2019 Fantasy Football Defense Against the Position (DAP) Part 3

  • Team Defense Against the Position Landscape Views

  • Allows Views of Easy vs Tough Team Segments Especially Playoff Weeks
  • Draft your Players from “Easy” Playoff Teams
  • ATL, BAL, CIN,  IND, JAC, and NE “Easy” Playoffs
  • BUF, GB, KC, and OAK “Tough” Playoffs

2019 Segmental Landscape View for All Teams

  • I have divided the 2019 Season into Early (weeks 1 to 7), Late (8-13 weeks) and Playoffs (14 to 16 weeks).
  • I calculate an average DAP for each team segment and used colorization to note Easy-Green and Tough Red segments.
  • The final segment is the grand average which is a metric for the whole season for quick and dirty analysis.
  • I also included a visual Bar Graph for ease of understanding and quick reference during your drafts this summer.

The right of the table lists the numbers of weeks in each DAP category. 

  1. Balanced average passing and rushing
  2. Easy Both passing and rushing
  3. Very Easy Pass
  4. Very Easy Run
  5. Tough Both

ie ARI has only 1 very tough game in the first 7 weeks – Early segment, nice Late with no tough games and ok playoffs with only 1 tough week.

Use to speculate in your draft to break ties or into tiers especially later players

Use to trade into good weeks/segments. ATL has 5 tough to average weeks in the Early season but after week 7 it opens up with nice easy 3 weeks and 1 nice passing week as well. Trade for Ryan before this segment.



ARI and BAL have nice whole season DAPS







PIT has the highest overall at 7.5 for the whole season. SEA is strong as well! 



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