The Covid Cabana: A Superflex TE Premium Dynasty Football Draft Review

What better way to pass the time during a global pandemic than a dynasty startup draft with fellow twitter buddies? Enter the Covid Cabana: the name of our dynasty startup that features FFPC TE Premium scoring as well as over-the-top bonus point scoring for big plays. (Imagine a hybrid of DraftKings and SFB9 video game scoring).  Rosters consist of 30 players: 11 starters. Among the 11 starters, only 1 RB, WR, and TE are required. This flexible format/scoring lends itself to creative lineup construction each week as owners try to shoot for the stars. I’ll break down my experience a bit and hopefully this can give you an idea what to expect in your drafts. As always, thanks for reading and stay safe!

This particular draft was to take place before the NFL Draft, so rookie picks were integrated into the startup draft. Having never participated in a draft like this, I was a bit surprised how high the rookie picks were valued (1.07 overall took the rookie 1.01.) I got the turn pick at 1.12 and elected to stay put as other teams traded up/back.

Regardless of scoring system, I value stud RBs as an important infrastructure for a winning team. With my first two picks, I grabbed Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook. I wanted to treat this team as if I was creating a DraftKings lineup, centered around explosive, young players, seeing high volume/market share of touches. In drafting Henry and Cook, I’m essentially locking in 1000+ rushing yards/10 TDs with 2 backs who had 9 and 7 rushes of 20+ yards respectively in 2019.

On the next wrap-around pick, it was important to get a high-quality WR1 and QB1. I had my sights on Amari Cooper as a centerpiece for my team. I was able to deal my 4.01 and a 2021 1st rounder to acquire him. I’d much rather have Cooper than something like Kenny Golladay (who I like), and a 2021 1st but that’s just me. I also scooped Baker Mayfield, with the 4.01; a QB who can hang up fantasy points in bunches and is also just 25. In a SF league, I didn’t want to chance missing out on a good QB being that I didn’t have another pick until the 5.12.

Throughout the remainder of the draft, I would ask myself: can this player have a top five performance on a given week? My idea here was to hope I know enough to get those players into my starting lineup for their explosive weeks, while racking up the bonus points.

Through the middle rounds, I stocked up on young WRs with high ceilings. Cooks, Marquise Brown, Watkins, Westbrook and Anthony Miller all fit this player-type for me.

At the QB position, I gathered together some rentals with Brees, Foles and Fitzpatrick. I wanted a stable of cheap QBs that I could swap into my lineup based on weekly matchups. While it’s possible all three are out of the NFL in 2021, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

At TE, I paired Baker with his new toy, Austin Hooper, at the 7.12. Behind Hooper, I got my boy Jarwin and a couple of other wild cards like Maxx Williams and Dalton Keene to round out the position.

One of my regrets in hindsight was not taking more rookie picks in the later rounds. For example, I drafted Fitzpatrick and McKinnon with the 17.12 and 18.01 with the Rookie 3.01 and 3.02 picks still available. These picks ended up being Antonio Gibson and KJ Hamler, who I’d prefer.

Check out the league link to see the rest of my squad and let me know what you think of the finished product. Thanks for reading!

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