Bankroll Challenge & Cash Game Plays

**All prices and strategy is referring to the Sunday Main Slate on DraftKings**

Week 2 was about the worst week for me. I ended up cashing in ZERO contest that I played. I played the GIANT Double Up for 3 slates (Thur-Mon, Sunday Main, and Primetime) and missed the money line by 13 points or less. In my GPP lineups, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger were two of my highest played quarterbacks for the week. Starting with this week, I will be giving you some cash game plays every week, along with my bankroll challenge update. So with that said, It’s time to move on to Week 3.

Before I get into some of my favorite cash plays, I want to add a rule for the rest of the season. I will be playing in two $5 GIANT Double up instead of one. It makes more sense as a bankroll challenge to have more invested money in lower risk contest. Before I was playing $5 in cash and $6 worth of GPP entries. Now, I will have $10 invested in cash and $6 in GPP.  

Here are some of my favorite Cash Game plays for week 3:


Josh Allen (BUF – $5900) – One strategy I don’t mind is paying down at the Quarterback position, so you are able to put more higher priced productive players. Josh Allen seems to have another good matchup playing against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals have allowed 20.96 DraftKings fantasy points on average to quarterbacks. I’m not scared of the two interceptions he threw against the Jets. Allen’s upside with being a mobile quarterback has paid off with a rushing touchdown in each game. 

Lamar Jackson (BAL – $7000)/Patrick Mahomes (KC – $7600)  – I don’t think you can go wrong with either Jackson or Mahomes in your lineup. I will give a very slight edge to Jackson because he is $600 cheaper and seems to have a slightly better matchup against the defense. Rostering either quarterback doesn’t seem wrong. Both men seem capable of making plays to allow them to stack up fantasy points. I am pretty sure that I will be talking about more players on these teams in this article. 

Running Back:

Ezekiel Elliott (DAL – $8900) – This almost seems like an auto include in cash lineups this week. I would not be surprised if Elliot is 80% in the GIANT Double Ups this week. Miami has allowed the most rushing attempts per game at 34.5.  There is some risk with Elliott sitting in the third quarter but Elliott can get productive early where he gets 20+ DK points before the fourth quarter. 

Frank Gore (BUF – $4400) – Frank the tank is back on my cash lineups this week but ONLY if Devin Singletary does not play. As of right now, he has not practiced Wednesday and Thursday with a Hamstring injury. There is a chance that Devin does play. THIS IS A GAME TIME DECISION TO ROSTER GORE ON YOUR LINEUPS. The Bengals allowed the second most rushing attempts at 28.5 per game. If Singletary is out, this seems like an extreme value for a starting running back. **Update: Singletary went from Questionable to Doubtful on Friday Morning**

Aaron Jones (GB – $6100) – This play at first seems like I am chasing points. I honestly think the game with Chicago at the start of the season was a fluke game for Green Bay.  Minnesota allowed Jones to get 23 rushing attempts with 6 targets last week. Going up against a weaker rush defense of Denver, which allowed 25.5 rushing attempts so far, this seems like a great matchup for Green Bay to establish the run and keep Denver’s pass rush honest. 

Wide Receiver:

Larry Fitzgerald (ARI – $5100) – We will get one of the obvious plays out of the way with Fitzgerald. It seems that rookie, Kyler Murray, has a lot of trust in Fitzgerald with double digit targets of 13 and 11, for the first two weeks. Arizona is one of the fastest paced teams playing right now. The average offensive play in the NFL takes 28.16 seconds and Arizona is at 22.23 seconds. It seems that Arizona enjoy playing fast and Fitzgerald is the perfect receiver you would want to have in a fast pace offense. 

Sammy Watkins (KC – $6800) – Sammy is the clear number 1 target in KC with 11 and 13 targets from the first two games. This may be a tougher matchup against Baltimore’s defense. Watkins seems to be taking full advantage of Tyreek Hill being out.

Marquise Brown (BAL – $5900) – I am sounding like a broken record but TARGETS! He has a 41% target rate on routes ran. Marquise is the number one receiver in this stat by 8%. The Ravens’ offense seems to be funneled through Brown, Andrews and Ingram. Brown had 13 targets last week with a stat line of 8 catches for 86 yards and earned 16.6 DK points. The price of $5900 for 13 targets seems like a deal.

Tight End:

Mark Andrews (BAL – $4600) – As Lamar Jackson’s other main target, he is also getting touchdowns. 8 and  9 targets in the first two games, he has only missed one. He has hit over 100 yards and grabbed a touchdown in each game. Redzone offense, Jackson seems to target tight ends with Hurst bringing in a touchdown last week as well. Andrews will be my lock at TE this week. He is the 6th most expensive tight end on the slate and he is producing top tight end numbers. 

George Kittle (SF – $5600) – Kittle is one of the top tight ends with the highest percentage of targets per route at 24%. I don’t think you should shy away from using Kittle after last week’s lackluster performance during the Cincinnati blow out. He saw 67% offensive snaps which puts him at seeing the most snaps in the Cincinnati game by a non-QB/OL player. I think the 49ers will beat Pittsburgh, but I think Pittsburgh will be more competitive where Kittle will be involved to help ensure the win. 

Zac Ertz (PHI – $5700) – With DeSean Jackson being ruled out and Alshon Jeffery being questionable, Ertz seems like the chalkiest tight end this Sunday. Just like Kittle, Ertz sees 24% of targets on his routes, ran. This makes them the two highest for the Sunday slate. Detroit could be an ugly game but the injury situation, Ertz should be a major part of the Eagles offense. 


Cowboys ($4300)/Patriots ($3800) – These two defenses feel exactly the same. Playing against bad offenses that turn over the ball. There are two reasons why I favor the Patriots over the Cowboys; the price and Rosen was announced starting for Miami. I’m not saying Rosen won’t make mistakes or turn the ball over, but he is not Fitzpatrick. There is an art when Fitzpatrick throws a ball that often with no care in the world. Anyways, I wouldn’t be surprised that these two defenses are the most played.  

Packers ($3400) – Denver’s offensive line for passing is one of the worst in the league. Green Bay has one of the higher pressures percentage going into Sunday at 14%. This should be an ugly game and I would imagine points will come from racking up the sacks. I would play Green Bay if I am paying up in a lot of positions and need that extra 400 to 900, to build a lineup.


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