Dynasty Mind 2019: Shriners and Seniors

Dynasty Mind 2019: Shriners and Seniors

It is superbowl week, and I’m back to talk about different ways to improve your dynasty mind. The episode includes a brief discussion on players who impressed me in the Shrine game and the Senior Bowl week. Also, I briefly discussed my impression of Benny Snell, and challenge viewers to start formulating their opinion through watching film cutups (not highlights).

A summary: Benny Snell is a limited type of player, who will have a role in the NFL. I envision a very short term stay for Benny in the NFL, if he doesn’t make great improvement. Right now, I see him more so in the tier of Alfred Morris, Bo Scarborough, CAP, etc…low low value. He lacks vision, power doesn’t stand out, and has a slow change of direction ability.

Stash Candidates

Lastly, I recommend stashing 3 veteran players, who are prime targets in waiver or low end trades:
1.) Chase Edmonds – The direct backup to DJ, and also showed up some flashes here and there. I have no issue acquiring him over some of the speculative rookies of this class.
2.) John Kelly – Kelly is an impressive player in college, and with the ffb being less than predictable, I can see a lot of opportunity where Kelly could be in your starting lineup in 2019
3.) Ian Thomas – I would absolutely not be surprised if Ian Thomas is out in your typical dynasty league ww. You would need to exercise a lot of patience when it comes to TE. . There is talks of Cam Newton not playing in 2019. This could be news you can use to make an offer for Ian. You can offer a more stable TE or even a mid round draft pick.


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