is good to go, his matchup is too good to pass up. Atlanta has been the worst team against big men over the last two weeks. Yes, worse than L.A. and Philly. He’s been the best player the whole month of March not named Durant, and should continue to play like it. On the off chance Davis doesn’t play tonight, then I think Millsap becomes a must start at a much cheaper price of $9,000.

Kawhi Leonard ($6,400) vs the Kings – Maybe it’s because he helped me finish in the money on Wednesday, but Leonard is a great value play tonight. The Kings are in the bottom third of the league against his position, and he is coming off a 48+ point fantasy night. I think that momentum carries over into this evening. Not to mention Pop has been relying on him more and more since his return from injury. I think another 40+ point night is certainly doable.

Drew Gooden ($3,700) vs the Lakers – With Gortat hurting his back in pregame, Gooden looks to benefit the most from the extra playing time. The last three games he has had 26+ minutes and posting 32+ fantasy points. We all know how bad the Lakers are defensively, so Gooden should see similar numbers tonight. I know it may not be the sexiest pick, but I really like the value he brings at such a cheap price.

Sit ‘Em

Goran Dragic ($7,500)/Eric Bledsoe ($7,300) vs the Pistons – Phoenix welcomed Bledsoe back from injury, but in terms of fantasy production, the Suns have really taken a hit. Neither one has broken 40 fantasy points since Bledsoe returned, and they’re barely hovering around the 30 point mark as it is. Detroit isn’t the worst matchup for either one, but I cant justify starting either one when I can put a cap on both of them for less than 40 points.

Aaron Brooks ($4,600) vs the Mavs – Some people will be flying to use Brooks tonight after putting up a 60 burger on Wednesday. He has earned more minutes after that performance, but I just don’t know how much I can trust him. Lawson should be back tonight as well, so that dips into his time on the court as well. Also, I am just not crazy about his matchup. Dallas isn’t as bad against the point as people would believe. They rank just outside the top ten over the last two weeks.

David West ($6,700) vs the Bulls – I am staying away from this game all together tonight. It’s going to be a low scoring, defensive affair. West has some appeal because of how well he has been playing lately averaging over 30 fantasy points a game, but Chicago is no team to bet against in fantasy. Boozer and Gibson should handle him in the paint, and Noah will be there waiting inside to get boards as well. I like the price of West, but his ceiling is too low for consideration for me.



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