We Hope You Enjoy It!

This site has been a project/idea years in the making.  I literally text Adam and Hunter throughout the day: sports, signings, stats, numbers, etc.  We figured collectively, why not have our own site?  We can put our gibberish, our boasts, and our predictions out there for all to see and maybe use.  We are not experts and you will never hear any of us claim to be, what we are is a couple of average guys who love to talk sports in general and fantasy football is our obsession.  All three of us have won championships and each of us have our own way of going about it and want to share that with you all.

Fantasy Football is a burgeoning industry, we hope our very small piece is entertaining and helpful to you all in one way or the other.  Maybe someone you saw us recommend helps nail down a championship.  Maybe you see who we recommend and you go the opposite way!  Either way, thanks for sharing in our obsession and hope you all enjoy!

There will be new articles from each of us this Monday!!!




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