SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS – Professor’s Flash Card.


SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS – Professor’s Flash Card. I am all in for using the SF DST at DST1 and the Kicker at K5. Nice acquisitions for your leagues.

QB and RBs

Garoppolo was a good game manager in 2019 but not a great passing QB as he was 31st in FP/G (Sad).  The SF did use its RBs nicely but JG was using Kittle TE as his WR1! I expect this same game scripts in 2020. I am giving him some room to grow in 2020 at QB 20 but he has uncertainty to that prediction.

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The RBs are in flux as Mostert wants a trade out of town? Ploy or real? I rank them Mostert at RB31 and Coleman RB 46 as a RB1A and 1B players. Shifts dramatically if Mostert is gone to Coleman. Key Best-Ball acquisition now! Both have uncertainty though. If both are present they cut each others FP production. I would take Coleman as the cheap piece for redraft. Note that Coleman was higher in end of 2019 season than Mostert.

TE and WRs

Kittle is the top pass-catcher and us TE2 ranked with low uncertainty. He is the star and should collect alot of FPs in 2020.

The issue is the Kittle collects FP from the WRs. In 220 Samuel is ranked 32th and he is the “sure” play with low uncertainty. I do think Aiyuk can be a factor late in the season. as he was a first round selection. Surprise in redrafts and Beat-Ball given his price? He has nice wingspan and other metrics. Dynasty selection as well. Hurd figures as the WR3 at WR91 but with high uncertainty. Pettis and Bourne bench warmers unless injuries occur.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS - Professor's Flash Card.

QB and RBs Fantasy Points Team Usages

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS – Professor’s Flash Card. In 2019, SF had a Superbowl season but lost. They improved in the QB/RB positions by 2.9 and 3.1% in team fantasy point usages.  The TE were slightly used above average at +0.3% but the loss was due to the drop in WR usages by -6.3%.

Interestingly, in 2019, SF had a platoon of RBs including 33. Raheem Mostert,  46. Tevin Coleman, 50. Matt Breida, and 72. Jeff Wilson. Thus 2019 was a spread effect on the RB position. Given that the SF team has kept these RBs excepted Breida suggests this same approach will be used in 2020. Each RB could be a lottery ticket type. Caution given Mostert’s trade talk.

TE and WRs Fantasy Points Team Usages

Kittle the TE was nicely used in 2019  at the TE2 level. Note that SF has a 2019 TE38. Ross Dwelley who could be a nice handcuff especially in TE premium leagues.

Finally, the WRs in 2019  were 36. Deebo Samuel,  99. Kendrick Bourne, and 124. Marquise Goodwin. Not a strong group but also note Jalen Hurd should be off IR and also be in the mix for WR3 type. He might be a WR3 on the Team behind Samuel and Aiyuk early but fall to the rookie later int he season?

Also note, that QB Jimmy Garoppolo was 26th in yardage in his targets. He throws short and that favors the RBs and TEs over WRs except slot-types.     QB and RB TOPs with WRs at the bottoms

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS - Professor's Flash Card.

QB and RBs Targets/Game Team Usages

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS – Professor’s Flash Card. Overall Comments: 2019 SF had a platoon of RBs who together saw a drop of Targets/Game by -4.6% and a poor usage of 19% being the worst in SF within the last 5 years.

Initally, the 2020 RBs are Raheem Mostert RB27, Tevin Coleman RB42, Jerick McKinnon RB83, Jeff Wilson RB104, and Kyle Juszczyk RB106. It seems to be a RBBC for 2020 with the public predicting Mostert is the 2 down back followed by Coleman as the 3rd down guy? The other three will have short carry roles in red zone or short yardage conditions. McKinnon could move up in an injury event.

TE and WRs Targets/Game Team Usages

Next, SF has been TE-centric and 2010 saw a great increase 10.2% in T/G and 44% usages. The passing in 2020 goes through George Kittle at TE2.

Finally, the WRs also dropped down by -5.6% in 2019 and were poorly used at 36%. The WRs are Deebo Samuel WR32, Brandon Aiyuk WR68, Jalen Hurd WR91, Dante Pettis WR103, and Kendrick Bourne WR120. The public is reacting to the weaker WR passing and has assigned Samuel as the only viable WR for 2020. The other four could be the WR 2 but the public can not settle that issue other than thinking Aiyuk assumes that role later in the season. The WR2 will be of value if you can predict which player it is. I have it as Hurd is tried first and early and Aiyuk coming on late.

SF TSAN FRANCISCO 49ERS - Professor's Flash Card.


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