NFL 2018 Week 14: The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly….Gronk Stylin’

It is already Week 14 in the NFL and in our rearview mirror.  And yet, for the first time this season, an offensive player has ended up on the defensive side of the good, the bad and the fugly.  Thank you football gods…thank you New England Patriots (something I have never ever uttered).

But let’s get to it:

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Myles Garrett, Defensive End, Cleveland Browns

There is no question that Myles Garrett is a stud.  There is also no doubt that he gets outshined by the wonder that is, Baker Mayfield, rightly so.  However, Sunday, against the Carolina Panthers, it is time we give Garrett his due for the good he does.

Garrett finished the game with five tackles, two tackles for loss, three quarterback hits and one quarterback sack.  For the season, he is third in the NFL in quarterback sacks with 12.5.

Yeah, he also is pretty…pretty….good.


Denver Broncos Secondary…hell the whole defensive during the first half

So let’s set this up:  the Denver Broncos came into Week 14 with new found hope of sneaking into post season.  Yes, they also came into Week 14 without defensive standout, Chris Harris, previously injured.  But they were playing against the hapless San Francisco 49ers, who had managed only two wins on the season.

Now, local radio talking heads (yes I am looking at you 104.3 in the am) will have you believe that is was a case of Broncos’ defensive coordinator, Joe Woods, attempting to “out scheme the schemer”, 49ers head coach, Kyle Shanahan, which simply cannot be done.  Obviously.

The result?  Broncos allowed tight end, George Kittle, 210 yards and one touchdown.  Let that sink in for a moment.  The tight end, Kittle, was targeted nine times, collected seven of the nine for 210 yards and one touchdown.  If you watched the game it looked a lot worse than that.

So, is the bad on defensive coordinator Woods?  It is on him and the defensive secondary seen running around attempting to catch up with the tight end who was torching them for a monumental loss.

It was bad.


Rob Gronkowski, Tight End, New England Patriots

Thank you Bill Belichick (something I will never say again).  Yep, this is a defensive article.  Rob Gronkowski is a tight end.  And yes, he was on the field for the final defensive play.

And whether you are a New England Patriots fan, Miami Dolphins fan or just a fan of the NFL, that was a play to be remembered.  Fugly, yes…the Dolphins scored on a play that works “one in a million times”.  And Kenyan Drake scored because tight end Gronkowski tripped on an attempt to tackle Drake before he scored.  It was something.

For today it was fugly good…or fugly bad depending on your flavor.

Good luck for those who are playing this week in your fantasy leagues (unless I am playing against you of course).

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