NFL 2020 Week 14 Streaming Defenses

Did you make it to your fantasy playoffs? Congrats! If you didn’t, there is always the consolation tournament and of course, next year.

The good news is that there are streaming options this week that are quite good and could help you get to the next round.


The Cardinals will play the New York Giants this week. Surprisingly (or not), both teams are still playoff viable. Now some will be scared off the Cardinals because of the Giants win last week against the Seattle Seahawks. Don’t let that be you…that was a defensive win for the most part.

While it is unclear if Daniel Jones will start, whether it is him or Colt McCoy, should not matter. Both are turnover prone and in their last two games (one with McCoy and one with Jones) the Giants have not scored over 19 points.


After the Tuesday night game where the Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens put up 34 points on the Cowboys, it is understandable that you are hesitant. But the Cincinnati Bengals are not the Ravens, and neither Ryan Finley or Brandon Allen are Jackson. Then there is the very real possibility that Joe Mixon is once again out of the lineup.

So that leaves Giovani Bernard, who has been averaging 3.29 yards per attempt leading the run game, and either an injured Allen, who has tossed two touchdowns and two interceptions along with one fumble; or Finley who has zero touchdowns and two interceptions this season under center.


This is about expectations. The Texans, though improved, are still not a great defense. They did manage to sack Philip Rivers three times last week, but they did not create a turnover.

Mitchell Trubisky who appears to have retaken the reigns in Chicago is a roller coaster of a start. He could be meh, like last week against the Lions where he had 267 passing yards, two sacks, one touchdown and zero interceptions. Or he could be the Trubisky that played against the Green Bay Packers the week prior, and had 242 passing yards, three touchdowns, two interceptions and three fumbles.

It’s all about expectations.

Good Luck!

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