Week 1 Snaps Report

Week 1 Snaps Report

The Week 1 Snaps Report is one avenue for your weekly analysis. I look for improvements, surprises, and PPR scoring efficiency in teams, positions and players. Watch for the trends.

Team Time of Possession in Seconds vs League Scaled to Average Metrics

Week 1 Snaps Report. This report presents team time of possession (speed of the team suggesting passing or rushing based). Faster teams tend to be passing happy vs slower teams are rushing based. RBs from slower teams an receivers from faster teams. That is a general heuristic to use.

Faster teams (green) were BUF GB LAR NE KC IND and TEN

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Slower teams (red) NYJ MIN DAL MIA HOU JAX and DEN



Bar Graph Week 1 Team Speed

Week 1 Snaps Report. The figure below highlights the extremes in team speed. BUF and GB were the extremes. Seems to support picking up deeper receivers vs NYJ and MIN would support rushers. Note Bell is on IR and that opens up for JETs RBs. Caution.

Week 1 Snaps Report Slide2


Week 1 Player Snaps and PPR Scoring by Teams

Each team block highlights:

  • TEAM
  • SNAPS Week 1 (High to Low – Green to Red)
  • PPR Scoring Efficiency (High to Low – Blue to Red)

Week 1 Snaps Report. I focus on player with high snaps and scoring efficiency (See DeAndre Hopkins) vs players with high snaps but low scoring efficiency (Christian Kirk).   

The opportunity for you is trading the “hot guy” if you are uncertain about the season. Also, someone like Kirk if you believe he is not valued and will cash in on his high team usage for future scoring, then you can pick him up. 

Scan across and find your targets for trades and pick ups. Remember most if not all your league will be using these concepts. Caution it was week 1! 

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Player Snaps Within Positions

I also like to see the tops in RBs, TEs, and WRs outside of their teams to understand a player’s Snap value across the league. I use both team, positional, and scoring efficient landscapes especially in trade, DFS, or pickup decisions.

Do not jump to quickly instead be thoughtful. Remember, our biases are tricking us by recency and halo effects from “everyone” loving or hating a player.

Running Backs

Henry was 3rd in snaps but sad in scoring as was Barkley, Drake, Singletary, and Ekeler. The top crop of RBs had a collective poor week 1? Why?

Jacobs was great but will he repeat at 72 Scoring Efficiency?





Tight Ends





Wide Receivers







Player Scoring Efficiency

My landscape view here give us a look across all positions. This does several things for our thinking.

First, the week 1 value was Booker however, he only had 8 snaps. He may be a great handcuff in a deep league?

Secondly, the ratio of scoring to snaps is clear. We thus should not be fooled by a low snap player that scored which can skew that players week 2 value.

Finally, The best pickup for week 1 by these metrics was Goedert with a 54 snap/83 scoring efficiency.

Find the extremes in Snaps and poor scoring as well as an opposite approach for player trades, DFS or pickups. 




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