Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 1/28

Tonight is a night when I wish I could start all guards in my lineup. There are so many solid matchups across the board in all 7 games that it’s hard to fit just a handful of them in there. It is definitely a guard heavy night for me, and I would advise you to do the same. Not to hate on the big fellas tonight, but I seriously would start 8 guards if DraftKings would let me. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I have found a way to play 4 out of 5 of my picks, so there is a way to make it happen.

One last thing, I would like everyone to welcome Brian (@bsteinhause) to the FakeRoundball family. He had a great first article yesterday, and will have many more to come.  Go give it a read and give him a follow on Twitter. Now, let’s allons-y with the picks:


Start ‘Em

Steph Curry vs Wizards – Right now there isn’t a better player in the league than Kevin Durant, but I don’t think that anyone would argue that Curry is number two. In his past five games, Curry has averaged 32 points, over 10 assists, and 2 steals. Not to mention he’s averaging a cool 58 fantasy points over his last 10 fantasy games as well. Washington is also in the bottom third in the league against point guards, so I have a hard time not spending the big money on Curry.

Lance Stephenson vs Lakers – Sir Lancealot, besides having one of my new favorite nicknames, has been the unsung hero of the Pacers this season. He’s been averaging over 40 fantasy points a game during his last 10, and has recorded a double double in 5 out of his last 6 games. The only one he failed to reach that was in the Suns game where Phoenix was shooting lights out. Tonight, the Pacers get the Lakers, who have surpassed the Sixers as the worst defensive team in the league. I would confidently start Stephenson and just about any other Pacer in the backcourt tonight.

Rajon Rondo vs Knicks – This is simple a case of a night when value heavily outweighs the production. New York has been one of the most frustrating teams to watch all season long. While they have played much better defense than in seasons past, Rondo’s talent trumps anything in the Knicks backcourt. Also, with the Celtics being so banged up, they are going to be forced to release Rondo sooner than later to play big minutes. With the East being so bad, they’re still only four games out of a playoff spot. Tonight looks like a good night to start Rondo while the price tag is so low.

Jameer Nelson/Vicor Oladipo vs Pistons – Figuring out which one of these guys that is going to have a big night is a crap shoot. I like the matchup a lot for both of them, so I can honestly say that you can’t go wrong starting either one. They both average over 15 points a game over the past five, and where Nelson gets more assists, Olly gets more boards.  It evens out in the end. Not to mention, their price tags are virtually the same. If I had to pick one, I would give Nelson the edge but I wouldn’t debate anyone for starting Olly instead.


Sit ‘Em

LeMarcus Aldridge vs Grizzlies – This is one of the big names that I am staying away from tonight. But now that I am writing about him, he will probably drop another 20/20 game just to spite me. My reasoning is that the Grizzlies have been playing the best defense out of any team over the past two weeks. After a slow start of 13-17, the Grizz are 9-3 since the new year. They’re the best team that nobody is talking about. I know Portland is playing at home, but I’m putting my money on the Grizzlies defending the paint and making Lillard beat them instead of LMA.

Luol Deng vs Pelicans – Deng is still finding his place for the Cavs since being traded from the Bulls. I believe Cleveland will be a better team the second half of the season, but for now, Kyrie and Deng are still figuring out how to play with one another. Also, Al-Farouq Aminu has never been an offensive weapon for the Pels. His primary focus on the court is defense and it always has been. He matches up well against a long shooter in Deng, so unless he gets going early, I don’t think he outplays his price tag in daily leagues.

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