NFL Notebook Week 13

There were two major stories coming out of football this weekend. One was a football story that we hear way too often and the other was Mike McCarthy getting fired. I usually keep these Notebook entries rather lighthearted, but it’s hard to joke around when the news coming out of the NFL is so dark. I’ll start with my thoughts about Kareem Hunt.

Can’t Sweep This Under The Rug

Last week at the heels of the Reuben Foster news I urged the NFL to do better, and well like always, they seemed to let me down. Foster was claimed on waivers by the Washington Redskins. I have to think they did this because they simply don’t give a shit.

Foster hasn’t been a great linebacker this year and well he’s a pretty terrible person on top of that, so why take a risk and sign him?

Washington’s team president Bruce Allen said the team had conducted their own investigation into Foster, and that led them to feel secure that there is more to his story than has been reported. This is interesting since they never talked to anyone with the Tampa police or the alleged victim. They means they most likely heard one side of the story, Foster’s side.

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Allen did go on to say that he isn’t sure if Foster will ever play for the Redskins, but regardless of what happens, the team will provide Foster the necessary support. Great to see the Redskins helping the real victim in all of this….

If this wasn’t bad enough we get yet another NFL player striking a woman. This time we have a video to accompany the incident and well naturally we have TMZ to thank for bringing it to the light of day because the NFL is the NFL.

The footage that was released showed Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt kicking and shoving a woman in a Cleveland hotel in February. Yes, back in February this happened, so why are we talking about it now? Because the NFL botched yet another investigation.

Allegedly the NFL nor Kansas City had seen the video until TMZ made it public. The hotel in question had turned the tape over to the Cleveland PD, which apparently refused to share it with either investigating NFL entity, because why not.

Here is the kicker, the police department claims they never received a copy of the video nor was it a part of the investigation’s file. The Chiefs took quick action when the video was released, sending Hunt home and hours later releasing him. They also made it clear that the NFL told them to stop pursuing the video and that everything was in the clear. But the NFL never talked to the victim or Hunt for that matter.

The Chiefs said they knew about this, Hunt told them his side of things and that was good enough for them. It clearly wasn’t the truth, and judging by all the incidents coming out, it clearly wasn’t a one time thing for Hunt. Two more incidents involving Hunt assaulting someone have come out since Friday. Each one seemingly hitting a dead end for some reason.

Hunt and Foster are just the last cases to come up since the Ray Rice incident back in 2014. Over that time span you’d think the NFL would have made a concentrated effort to fix this, but they haven’t. They most likely won’t till it truly effects their bottom line, which makes enjoying Sunday’s games difficult. Not nearly as difficult as being the victim in all of this.

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Goodbye Mike McCarthy

If you coach a team to a Super Bowl victory it often buys you some extra time, when things start to head south. This case is no different, following Sunday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals the Green Bay Packers ended Mike McCarthy’s 13-year tenure as head coach.

About time. Sunday’s loss to the 2 win Cardinals was just unacceptable, especially when you have Aaron Rodgers under center.

Team president and CEO Mark Murphy said Monday “I think we all would have preferred to make the change following the season. We’ve been in these situations with Mike before. Obviously you think back to 2016, we were 4-6, all of our efforts were in turning the season around. I really think if we had gotten a key win here or there, things would have changed. The way the season unfolded, we were never able to get that win and quite honestly the performance on Sunday night to me made it very clear that a coaching change was needed.”

Glad it took Murphy all the way till week 13 to see what everyone saw last year. The McCarthy era had grown stale and it was clear that things between him and Rodgers weren’t going to get any better. Although Murphy made it clear that Rodgers had nothing to do with this decision, because why would a All-Pro quarterback have anything to do with one of the biggest decision his team could make.

In the meantime former Miami Dolphins head coach and current Green Bay Packers Offensive coordinator Joe Philbin will take over as head coach. Because if anything screams turning things, around it’s Philbin as top dog.

Lights, Camera, Jackson

Joe Flacco should never play another snap as a Baltimore Raven, at least not while Lamar Jackson is healthy. The direct and indirect effect that Jackson has on the Ravens’ run game is enough to move on from Flacco this season.

Through Flacco’s nine starts the Ravens were averaging a mere 3.6 yards per carry as a unit. While a smaller sample size, Jackson’s three starts have seen that number jump to 4.9 yards per carry. The team as a whole has rushed for 716 yards on 145 rushes with Jackson accounting for 265 of those yards.

The rest of the teams have gone for 451 yards on 91 carries for an average of 5 yards per carry. The effect that Jackson has on the run game is enough to keep him in the driver’s seat. His improvement as a passer due to the threat of the run game is enough to say so long to Joe and the pass interference style of playmaking.

Quick Slants

-Keep Mike McCarthy as far away from Baker Mayfield as humanly possible.

-Amari Cooper can be good and not worth a first round pick. Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

-Ron Rivera being the “Oh, Didn’t See That Coming” firing on Black Monday wouldn’t really surprise me.

-The Bengals can get away from Andy Dalton next year, without any dead money clogging their cap space. I’m already starting to have nightmares of him in the blue and white throwing to Odell.




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