What offseason?!

If this is your first year playing, or you are considering joining a dynasty league, you must understand that there is no such thing as an offseason! Dynasty leagues are run 365 days of the year! This is where redraft and dynasty leagues are completely different. For redrafts, you could prepare the month before your draft and do just fine. For dynasties, you must do constant research and be active throughout the whole year.

There are a couple key steps to running a successful dynasty team during the NFL offseason. Here are some of them:
1. You must pay attention to the waiver wire at all times in dynasty’s leagues. You do not want to miss a chance at getting guys like Victor Cruz or Arian Foster. Do constant research on players through Fake Pigskin, and other sites, on players that may get the opportunity to start. Do not miss your shot to roster these players that can turn your team around.

2. You must prepare for the rookie draft as well. The rookie draft is ten times harder than redrafts. You must do your research on players before you draft. Talent level, scheme fits, and how their games translate to the NFL are all factors you must consider before drafting a rookie. For example, Tim Tebow was arguably the greatest college football player ever, but his style of play and talents did not translate well enough to be successful in the NFL.

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If your league allows you to trade your rookie picks, I highly encourage you to hold on to your picks until the start of the draft. They tend to have more value around draft time, but no matter the timing, if you get a good offer take it.

3. Know the proper time to buy low or sell high on certain players in dynasty leagues. During the NFL offseason, it is a great time to buy low on players that were injured during 2013 season. Due to the fact that they are somewhat forgotten, their market value will be much lower closer to the season (ex. Jeremy Maclin). For some players their value as reached its peak, they have seemed to reach their maximum potential (ex. Emmanuel Sanders).

4. Lastly, look up rookies from the past season to see how they were used in their offenses and how often. Cordarralle Patterson is a great example. At the beginning of the season he was rarely used, if at all. As the season progressed he saw an increase in his snap count and plays designed for him. Injuries on his team led to Patterson getting more snaps, but his explosiveness and ability to get open allowed him to keep the job.

You can always find a way to improve your roster. The NFL offseason doesn’t apply to us degenerate dynasty lovers. So, don’t fall behind the other owners in your league and take advantage of the “offseason”.


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