Tinker Time Recap Week 2

Another week down, another article to write! Overall I feel a little better about the picks I gave you this week as opposed to last. We will get in the swing of things and get on a winning streak together, okay? Before I turn this into a ramble, let’s see how we did!

Hot-5 QBs- As long as I keep putting Peyton Manning on this list I will look like a genius right? No? You already knew about that guy? Oh, my fault. I know, I know, that is an easy call and if you own Peyton you are starting him, but this is the Hot-5 and there is no other QB hotter than him to start this season. Now my next call wasn’t so good. I really expected Eli to show up to try and outgun his brother but it was to no avail. My Drew Brees pick didn’t quite pan out either. However, Mike Vick and Matt Ryan both had Top-5 days, actually out-producing Peyton! 3 out of 5 great calls isn’t too shabby.

Hot-5 RBs- I’m kind of developing a theme with the 3 out of 5 thing right? Lesean McCoy, Doug Martin, and Darren McFadden all had a Top-10 day. It speaks volumes to his ability and the expectations we place upon him when we are angered that Adrian Peterson runs for 100 yards and it’s considered a bad game in fantasy football circles! And for personal reasons(my Arizona Cardinals love), I’m happy to announce I was absolutely wrong on Reggie Bush, as the Cardinal’s defense shut him down.

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Hot-5 WRs- Not so good of a day with these picks. Brandon Marshall and Victor Cruz were my only Top-20 picks, with Larry Fitzgerald battling a hamstring injury, Brian Hartline battling a Mike Wallace baby fit, and Demaryius Thomas just having an off day. This is the deepest position in football is often a crapshoot. Put your hands up if you guessed Eddie Royal would have 5 TDs. Nobody? Yeah, me neither…

Hot-5 TEs- I will take my pats on the back for the Jimmy Graham call… Too easy? Yeah I think it was too. Jordan Cameron did also have another Top-10 game and looks to be the real deal. I think you can just start to leave him in your lineup with confidence that he will be a Top-10 TE at the end of the season. My other 3 picks were nowhere to be found as Brent Celek and Tony Gonzalez only had 20ish yards apiece and Witten had 12.

Cold-5 QBs- Alex Smith actually pulled off a Top-10 day as his Chiefs beat the Cowboys. I’m also happy to say that E.J. Manuel also made me look bad as he had a Top-15 performance. I’m definitely rooting for the guy. Christian Ponder and Brandon Weeden both were outside the Top-20 as I expected they would be. Ben Roethlisberger just seems to be struggling in Todd Haley’s offense, and the whole offense is just not in sync. Until we see some change or improvement somewhere I just don’t think he is startable at this point.

Cold-5 RBs- I’m also happy to say that C.J. Spiller rushed for over 100 yards and had a Top-15 day(I own him). Ryan Mathews and Deangelo Williams both finished outside of RB2 range and the Pittsburgh RBs are what we expected the Pittsburgh RBs to be at this point. Knowshon Moreno must have listened to the show on Sunday morning(right?) and took my words personally as he pulled off a Top-5 day. Thanks Knowshon!

Cold-5 WRs- Eddie Frickin’ Royal… If any player was going to troll me over my picks it was Eddie Frickin’ Royal. My #1 DO NOT START went off for 90 yards and 3, yes 3, TDs. Thanks Eddie, if any one player was going to make me question my decision to start a fantasy football advice website, you are the one! I’m happy for your hot start to your season though. Great job. All four of my other picks were solid as Leonard Hankerson, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, and Anquan Boldin all finished far outside even the Top-40 this week.

Cold-5 TEs- So maybe this Julius Thomas guy is going to get his looks despite all of the other talent on the roster? He caught another TD on Sunday and is beginning to look like Peyton’s legitimate redzone threat. Antonio Gates surprisingly put up a solid Top-10 effort in San Diego’s win and looks to have some of his old form back. When you get outproduced by someone by the name of Nate Byham(side note, we did a podcast going over the Top-50, yes 50 TEs and I still don’t know who Nate Byham is) you didn’t have a good day, and that’s what happened to Vernon Davis, Dallas Clark, and Zach Miller.


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