Curious Case of Deangelo Williams

Can Deangelo Williams become relevant on the landscape of fantasy football again?  I believe he can, but it will take a few factors in doing so.  Does he still have the talent?  He is going to be 30 this year, old for a RB, but there are some positives to look at.

He has never had over 300 carries in a season and only once has he actually had more than 220.  He has played in all 16 games the last two seasons after a couple of injury plagued years, but still hasnt had over 175 carries in those years.  More telling, in the last six games of this season, after Jonathan Stewart got hurt, Williams rushed 93 times for 466 yards, a respectable 5.01 YPC.  Now some things need to happen in order for him to become relevant again.

First and foremost, the Panthers need to release him.  With their commitment this season to Stewart and the TD vulture Mike Tolbert in the fold there is money better spent elsewhere.  Trading is out of the question, as there isnt a team out there that is going to take on his $8.2 million cap hit, unless the Jets act like the Jets (just kidding Jets fans).  Second, we need to find a team with a need at the position.  You can speak up now Jets fans, I’m talking about you!  The Jets would seem like a logical fit.  They have the cement feet of Shonn Greene and the less than spectacular Bilal Powell currently at RB.  Sure they have a cap situation, but they finally have a GM that knows football and Idzik i think could find a way to make this work.  Green Bay is another logical destination.  They are in dire need of an RB that can do anything, and i dont believe Dujuan Harris is ready to make that step to being “the guy”.  Of course Green Bay has cap issues also, and Aaron Rodgers new deal is looming, but Donald Driver announced his retirement and Greg Jennings will most certainly be gone.  The Packers could make this work also.

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Two other teams i find intriguing in looking at their situations are the Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons.  Miami’s owner loves to attempt big splashes and talks a great game.  Could he take a stab at Deangelo instead of resigning Reggie Bush and not having faith in Lamar Miller to take over that full time role?  And could the Falcons admit that Jaquizz Rogers isnt any more than a third down change of pace back and look to upgrade from the prodding Michael Turner?  There are options out there for Deangelo Williams  to return to fantasy relevancy if he is let go by Carolina.  Let us hope he doesnt go the way of Peyton Hillis and sign with a team that has an established star at the position!




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