The Ultimate DFS Football Guide: Week 11

Welcome to the Ultimate Daily Fantasy Football Guide. We are delivering the best value plays from each major Daily Fantasy Sports site each week.

No more scouring Twitter for recommendations for your favorite DFS site… we’ve got them all! Well, we only have three sites this week (FanDuel, Draft Kings, Draft Street), but we will be adding more soon!

The Ultimate Daily Fantasy Football Guide will be broken up into three sections for each DFS site:

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Top 3’s– These are the top 3 undervalued players for that DFS site. These guys are going to outperform their salary and lead you to tons of cash.

Stack Attacks– Looking for high upside plays? Stack these two players from the same team to double up on points this week. Great for large tournaments!

Expert Roster– This is a roster hand crafted by your DFS expert. Feel free to use or tinker with as you wish.

You will also find Blurbs of Reason (BOR) at the bottom of our Top 3’s and Expert Rosters. This will provide quick explanations of what our DFS experts are thinking. Enjoy!


by Evan Hale, @EHaleYea

Top 3’s



Case Keenum $6600 vs Oak

Ryan Tannehill $7000 vs SD

Robert Griffin III $8400 vs Phi

BOR: Keenum and Tannehill face defenses that have given up the 8th and 6th most fantasy points to QB’s this year, respectively. RG3 wills shred a Philly defense that is dead last in passing yards allowed (307 per game).



Andre Brown $6500 vs GB

Danny Woodhead $6500 @ Mia, Mia gives up 2nd most points to RB

La’Veon Bell $7400 vs Det

BOR: Last week the Giants showed they are more than happy to let Brown dominate their backfield, and he is still coming in at a very reasonable price. Miami has given up the 2nd most fantasy points to running backs, which bodes well for Woody, and Bell’s high floor makes him a steady point provider that you can count on.



Torrey Smith $6300 @ Chi

Roddy White $6200 @ TB, should be a target monster now with Tony Gonzalez sidelined.

Harvin $6500 vs Min, Minn allowed most pass TDs this year (21), old team.

BOR: Torrey gets a decent matchup this week, gets tons of opportunity, and has a nice price tag. Roddy will be a target monster with Tony Gonzalez dealing with a toe injury. Percy Harvin makes his return with a lovely matchup against Minnesota who has allowed the most passing TDs this year (21). The Old Team Theory also works in Harvin’s favor.



John Carlson $5100 @ Sea

Jordan Reed $5900 @ Phi

Vernon Davis $6200 @NO, concussion doesn’t look like it’ll hold Davis out of Week 11 shootout with New Orleans.

BOR: Carlson takes over the security blanket role in an offense that needs to be swaddled in security like a newborn baby. Reed’s price still hasn’t gone up significantly, and I love his chemistry with RG3. Davis’s concussion doesn’t look serious, and the matchup with New Orleans should be a shootout.



Stack Attacks

Was: Robert Griffin III $8400 and Pierre Garcon $7900

Sea: Russell Wilson $9000 and Percy Harvin $6500

Phi: Nick Foles $8600 and Riley Cooper $7000


Expert Roster

Salary Cap $60K

QB Case Keenum $6600

RB Jamaal Charles $8800

RB Danny Woodhead $6500

WR Pierre Garcon $7900

WR Andre Johnson $7500

WR Percy Harvin $6500

TE Jordan Reed $5900

K Graham Gano $5200

D/ST New York Jets $5100

BOR: This roster utilizes the Houston stack seen above and their kush matchup with Oakland. Woodhead offers great value so I can juice up at my other RB spot with Charles. Garcon and Harvin also have those juicy matchups that make DFS cash almost inevitable. Finish it off with my boy Reed, and the Jets D/ST who should dominate the stagnant Buffalo offense.




Draft Kings

By Eric Florin, @That_RedGuy

Top 3’s


Mike Glennon,vs Atl $5600

Josh Mccown vs.Bal $6300

Carson Palmer @ Jax $6100

BOR: No, Palmer has not stopped throwing interceptions, but he has started throwing more touchdowns. He has 5 passing touchdowns in his last 3 games. These three can provide you with high or low end QB1 numbers this week. All three have great matchups, facing teams in the bottom half of passing defenses.



Frank Gore @ NO $6800

Danny Woodhead @ Mia $6400

Andre Ellington @ Jax $3800

BOR: Both Gore and Woodhead are in the top 10 of PPG among all RBs, on Draft Kings. The Saints have gotten torched on the ground lately, giving up almost 100 yards per game. Ellington is my RB sleeper of the week he’s getting increasingly more snaps and touches. In a blow-out game, Ellington finishes the day as top 12 RB.



Pierre Garçon @Phi $6900

James Jones @ NYG $5100

Golden Tate vs.MIN $6400

BOR: As long as Garcon has this cheap of a price, I will continue to buy. He’s putting up WR1 numbers facing the Eagles, that rank 32nd against passing offenses. Tolzien does not scare me enough to not buy Jones, who looked healthy and played more than 90% of offensive snaps, great value here.



John Carlson @Sea $3000

Greg Olsen vs.NE $4200

Jordan Reed @Phi $5300

BOR: I had Olsen in this section last week, but I did not expect that game to be such a defensive battle. Olsen bounces back with a TD this week and remains one of Newton’s favorite targets. Carlson had the most targets among Vikings this past week; he will repeat that feat with Ponder banged up and facing a very tough pass rush.


Stack Attacks

Chi: Josh Mccown $6300 and Alson Jeffery $6400

TB: Mike Glennon $5600 and Vincent Jackson $100

Was: Robert Griffin III $8300 and Pierre Garcon $6,900 or Jordan Reed $5300

Pit: Ben Roethlisberger $7100 and Antonio Brown $6500

Expert Roster

Salary Cap $50K

QB: Ben Roethlisberger $7100

RB: Frank Gore $6800

RB: Andre Ellington $4800

WR: Pierre Garçon $6900

WR: Antonio Brown $6500

TE: Jordan Reed $5300

Flex:  Alson Jeffery $6400

K: Nick Novak $3200

D/ST: Lions $2900

Total $49000

BOR: This is the lineup I am submitting this week. I always try and look for the value plays (players who are out producing their price tag). For example, Antonio Brown is averaging 19.3 points per game, and is going for $6500, while Desean Jackson is at 19.8 point per game, and is at $8300. For me Antonio Brown, Alson Jeffery, Garcon, and Gore are just some of the names that fall into that category this week.



Draft Street

By Andy Getrey, @PatsFever24


Top 3’s


Nick Foles vs Was $13420

Josh McCown vs Bal $11472

Case Keenum vs Oak $13773

BOR: Foles and Keenum are facing terrible pass defenses, which make their point projections worthy of high salaries. McCown’s low salary and high expected projections make him a very attractive play this week.



Alfred Morris @ Phi $10556

Eddie Lacy @ NYG $10906

Marshawn Lynch vs Min $14272

BOR: Morris and Lacy are facing horrible run defenses, and producing top 10 projections each week with bargain salaries. Lynch’s high salary is justified based on his top 5 projections against one of the worst run defenses. 



Riley Cooper vs Was $10344

Andre Johnson vs Oak $13675

Dexter McCluster at Den $4181

BOR: Johnson has returned to top 5 form facing a very weak passing defense.  Cooper relatively cheap price has been producing top 10 performances and now he is facing one of the worst pass defenses. Dexter’s has an insanely low salary and is facing a weak pass defense. This makes him the WR sleeper of the week.



Tim Wright vs Atl $6772

Greg Olsen vs NE $7462

Antonio Gates @ Miami $8739

BOR: Tim Wright plays an Atlanta defense that has already mailed it in this season. The old warrior, Antonio Gates, has found the fountain of youth and is still getting it done as one of Rivers’ favorite targets. Finally Olsen, the red zone match up monster faces a weak secondary on the main stage of Monday Night Football.


Stack Attacks

Phi: Nick Foles $13,420 and Riley Cooper $10344

Hou: Case Keenum $13,733 and Andre Johnson $13675

Chi: Josh McCowen $11,482 and Alshon Jeffery $11164


Expert Roster

$100K Salary Cap

QB: Nick Foles $13427

QB: Josh McCowen $11482

RB: Alfred Morris $10556

RB: Marshawn Lynch $14272

WR: Riley Cooper $10334

WR: Dexter McCluster $4181

TE: Tim Wright $6777

FLEX: Eddie Lacy $10928

FLEX: Andre Brown $10906

D/ST: Seattle $7045

Total $99906

BOR: This line up is money in the bank! Dexter’s ridiculously low salary opens it up for me to stack 4 top 10 RB'(Lacy, Morris, Lynch, Brown and Seattle’s defense to boot). Let’s just say Christmas has come early.


We’d love your feedback on The Ultimate DFS Football Guide! Comment below, or Tweet us! Special thanks to Evan (@EHaleYea), Eric (@That_RedGuy), and Andy (@PatsFever24)!



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