5 Fantasy Players You Must Trade Now!

It’s similar to when you were in 2nd grade. After your slimy green egg and ham cafeteria breakfast you knew you had made a mistake. You sat through class with a gurgling stomach for an hour or two, but something wasn’t right. Pressure was rapidly building. Sweat beading down your face. You tried to wait it out until lunch to unload.

It was a foolish choice to wait. You shit your pants.

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We are a quarter of the way through our fantasy season and if you have a losing record, it’s time to make moves. It’s time to put up or shut up boys and girls. You can’t sit still or your fantasy season will nose dive just like your 2nd grade popularity.

You no longer have the luxury of thinking, “It’s early, and he’ll be ok”. You need wins NOW if you are 1-3 or winless.

Waiting on Chris Johnson to regain his CJ2K prowess? Not going to happen. Face it. You, and I, missed on our second round pick. It’s time to package him up in a trade for an upgrade… in the shade, while getting paid, don’t get played, your jeans are getting frayed.

A lot of questions get asked regarding, “what can I get for so-and-so” or “what is so-and-so worth?” Well, that’s strictly dependent on the needs of the team you are trading with. It’s hard to target a player who you think is worth your underperforming player and execute a trade.

Better yet, peruse the league and ask “what does that team need?” and “do I have something that can fill their void?” Best bet is to target other losing teams as they feel pressure to move assets for a discount; or, look for winning teams who are willing to sit on a high upside guy who is underperforming.

Take in to account that trading a quarterback for depth elsewhere is almost impossible (unless you’re dealing Peyton… maybe Brees). Teams are flush with good quarterback options.

If your team has a losing record, here are the top five guys to bail on. As is life, sometimes you have to take it in the shorts and sell low. Hopefully you can get back $.80 to the dollar for these guys. Tweet me trade questions @EHaleYea.

Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons- He hasn’t practiced in full, therefore you shouldn’t be starting him. If you are a losing team and have a guy with a lot of perceived value, like Roddy, on your bench it’s time to move him. Coupling Roddy with a RB2 should land you a very usable WR that can play NOW.

C.J. Spiller, Buffalo Bills- He may best exemplify the player this article is aimed at. You spent a precious 1st round pick, but enough is enough. Even more so that he is day-to-day for Thursday’s game. He is a perfect candidate for selling to a winning team who can wait on production.

Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Along, with Spiller, Muscle Hamster has let all fantasy owners down. After the Eagles in week 6, he’s facing some tough run defenses (Atl x2, Car x2, Sea, Mia, Atl, Det, SF… YIKES). You need a RB that is producing now. Moreno and a WR2 come to mind as good value.

Steven Ridley, New England Patriots– You will have to package Ridley in a trade, but you need to unload him. The RBBC is New England has gone too far, and you are not mounting any comebacks with Ridley as your flex/RB2.

Danny Amendola, New England Patriots- Use his return from injury as trade bait. It’s just a matter of time before he goes down again, and you don’t have time for that.

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