NFL 2019 Week 6 Streaming Defenses

I’m not going to lie, Week 6 is going to be brutal for defenses. You are going to stream a defense that you may not be comfortable with. With Buffalo Bills and the Chicago Bears on a bye week, you are going to have to go with your fourth…maybe fifth choice?

So what are you going to do? Choose wisely of course.

Denver Broncos Defense

For the first three weeks, the Denver Broncos defense was non-existent. No turnovers. Then Week Four happened and Bradley Chubb recorded a sack, Von Miller had two, Demarcus Walker jumped in for one and Malik Reed got himself one too. For those keeping score or just bad at math…that’s five sacks.

Week Five happened and there were no sacks but two interceptions. Now, it is Week Six, and you are desperate. The Broncos play the Tennessee Titans. Titans’ quarterback, Marcus Mariota, has not thrown an interception. He has been sacked 22 times.

There is that possibility that Vic Fangio’s defense is finally clicking. There is also the possibility that the litany of injuries the defense has suffered will limit their fantasy potential. But hey…the fourth choice is never the prettiest.

Washington Redskins Defense

Speaking of your consolation choice…ladies and gentlemen, I give you Washington’s defense. Here it is. Washington is playing the Miami Dolphins this week. There is no prize here.

Washington’s defense ranks 28th against the rush and 23rd against the pass. They are 30th in points allowed and 28th in total yards allowed. They also just fired their head coach and have temporarily given the reigns to Bill Callahan.

This could go very….very bad. Except they are playing the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins offense ranks 31st in passing, 32nd in rushing and 32nd in points, averaging 6.5 a game.

The Dolphins are coming off a bye week so there is a chance they have right the ship. But…there is also the chance that Washington is unable to get out of its own dysfunctional ways.

Like I said earlier, you are going to have to stream a defense. Take a couple of shots and pretend it’s closing time.

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Los Angeles Chargers

I put the Chargers on here: 1) because there is a chance they are on the waiver wire and 2) they will be playing against Pittsburgh Steelers’ third string quarterback, undrafted rookie, Devlin Hodges. (Unless by some miracle Mason Rudolph recovers from the absolutely brutal hit he took from Earl Thomas).

Hodges looked respectable when he came in the game leading two touchdown drives. He went 7-of-9 for 68 yards. But the Steelers are 1-4. They would sit respectably at the bottom of the AFC North if not for the absolute garbage the Cincinnati Bengals are putting on the field.

The Steelers’ offense without the third string quarterback ranked 25th in passing and 29th in rushing coming into this game.

Like I said, it is unlikely the Chargers are available. If they are drop everything and go get you some.

Otherwise…take a shot (both literally and figuratively) at your two streaming options and hang on until next week.

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