NFL 2019 Week 14 The Good, the Bad and the Fugly

Did you make it to the next round in your fantasy football playoffs? I hope so, that’s good.

This week the good, the bad and the fugly is going to the dark-side, and by that I mean the men on the offensive side.


First, did you notice that Lamar Jackson was wearing white sleeves and a white glove on his throwing arm. LOL! He has a sense of humor and that is always good.

But what was really good was Denver Broncos’ quarterback, Drew Lock (and he too has a sense of humor)! Come on! If you live in Denver, you heard the insistent whining about Lock being on IR…about Lock not being ready to play the big boys game…about Lock being a bust before he played…blah…blah…blah.

So what did Lock do? He went into Houston, as a 9.5 point underdog, his first road game as a professional, against a team that is fighting for its playoff life. Oh yeah, and won. Lock’s stats? He passed for 309 yards, three touchdowns, 1 interception, 1 sack, with a passer rating 136. Yeah blah…blah…blah…GOOD!


Oh Mama…that’s a BAD man! And yes, referring to San Francisco 49ers’ tight end ,George Kittle. We kinda knew that before Sunday…but Sunday just solidified his status. You need proof? Oh, the 49ers playing in New Orleans, against the New Orleans Saints, down 45-46 in fourth quarter, with mere seconds left in the game. Kittle gets the ball from quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, and then proceeded to fight his way past the first-down marker, carrying three Saints’ defenders with him (one holding his face mask) for a 39-yard gain. The face mask penalty just added some yards to an already incredible run. Do not be mistaken, that Kittle is a bad man.


Okay Patriots, we get it. You don’t have to play by the rules. You are the PATRIOTS! Rules, we don’t need no stinkin rules! But if you are going to tip-toe around the rules…just don’t get caught. And seriously, taping the 1-13 Cincinnati Bengals, your next opponent? Are things that dire in New England now? So it was innocent? Maybe. But do you get the benefit of the doubt after spygate…deflategate…and massagegate?

Okay, the last one had absolutely noting to do with football…but just had to throw it in there. GET BETTER AT CHEATING or stop it. It isn’t just fugly it is down right embarrassing!

Good luck in your fantasy playoffs and come talk at me on Twitter @neverenoughglt


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