2019 Fantasy Football Defense Against the Position Part 1

2019 Fantasy Football Defense Against the Position Part 1 – By John Bush

These teams figure to have the easiest 2019 Schedule as rated by my algorithmic DAP metrics

  • ATL
  • CIN
  • CLE
  • KC
  • MIA
  • OAK
  • SF
  • TB

Easy Schedules


These teams figure to have the hardest 2019 Schedule as rated by my algorithmic DAP metrics

  • BAL
  • CHI
  • DAL
  • DEN
  • HOU
  • JAX
  • MIN
  • PIT
  • TEN

Hardest Schedules


DAP Analysis

The defense against the position (DAP) has been used for quite some time to understand a team’s defense vs specific offensive positions in their opponents. We are forced to use last season’s data for the first few weeks in 2019.

In your summer drafts, however, we must use some guides to understand the potential season of each team in 2019. DAP Analysis is the easiest method for that purpose. Consider DAPS to be a rough guide for tiebreaking in drafts.

These tables lay out my DAP method for each Team’s season via numerical annotation and colorization. Each position is scored from positive (easy) to negative numbers (hard). These metrics imply a tough or easy schedule listed teams.

Easy Passing Tough Rushing


Easy Rushing Tough Passing


Balanced Schedules


Example Usage. 

I list the players via ADP or your rankings etc and just add Easy/Tough/Medium. I use to break ties if any.

Barkley stands out as the true number 1 with a nice 2019 upcoming.

Bell vs Mixon vs Connor – Mixon has an easier schedule. 

# Name Pos Team Bye DAP Rushing
1 Saquon Barkley RB NYG 11 Easy
2 Ezekiel Elliott RB DAL 8 Tough
3 Christian McCaffrey RB CAR 7 Tough
4 Alvin Kamara RB NO 9 Tough
5 Melvin Gordon RB LAC 12 Easy
6 David Johnson RB ARI 12 Easy
7 LeVeon Bell RB NYJ 4 Tough
8 Joe Mixon RB CIN 9 Easy
9 James Conner RB PIT 7 Tough
10 Dalvin Cook RB MIN 12 Tough
11 Todd Gurley RB LAR 9 Medium
12 Damien Williams RB KC 12 Easy

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