NFL 2019 Week 9 Streaming Defenses

It is week nine in the NFL and how is your fantasy football team doing? Even if you aren’t that person streaming defenses, this week there are four teams on a bye: Atlanta Falcons (no one is streaming them), Cincinnati Bengals (again a hard pass), Los Angeles Rams (you are going to need to replace them) and the New Orleans Saints (if someone has to drop them and you have room pick them up now!).

So let’s see what option you have to get on to stream if you have the Saints or Rams as your defense.

Seattle Seahawks Defense v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

From henceforth I will nominate any team that is going against a team that has Jameis Winston under center (sorry bro). But Winston has become a turnover machine: last week against the resurgent Tennessee Titans, Winston threw two touchdowns, AND two interceptions along with three fumbles and three sacks.

His offensive line is a sieve, he holds the ball too long, pick one and it really doesn’t matter the outcome is the same.

Sure his weapons are elite and he will eventually connect (it’s the law of averages people) but until then you are guaranteed some fantasy football points.

Cleveland Browns Defense v Denver Broncos

At the beginning of the season I admit I was all aboard the Browns defense. And then the Cleveland Browns thing started happening, where curse is overwhelming beating out talent.

But Sunday may just be a get right day. Have you heard Joe Flacco is now on IR (which depending on your mindset isn’t that great of a loss) but what is spectacular, if you are a Browns fan is the starting quarterback is….Brandon Allen! I know!

This is no disrespect to Allen. However, Sunday will be Allen’s very first NFL career start. He has never attempted a pass in a regular season game. He was drafted in the sixth round in 2016 by the Jacksonville Jaguars. After being the third string quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams in 2017-2018, he didn’t make the roster this year. So of course, the Broncos acquired his services. And oh yeah, Emmanuel Sanders is gone.

If the Browns defense cannot excel against these odds Sunday…shame on them!

Miami Dolphins Defense v New York Jets

Um stay with me here…the Dolphins are a team that has not won a game yet…I get that but for three quarters they have played the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers tight.

Now they get the Adam Gase experiment in New York. In case you haven’t noticed it really isn’t going that well. Now the Jets go down to Miami to play the team that Gase coached for just last season. Honestly, this could go either way.

Sam Darnold’s passer rating is 66.2 with a 61.5 completion percentage. He has been sacked 15 ties and has tossed in five touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Running back Le’Veon Bell is averaging 3.2 yards per carry with one rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown.

Yes, the Dolphins offense isn’t much better but we are talking defenses here and well, the Dolphins defense has shown just a little more fight. At least for three quarters.

Just saying if the Browns and Seahawks aren’t available, and every other reputable defense is taking….Dolphins are an option.

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