NFL Notebook Week 7

Welcome to NFL Notebook where I write about the NFL and act like I have any clue what’s going on. This week I’ll look at the LA Road Warriors, the crisis down in Jacksonville, and how Deshaun Watson is now John Madden. I promise that some of these references will make sense.


WHATTTT AAAAA RUSHHHHH! The LA Road Warriors finally return back to Cali after a 10 day road trip.

The Chargers left the west coast on October 12th, flew to Cleveland, where they beat the Browns and stuck around to enjoy the sights and sounds of America’s greatest city. From there they took a plane ride to London on Thursday.

Sunday they beat the Titans in London. They followed their win by celebrating with a spot of tea in honor of Mike Vrabel’s all-or-nothing coaching. From there it was rumored they stopped at Nando for some peri-peri wings, but that couldn’t be confirmed.

Eventually they landed back in Cali around 1:30 AM Monday morning, where they still had to wait in 4 hours of traffic before being able to make it home.

The Rivers led Chargers came out of this road trip 2-0 with a whole lot of hype behind them. Fans are hoping to see Rivers & Gordon deliver the Doomsday Device to the Seahawks when they return from their bye week.

Crisis in Jacksonville

Imagine being 10 minutes away from a Super Bowl appearance, failing to seal the deal, and then ignoring the glaring issue on your team during the off-season. If you can imagine that without any issue, then you’re probably a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jags restructured quarterback Blake Bortles’ deal to free up cap space. So you would think that space would have been used to bring in some competition for the mediocre QB Instead they outbid themselves for Donte Moncrief, giving the WR over $9 million guaranteed. That was money that could have been used to bring in someone like Teddy Bridgewater.

Fast forward to the last few weeks and the Jags find themselves on a 3-game losing streak being outscored by a combined 90-28.

Good thing they went out and got themselves a revolving door in Ereck Flowers and traded for RB Carlos Hyde. Both should really help the quarterback issue. But that isn’t the only problem in Jacksonville.

Coach Marrone benched Bortles early in the third quarter of Sunday’s 20-7 loss to Houston and it seems like some teammates weren’t happy with it.

Reports indicate that players weren’t handling the third loss in a row too well. Players were heard screaming at one another, while others needed to be restrained. It’s become clear that the recent struggles facing the Jags run deeper than Blake Bortles jokes and poor defensive play. These guys must have waged that Marrone would never bench Bortles and they lost quite a bit of coin on it.

Deshaun Watson Bus Ticket For One

Speaking of the Jacksonville Jaguars, they lost to the Houston Texans on Sunday. A Texans team that had to express ship their quarterback via bus to Jacksonville because he is too injured to fly. Deshaun Watson has been dealing with a rib and lung injury that is so bad he can’t board an airplane, but he sure can take a hit from the Jaguars defensive line.

Watson should be the cornerstone of this Texans team. Last year prior to going down with an ACL injury, he was a lightning rod of energy for a team that has never really been that exciting to watch. However, the Texans did very little this off-season to help secure the offensive line for the 23-year-old quarterback. Instead it looks like they plan to squeeze every ounce of football out of him.

No team has allowed 50 hits or more on their quarterback this season. Well, except for the Texans who have given up 25 sacks and 70 hits. Even Eli Manning isn’t getting rocked that bad and he needs a walker in the pocket.

Watson was lucky that the Jaguars defense had an off day and was only able to get one sack on him. If I were him I’d start questioning my future with the Texans franchise. Outside of the people of Houston I’m not sure anyone would be mad if he pulled a Kawhi and demanded a trade. Clearly things aren’t going to get better anytime soon for him.

Tweet of The Week

Quick Slants

– When it comes to the Cowboys, The Clapper’s gonna clap.

– Hue Jackson needs to pack his bags and move out of Cleveland.

– Adam Thielen is a Bill Belichick wet dream.

– Another week, another Drew Brees record. This time he has beaten every team in the NFL.

– Justin Tucker just missing his first career extra point really puts a bow on the 2018 season for kickers.

– Might be time to start worrying about the Eagles.

Song of the Week

This week’s song of the week is “Get Out” by JoJo and it’s dedicated to just about every member of the Oakland Raiders.


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