Dynasty Mind 2019 Ep 5 Saturday is for Football

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I kick off February’s Dynasty Mind 2019 with lots of Devy and CFF talks in Ep 5 – Saturday is for Football The series begin with the awesome duo from In This League Podcast (ITL) Scott Bogman and Blase Sinopoli,
We discuss the basics of CFF and how to approach the game differently than the traditional NFL fantasy football. CFF is unique but contains familiar elements to avid fantasy footballers. The time is now to begin expanding your fantasy football repertoire. 2018 was the year we saw a big surge of CFF contents and activities, including prominent website Yahoo! hosting CFF leagues, DFS bringing back College Football, and the expansion to Dynasty Format of CFF.

There are plenty of reasons to play CFF, but the greatest fun element is being able to identify with certain colleges and learning names that can prepare you for your rookie or devy rookie drafts. Will you be on the next SaQuon Barkley before anyone know who he is, maybe you stumbled on a college star that isn’t projected to be great in the NFL, yet defied the odds and became who we know as Julian Edelman or Antonio Brown.

So, join us and learn about a new way of Dynasty Football-ing.
You can find Scott and Blase on twitter @BogmanSports and @Lord_blaser. You can also find their podcast on iTunes using search term ITL College Football.
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