Week 13 Defense Rankings

The Week 13 defense rankings are here help you make tough decisions about who to stream this week. Defense streaming is now widely seen as the best way to utilize the DST spot on your roster. It certainly is not the only way to do it. However, it is perhaps the best way to consistently get a top-10 DST on your roster each week. The other option often involves spending a single-digit round pick on a defense. That is not something I am not willing to do outside of extremely deep leagues.

For this article I would look to pick defense streamers that are under 70% owned.

Our team will be here the rest of the year ranking the offensive positions, defensive positions, and team defense to try and help you win your fantasy football leagues.

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers (65% owned)

This Seahawks defense has been disappointing the last few weeks but they have faced some very good offenses. However, they now face the 49ers in two of the next three weeks so they should be able to put up some decent numbers. Unfortunately they do have to face the Vikings and Chiefs in there as well. The good news is they face both of those teams at home so they could be a passable defense in each of those weeks if you are willing to ride with them.

Tennessee Titans vs. New York Jets (35%)

They have a really nice run the next four weeks with the Jets, Jaguars, Giant and Redskins. Hopefully the last two weeks were an aberration and they can get back to being a solid defense and hopefully force some turnovers down the stretch.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins (65%)

I am not keen on this defense but the Redskins offense is not good. Hopefully they should be able to have a good day this week but then they are extremely droppable. In the final three weeks of the fantasy season they face the Cowboys, Rams and Texans which is going to make it extremely tough for you to start them.

Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles (42%)

Another team with a nice stretch run. In the last four weeks they face the Eagles, Giants, Jaguars and Titans. None of those offenses scare you and the Redskins could be a great playoff defense.

New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans (10%)

The Titans have looked messy on offense the last couple of weeks and the Jets defense bounced back nicely against the Patriots last week. This is not the safest of picks but there is the potential for a nice outing.

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