NFC South Week 3 Preview

Arizona at New Orleans

I normally start off by writing about my Saints but this week it somehow fell to almost last. Maybe it’s because I’m not sure what to think of the team as a whole.

Brees should have a great game against this Cardinals defense – even if Patrick Peterson is on the field. Sam Bradford threw for 300 yards and 2 TDs in Week 1 and Stafford threw for about the same; Brees is miles better than these two so he should perform at a very high level with the chance to be the #1 scoring QB this week.

Colston may be a sit this week if you have a better option – Patrick Peterson could be covering him and he neutralized Chris Givens in week 1. The Saints may move him around to get away from Peterson, playing him in the slot and trying to get him the ball. I’m considering it but I don’t think I have any better options. Megatron did burn Peterson last week, but unfortunately Colston is not Megatron. I think he has a so-so week but don’t sit him for a weaker player just because of match up. Moving to Jimmy Graham, he has a chance to put up a huge point total again this week just like Jared Cook did against this very defense in week 1. Start him with confidence and expect another huge game. I’m sort of out on Lance Moore, but if you’re desperate you can start him – I think Brees may look to him this week if Colston is covered and since he hasn’t done much the first two weeks (think Peyton to Decker after week 1).

Sproles is the only startable RB that the Saints have for fantasy purposes. He could have a Reggie Bush-like game this week against a defense that gave up a ton of yards to Bush just a week ago. Ingram I’m completely out on, he’s had a ton of chances and wasn’t able to do a lot. He had two goal line carries last week and couldn’t convert. Don’t bother with him – maybe try and find a die-hard Saints fan who is willing to trade. Pierre Thomas ran the ball well last week and can catch passes well, but he doesn’t get enough touches and he also couldn’t convert his goal-line carry either. If you are forced to pick between Ingram and Thomas in a really deep league, I’m going with Thomas because I think that very soon Payton may be out on Ingram and start giving PT the ball more. #FreePierre

…..I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Saints D might be somewhat for real – if you’re really desperate the defense might be decent this week against a poor Cardinals offensive line.

New York Giants at Carolina

I realize that Carolina is not Denver, but I really like this match up for the offensive Carolina players. The Giants gave up over 100 yards on the ground last week as well as two touchdowns. In the air, Peyton Manning did Peyton Manning things, throwing for 307 and 2 TDs, though I have a feeling he took his foot off the gas a bit as his younger brother was on the other sideline, probably waiting to go cry in the shower.

If there’s a week Newton is going to bounce back, I think its this week. The generous Giants secondary has been….well generous. Romo in week 1 completed over 70% of his passes for 263 yards and 2 TDs

and that was with a poor showing in the first half and then taking a big hit in the second half. I think Newton should be able to put up a ton of points this week for his owners, as I’m expecting this game to be a shootout, given that both secondaries are poor and injured. Shula might also see that Newton has legs that he can use to run, so there could be some rush points from Super-Cam as well.

Oh the Giants’ secondary is like Swiss cheese? Great news for Steve Smith and Greg Olsen, who are the only two pass catchers worth owning. Olsen caught a TD last week and had a solid receiving game as well, so expect that again as Witten in Week 1 and Julius Thomas last week have both put up solid numbers and both found the end zone against this defense. Start him with confidence and expect a pretty big game. Steve Smith I was a bit down on last week, but this week he should be back to putting up solid numbers for his owners. This secondary was able to hold down Dez Bryant to a pedestrian game in Week 1, but last week they gave up a lot so I expect Smith to be solid.

Tampa Bay at New England

After last week, I don’t even know what to think of either of these teams. Tampa had a great match up but was only able to put up 7 points on offense against the Saints. I’m done with Freeman, don’t bother with him until he can prove he is worth owning.

Doug Martin had a great game last week but couldn’t fine the end zone due to his poor QB play. He has another solid match up against a Patriots defense that has given up at least 100 yards to RBs in the past 2 games. Start him with confidence and hope that Freeman can move the ball and find the end zone. Maybe he can bust off a big run for you and put up some solid fantasy stats this week.

So Mike Williams……great call by me last week – I started him and he got under 2 points for me! Hopefully he can pick it up this week against the 2nd CB for New England as Aqib Talib should be on Vincent Jackson and the defense will be focusing on Martin as well. I’m thinking he has a solid week and maybe finds the end zone, but I wouldn’t expect more than WR3 numbers from him this week. Looking to Vincent Jackson, he had another decent week but failed to find the end zone once again. Sometimes poor QB play can come back to bite you – but I’m thinking that Freeman may be able to get this offense going somewhat and V-Jax finds the end zone. If you have Jackson you’re starting him and hoping for a score, but otherwise he’s likely putting up WR2 numbers.

Atlanta at Miami

So Steven Jackson is out week 3 for the Falcons and possibly longer…….not great if you are an S-Jax owner. Even worse because there’s no indication who the guy is going to be in the running game for them. EVEN WORSE the Falcons are going up against a stout Miami rush defense that has not let a rusher go over 65 yards in the first two weeks. If you have S-Jax, hopefully you have a better option than his replacements, because this Miami defense is going to eat the Atlanta offensive line for lunch in the run game. I’m not starting either of Snelling or Jacquizz this week mainly because I don’t know who is going to get the starts and the Miami defense is very solid.

This Miami defense has 9 sacks and 4 INTs in their first 2 games; not exactly the stats you want to see if you’re a Matt Ryan owner. But I think Matt Ryan will still have a good game – they won’t be able to run the ball, and so he is going to pass, pass, pass. Old Man Weeden almost passed for 300 yards on this defense, so expect Matt Ryan to put up a solid yardage total and at least a couple TDs (quite possibly a pick as well).

Julio played pretty well last week……just kidding he played amazing! I think this is a product of Roddy being a little hobbled and Gonzalez being somewhat ineffective so far in this season. You’re starting him and you know Matty Ice is going to be looking for him a lot. Roddy again seems to be hobbled so if you have a better option, take that. I won’t start him unless I am absolutely certain he is going to be able to run fully, or I absolutely have no other choice but to start him. Gonzalez I like a lot this week against a Dolphins team that gave up a huge week to Jordan Cameron in Week 1. The Dolphins are going to put a lot of focus on stopping Julio, so I think Gonzo will get some looks this week.




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