Fantasy Basketball Notes 3/14


People have asked me what my strategy is when choosing my guys for daily play. I am going to share with you exactly what I have told them: take risks and don’t second-guess yourself. See that a guy is a cheap play, but don’t like the matchup? Do it anyway. Think a guy coming back from injury will go ham even with a minutes cap? I say go for it. The bottom line is simple: don’t be a pussy.

Before you get all up in arms about me using that word, know that it is actually short for “pusillanimous”, which means to be a coward or show a lack of courage. Yea, use that one when talking to your grandma and see how well that joke goes over. Spoiler alert: not that well.  Apparently not everyone learned it in his or her ACT classes.

So lets build on that courage tonight and make some great plays. Ten games are slated for tonight, and it should be a lot of fun. Just a quick heads up, I will be at my cousins wedding tonight. I hope none of you are expecting me to tweet about the games tonight. Nope, totally going to be doing shots and drinking wine to give me enough courage to dance. Yup, it’s definitely going to be a great night all around. Good luck and allons-y with the picks.

(side note, people have asked me what the hell that means. It’s French for “lets go” and pronounced al-lon-sy. Make that two new words for your vocabulary. We here at FakeRoundball are men with many weapons in our repertoire)

Start ‘Em

Kemba Walker ($8,100) vs the Timberwolves – Walker has been highly unpredictable when it comes to fantasy hoops. Some nights he drops 50 and other nights he doesn’t break 30. I wish there was some way to determine what player we were going to get. Tonight, he is matched up against Rubio and Barea. If Walker can’t produce some nice numbers tonight, then I don’t know when he can.

Kent Bazemore ($4,500) vs the Spurs – I know that the Lakers aren’t very relevant outside of Pau, but KB has been one of my favorite players to watch from them this season. He was basically thrown out onto the court, and has continued to produce solid numbers for the Lakers ever since. As far as fantasy goes, he has been a nice cheap guy to play when the matchup fits. Tonight is one of those nights when the matchup is too good to pass up.

Thomas Robinson ($3,000) vs the Pelicans – With LMA going down, TRob has to step up and start tonight against the Pels. While I do think that AD is a great play, I really like the upside of him tonight. TRob has proven that he can be an effective player when given the chance. If Jeff Adrien can put up a double double against the Pels, then TRob has a chance to do something similar.

Sit ‘Em

DeMar DeRozan ($7,600) vs the Grizzlies – I really like the price to play him tonight, but he is one of the players I will be fading this evening. He’s been averaging under 30 fantasy points a game, and Memphis has been one of the best defensive teams the second half of this season. Considering two out of the last four games he has not broken 20 points, I’m staying away from DD tonight.

Steph Curry ($9,000) vs the Cavs – I love the matchup tonight for Curry. The only problem is that Curry ahs been banged up with a quad injury lately. In the past five games, he hasn’t played more than 30 minutes in any game. He also hasn’t scored more than 15 points once, and has only broken the 30 point fantasy mark once as well. I cant justify starting him in any format

Kenneth Faried ($7,400) vs the Heat – There hasn’t been someone much higher on Faried the second half this season than myself or fellow writer Ricky (@RSanderRX). The bottom line for him has been more minutes = more production. But Faried is another guy I will be Fading in my DFS teams. I expect Faried to get a heavy dose of LeBron, which makes for a tough night on a guy who isn’t a jumpshooter.





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