Week 10 TNF Fantasy Preview

By Stepmom Lauren

Week 10 TNF Fantasy Preview of the Carolina Panthers at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Looking at this Week 10 TNF Fantasy Preview, I would like to quote a deeply profound cinematic feature film, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  “Dear 8 pound 6 ounce, newborn infant Jesus, don’t even know a word yet, just a little infant and so cuddly, but still omnipotent, we just thank you” for finally giving us a good matchup on TNF!

Referencing the Fantasy Footballers, can we all agree that this whole Le’Veon Bell drama is more annoying the than Zeke scandal from last season?  Sweet baby Jesus, just make it stop already.  James Conner owners are now freaking out just because Bell tweeted “fairwell” to Miami.  And, yes, he misspelled farewell.

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R. E. L. A. X. Conner owners.  Even if by some stretch of the imagination, Bell does show up for Week 10 he probably won’t play.  If he does, he’ll stink like the first four weeks last year after his vastly shorter hold out.  Or, he’ll pull a hammy (wink, wink) to save himself for 2019.  And, on top of all of that, Conner is good.  Period.  Fear not, my friends.  Conner is a must start in Week 10 TNF.

I decided to take a different approach for the Week 10 TNF Fantasy Preview.  Come on, are we really trying to figure out whether to start Antonio Brown or JuJu Smith-Schuster?  Well, maybe JuJu if you’re in a super small league, but I digress.

Let’s break down the defenses of the Carolina Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Panthers and Steelers Defense Against the Quarterback.

Rank P. C/A Yards TD INT R. Att Yds TD
Panthers 21st 194/296 2074 16 11 30 118 2
Steelers 28th 199/321 2229 17 5 31 165 1


There really isn’t anything earth shattering about these numbers besides the Panthers forcing 11 interceptions.  That drops Ben Roethlisberger down the rankings this week to 11th on FantasyPros.  Cam Newton is ranked at 3rd against the Steelers atrocious secondary who have allowed 17 passing touchdowns thus far.

That is 3rd worst in the league behind the Buccaneers with 22 and the Bengals, Saints, and Falcons all tied at 18 passing touchdowns allowed.  In case you were curious.

Week 10 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  Start Cam Newton.  He should feast.  You can also start Big Ben if you have to.  See where I am going with this?  So don’t sit Big Ben for someone like Blake Bortles. (Watch Bortles blow up now.)

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Panthers and Steelers Defense Against Running Backs

Rank Rush Att Yards TD Rec. Yards TD
Panthers 5th 138 616 2 33 217 3
Steelers 2nd 143 516 4 32 186 2


Whoa, there, Nellie!  What do we have here?  Good rushing defenses playing on TNF?  Let’s throw the ball!  But first, let’s look at what this means.

Nothing.  It means absolutely nothing.  Sure, the matchups are tough for James Conner and Christian McCaffrey.  However, (insert New York accent here) so what, who cares?  Conner and McCaffrey are inside the top ten, ranked 4th and 9th respectively on FantasyPros.  Just remember to temper your expectations on McCaffrey’s performance. Cam will sniper a touchdown from him.  Deal with it.

Week 10 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  Start Conner and McCaffery.  Avoid CJ Anderson.  The End.

Panthers and Steelers Defense Against Wide Receivers

Rank Rec Yards TD
Panthers 13th 107 217 3
Steelers 27th 199 1536 9


We already know that Big Ben gets a downgrade this week, and looking at the 13th ranked Panther’s defense against wide receivers, it’s not difficult to see why.  However, (bring back the New York accent) so what?  Who cares?  It’s Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster.  It will be ok.

On the other side of the ball, Cam Newton is facing that Swiss cheese of a secondary.  You would think this means amazing things for the Panthers’ wide receivers.


According to Pro Football Reference, Christian McCaffrey out-targets (is that a word?) and out-touches Devin Funchess and DJ Moore.  He has been targeted 58 times, compared to Funchess’ 55 with 158 touches and Moore’s 26 targets and touches.  Let’s not forget about Greg Olsen who had to miss time but still received 24 targets with 18 yards.  There just isn’t that elite wide receiver on the Panthers like we see on other teams like the Steelers.

With that being said…

Week 10 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis:  Despite Funchess’ targets, this may be the game for DJ Moore to shine against the Steelers porous secondary.  Don’t chase the points with Curtis Samuel.  If I am wrong, you can blame my fellow contributor, Kyle Robert, for this analysis.  If I am right, then it was all my idea and no one helped me.  Oh, and start Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster, duh.

Panthers and Steelers Defense Against the Tight End

Rank Rec Yards TD
Panthers LAST! 55 613 7 !
Steelers 29th (BAD!) 53 583 4


Give me a Vance Dance and the Outlaw!  Ok, ok, let’s not get carried away.  Yes, the Carolina Panthers defense is ranked dead last against tight ends, but we’re talking about Vance McDonald ranked 15th and Jesse James ranked 24th …. not Greg Olsen, Travis Kelce or Zach Ertz.

The tight end landscape this year has been a dumpster fire and you probably have one of those tight ends on your roster.  So, what should you do?

Week 10 TNF Fantasy Preview Analysis: I like Vance McDonald better than Jesse James.  The four teams on a bye aren’t known for their stellar tight ends, except the Vikings, so chances are pretty good that you have better options.  Still, I don’t hate the idea of starting McDonald to take advantage of the Panther’s terrible defense against the tight end.  But, please, don’t bench someone like Zach Ertz for Vance McDonald.

Oh.  Start Greg Olsen.  Enough said.

Panthers and Steelers Defense/Special Teams

Uh, Nope.  There are better options on the waiver wire this week such as the Colts (16% owned), Buffalo (18% owned), and the Saints (23% owned).

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