Week 14 Thursday NE vs. LAR.

Week 14 Thursday NE vs. LAR.

This report on Week 14 Thursday NE vs. LAR game uses Vegas/Defense Against the Positions (DAPs) Metrics, Rankins (0 to 100), and Uncertainty (High, Avg, or Low). Look for Highly Ranked Low UNC players in the right DAP environment. 


Week 14 Thursday NE vs. LAR.

Vegas Says it’s a below-average scoring game with 45 ish total points. The line is a 5 point difference with LAR, the expected winner over NE. That is a bold pick, and I would be cautious. It’s a Thursday night clash, and historically, Thursday games can be tricky. I would fade for weekly DFS. Showdowns should be light in investments! Lineups should also be cautious as well. 

Tne NE DEF has been doing well, and Vegas may be off due to that trend. 

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Week 14 Thursday NE vs. LAR 


Defense against the position (DAPS)

Week 14 Thursday NE vs. LAR.   The Defense Against the Position (DAPS) metrics for this game are shown below. High Numbers (above 50) suggest an Easy situation for that position, vs. Lower Numbers (below 50) suggests a Tough defense to that position.

The figure below highlights the “hot spots” for each team. These positions are the short rule of thumb for DFS and lineups for this week. 

Week 14 Thursday NE vs. LAR

You can read these metrics like the following:

  1. When NE is on offense they face an extremely tough defense. Passing and Rushing will be uphill. The TE does have the best DAP at 44. Shown Gamble? I assume if NE wins its CAM running and breaking the LAR DEF down. That would allow other players to break out. What are the odds of that? 

  2. When LAR is going they face a tough situation DAP at +31/100. The RBs get a shot here vs. +73 DAP. Cam Akers collects those scores? Note the LAR TE gets a nice shot vs. +40 as well. If LAR wins it’s the RBs/TEs for that. Caution on the WRs. 


LAR Rankings and Uncertainty Analysis. 

I am more inspired by LAR tonight as I can “see” the angles on this team. See DAPs.

I have Goff at 39 low UNC. I predict below-average activity with a narrow outcome range. Maybe a score of 2. Vegas is thinking 3 TDs? Hum that seems a top for LAR, not an average. 

Akers/Henderson. One score at least. Does Akers get the trust from LAR tonight? Hot-hand? Tricky and not projecting a large range of outcomes. Low UNC. 

The TEs also can score tonight, but I can see 1 score. You Pick-em. I lean Higbee by 14% over Everett. DFS special? 

I have Woods as the safer play at 84 Low Unc vs. Kupp at 77 High UNC. I would roll the dice on Kupp as well as Woods knowing the NE DEF is out there! 

Week 14 Thursday NE vs. LAR



NE Rankings and Uncertainty Analysis. 

I remain uninspired by NE vs. LAR DEF. CAM at 41 High UNC! The RBs are Avg/High UNC as well. Not solid plays. Harris if forced to play one vs. White. Izzo is a complete gamble vs. the DAP but it standout! High UNC 23.

Also, I am very concerned about the WRs, and I would fade. I see RB White as the pass-catcher instead. He could surprise at 39 High UNC, though. Lean against playing in weekly leagues but can see DFS plays.

Week 14 Thursday NE vs. LAR


The game is clear as mud for my weekly leagues. Fading most/many for weekly.

DFS gambles aplenty in here for showdowns etc. 


My SNAPs Report for this week is here. Snaps Report for this Week

Week 14 Thursday NE vs. LAR.



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