NFL 2018 Week 6 Must Starts IDP Edition

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Ah it’s Week 6 and it is time to fish or cut bait.  Wait…no never cut bait. Keep on fishing because you never know how things are going to turn out until its over.  And, it’s not over until the fat man sings…is that an opera reference?

Okay, enough…let’s get to it.  Your must starts on your IDP fantasy football team for week six.

First last week starts:

Defensive Backs:  Tre Boston ended up with six tackles and one interception; while Tony Jefferson finished with nine tackles. Respectable.

Linebackers: Cory Littleton collected seven total tackles; DJ Swearinger (nice job on stopping Drew Brees!), finished with five total tackles; and Jayon Brown had 10 total tackles and one sack.   Although Swearinger’s numbers were up from last week, still not a banner week for linebackers.

Defensive line: Kenny Clark was pedestrian with two tackles and Fletcher Cox must have known he was getting his contract restructured as he managed on one tackle.  Putrid suggestions on defensive line players…sorry.

But all in all respectable, but this is IDP fantasy we need more than respectable!

Which brings us to week 5 IDP fantasy players must starts:

Defensive Line

Frank Clark, Seattle Seahawks v Oakland Raiders (this game in London)

Stats now: 5 games started, 10 tackles, 3.0 sacks, 12.5 hurries, 1 interception, 1 forced fumble.

Clark should already be in your line-up, but is being avoided because…well, Seahawks defense is no longer the power that it once was.  But this is the week, to put him in and watch him show out.

Reasons for starting: Clark will go up against a Raiders offensive line that is pretty accommodating.  Specifically, he will see Kolton Miller and Donald Penn.  And up to this week, Kolton has given up 15 pressures, and four sacks.  Penn has surrendered three sacks and nine pressures.

This is the week for Clark to feast on something other than bangers and mash.


Patrick Chung, New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs

There is a lot to like in this game.  If you are playing traditional fantasy, the points should be rolling off the scoreboard as the game now sits with a 59.5 o/u (I’m going over).  There is the storyline: the rookie against the GOAT.  And if you are playing IDP fantasy football, there is Patrick Chung.

Stats now: 4 games started, 22 total tackles, .5 sacks, 1.0 hurry, 1 interception, 1 pass defended.

Reasons for starting:  You know New England head coach Bill Belichick has never lost to a rookie quarterback at home.  The reasons are the schemes he throws at them, and this is where Chung enters your fantasy line-up.  Chung not only plays pass coverage, but he can also defense the run like a linebacker.

And Belichick, will utilize Chung as an extra linebacker depending on their scheme.  So Chung has the possibilities in a game that should be an offensive juggernaut  to score like a safety and then like a linebacker.


Jessie Bates, Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers

Divisional games are notoriously hard to predict, and this divisional game is nasty and brutal in the trenches.  While there is talk of giving James Connor the ball more, you know Ben Roethlisberger is going to have his arm in this.

We know the difference between “home Ben” and “away Ben”.  This is “away Ben” we are dealing with here.  Roethlisberger’s has a 64.7% completion percentage away, while it is 68.2% at home.  His quarterback rating falls to 85.3 away from home, while posting 109.5 at home.

Stats now: 5 games started, 32 total tackles, 2 interceptions.

Reasons for starting:  The rookie Bates has been getting better with each game,  and while Geno Atkins is getting most of the attention (spoiler alert put Atkins in your line-up this week), Bates is becoming a dominate deep cover man.  In a game that will see its far share of balls thrown deep, the deep cover rookie, who has been described as a true “old-school free safety” is ready for his close-up.

It’s October, time for you to enter the Bates motel and scare up more than a few fantasy points.


Tremaine Edmunds, Buffalo Bills v Houston Texans

Stats now: 5 games started, 38 total tackles, 1.0 sacks, 2.5 quarterback hurries, 5 pass defended, 2 forced fumbles.

Let’s face it, Buffalo Bills’ offense is really bad.  Which is not good if you are depending on an offensive player for your fantasy football points, but excellent if you are depending on the IDP player.  Enter, Tremaine Edmunds.

Reasons for starting:  First, the Bills defense is spending a lot of time of the field, which equates to more opportunities for the Bills’ IDP players.  But what is the most important reason, is that the Houston Texans’ are allowing the eighth most fantasy points to opposing linebackers.

And well Edmunds being the linebacker and all…scccooorrreeeee Edmunds!

TJ Watt, Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals

Stats now: 5 games started, 28 total tackles, 6.0 sacks, 6.5 quarterback hurries, 1 forced fumble.

I feel that this game is one to pad both our stats.

Reasons for starting:  To say TJ Watt is a stud is an understatement.  Last week against the Atlanta Falcons he collected 10 total tackles, 3.0 sacks and 1.0 forced fumble.  In a game that means so much more to Pittsburgh Steelers than it does to the Bengals (look at the records), Watt will continue his domination in the trenches.

Stat padding is still legal…right?

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