A Tale of Two Mocks: Two vs One QB Drafts

Ever looked at your roster and had Christian Ponder? Probably not right? Ever had to start him because he is your second best option? That’s where I’m at (if this were an actual team) and I think I would rather have Kevin Kolb play QB for me….wait I have him too, damn!. If you don’t want to end up like me in this recent 2QB mock draft, then you should probably read the rest of this article. If you’re smart enough to not end up like that, well good for you and just read anyways.

I’ve never done a 2QB mock, let alone be involved in an actual 2QB league, but I know its an interesting format and lots of people are involved in them. I somehow got stuck with the first pick, and quickly was unsure of what to do with that pick. Do I go AP? Do I grab a top QB? What will the rest of my positions look like if I go QB here? What will my QBs look like if I pick AP? (I found out very quickly that they are uglier than something one of Adam’s kids would throw up).

After doing both a 1QB pretty standard PPR mock and a 2 QB PPR mock, I wanted to write about the differences I noticed between the two, as well as strategy contrast between the two in order to be successful if you are going to be competing in either league. By adding one QB to the starting roster each week, things get a little tricky. If you have 12 teams, there’s 24 QBs starting now, which means if you have a bad QB (or 2) you might be in some trouble. There’s one more roster spot for a QB, but that roster spot makes for some drastic drafting changes. For example:

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  • In the 2QB league, 11 of the first 24 picks were QBs, compared to the 1QB where the first QB was taken with the first pick in the 3rd round
  • In the 1QB, 42 of the 48 picks in the first 4 rounds were RB and WR (4 QB and 2 TE drafted)
  • Compared to the 2QB league, where 19 RB and 15 QB went in the first 4 rounds, with 11 WR
  • In the 2QB league, in rounds 5 and 6, 11 WR were taken, as drafters were scrambling to shore up that position next
  • MICHAEL VICK gets taken as the QB13…….see how QB value is driven up to insanity?!
  • Vick was picked before Eli Manning, Andy Dalton, Big Ben, Sam Bradford and Jay Cutler

See what I mean? One roster spot can change a lot and make drafters do some crazy things. I want to talk about my draft a little bit and explain my strategy as well as some of my logic for the picks I made.

I had the first pick and ultimately decided to go with Adrian Peterson. I wasn’t all that sure about it, but John Kerwin (@JKerwin777K on twitter) said he thought that was the right pick. I figured hey, QB and WR are deep, RB is not. In the first round, there were 5 QBs taken, and 7 RBs. I thought at the 2/3 turn I could grab a good QB1 and then maybe another running back or a great WR. Boy was I wrong! In the 2nd round, Ryan, Stafford, Kaepernick, Luck, Wilson, and RG3 were all taken. That left me with the likes of Eli Manning and Tony Romo as my QB1, so I decided against it for some reason and decided I would stack my WRs and grab AJ Green and Brandon Marshall. AP Green and Marshall?! That’s unheard of in the first three rounds of a draft. In my next two picks I decided it was finally time to grab a QB or I was really going to be in trouble. I went with MJD at the end of 4 and then Big Ben was my best option for QB (plus I really like Big Ben) so I figured he was okay as long as my other positions were awesome. I was hoping to grab a good upside QB with my next pick and I meant to but then messed up and drafted Eric Decker and Mike Wallace, when I meant to take Alex Smith with that second pick. Oh well, stacked at WR I say. My next pick I was forced to take a QB and it was Christian Ponder……not my best moment but I will have to live with it.

My main point is something that I figured was a smart move but apparently I can’t listen to myself – you cannot wait on a QB when there is more than 1 QB started per week. They put up too many points and after QB15 it gets ugly quick. My QBs are Big Ben, Ponder, Sanchez, and Kolb. Just let that sink in.

In my experience with this mock, I think you have to go QB in one of the first 2 rounds. Yes QB is deep and RB is shallow, but I think if you can get a top 10 QB paired with a solid RB1 you will be fine and you can get a decent QB2 with upside (read Carson Palmer or Jay Cutler). The reason is simply that QBs are going to be putting up the most points on your team each week most of the time and even if you are stacked at RB/WR, you may not be able to make up the difference. And just because you spend an early pick on a QB doesn’t mean you can’t be good in other positions. Take a look at this team:

QB: Griffin III, Rivers

RB: Spiller, McFadden

WR: Bryant, Fitzgerald, Torrey Smith

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I like that team a lot and this drafter was smart and picked RG3 in the second round to pair with Spiller, waited for Rivers in the 6th. He also managed to get Dez AND Larry somehow. Probably the best team in the mock at this point in time.


So after looking at the 2QB draft, I want to dive into my 1QB mock and take a look at how the strategy was different and maybe offer some ideas for strategies to use if you want to try them out or think they are the best thing since sliced bread. My first 8 picks:


1. Arian Foster

2. Demaryius Thomas

3. Larry Fitzgerald

4. Ryan Mathews

5. Reggie Wayne

6. BenJarvus Green-Ellis

7. Matt Ryan

8. DeAngelo Williams


Notice something a bit different?? Matt Ryan in the 7th round! I waited on a QB and I really like the outcome (although being a Saints fan it PAINS me to have him on my team, but as a fantasy footballer and writer I’m not as mad). I wasn’t the only one to wait and cash in – John Kerwin took Russell Wilson at 8.09 and Regan Yant (@ReganFP) took Tony Romo at 8.10 while they stacked RB and WR. That’s what the best strategy is in my mind, as you can grab a Tony Romo or better in rounds 6-8 in most drafts.

I think a great strategy if you can manage to do it and depending on what player are there, is to go RB-RB in your first 2 picks. If you bolster this position, you can spend your next couple of picks on some stud WRs or maybe even a top QB if one of them is available. My personal strategy is to try and wait on TE and QB as best I can, so I can get the best RB and WR I possibly can, while still being able to get a solid QB.


In both drafts I noticed that Jimmy Graham went in the 2nd round which is fine, but I don’t think I would take a TE that early. I think that Jimmy Graham is a great talent and a TE who is capable of putting up WR1 numbers, but I feel that the cost of taking him there is too high for my liking. Where Jimmy Graham was taken, the other guys that were available were: Sproles, D. Thomas, Harvin, Rodgers and Fitzgerald. Personally I would pick Sproles (don’t call me a homer, he’s a PPR monster) to go with Doug Martin (first pick) and then wait on a TE and use my next picks for WRs. Just as an example, in this draft only 6 TEs were taken in the first 8 rounds and the other 6 drafters waited to take a TE.


To give you an idea of how deep WR is – Mike Williams was picked as the WR38 in this draft and last year he was the 19th ranked WR. He went in the 8th round, which I think is great value is he is your WR3. Also, Eric Decker went as the 21st WR off the board, 7 WR spots after Wes Welker. I think Eric Decker shouldn’t regress that much, because everyone knows Peyton Manning is going to be throwing the ball a ton with 3 solid WRs as targets.


So there it is – 1QB vs 2QB leagues and some ideas for how to take on your draft. A lot of this may seem like common sense, but I wanted to mainly highlight the fact that you absolutely cannot wait at QB in a 2QB league and the fact that you absolutely CAN wait on a QB in a 1QB league and still have a great team.



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