Snaps Per Minute Week 5


By John Bush

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 2018

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 2018 report covers players like running backs, wide receivers and tight ends in a team’s lineup.

A majority of snaps are going to what players and which ones are in line to produce statistically weekly in fantasy football?

The Snaps per Minute of Possession report will help you: identify the early leaders for such production.

  • Identify the leaders for such production.
  • Identify Weekly Change at the Team, Positional and Player Levels
  • The Snap Report can be a positive indicator because it’s easier for players to score more when given the opportunity.
  • Conversely, the weekly ‘Snap Report’ can identify when players fall out of favor or when game flow or player movement occurs due to injuries.
  • It’s useful to compare the weekly snap leaders to rushing attempt leaders and target leaders to get a feel for how a player is used for fantasy football purposes. See other reports


** NEW Sortable Tables at Bottom of Article** Updated 10/11/18. 

TEAM Snaps Per Minute Table and Graph

This is a data “Snapshot” of each teams activities and speed of play. The Avg Team Snaps/Minute give insight into the team’s speed. A highly involved pass catcher player on a fast team is worth knowing! Also looking at slow teams can give the insight to run heavy teams.

The table below gives the weeks 1 to 5 Snaps per Minute for each team as well as the 5-week average,  points per game metric and a DIFF metric comparing the last two games of the team to note increases or declines in speed. 

IND is very fast and still dropped down in week 5. BAL, JAX had nice up games in speed. 

LAC is slow and declined more in week 5.  NYG, however, did improve in speed in week 5 as did LAR, WAS, DAL, and GB.


Fast Teams

IND, HOU, CLE, BAL, DEN, ATL, JAX, NE, PIT, OAK, and SF are the Fastest NFL teams from Weeks 1 to 5. Again key players in those teams are being given more opportunity but the team could be fast as they are NOT very good.

Fast teams can have more passing opportunities. Also, the inverse can be found that fast teams are poor productive teams. One must tease out the data. 

Slow Teams

The slowest teams GB, DAL, WAS, LAR, TEN, NYJ, NYG, MIA, CAR, CHI and LAC certainly have key players but they must be more efficient to overcome the slow team pace. Alternatively, the teams are so good that they jump ahead and slow it down!

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Slow teams may tend to have stronger rushing players. Note CHI, TB, LAC are slow but score well.  Each team has a journey. Watch for changes. 

Players from slower teams that are highly ranked may be worth more than thought. Dynasty players take note here!  


Waterfall Graph of Fast, Average and Slow Speed (Snaps/Min) Teams


The waterfall graph highlights each team’s speed relative to the league average. Clearly, IND is the fastest team in the league! It seems to be a good time to own Luck! 

Yet LAC and CHI are the slowest teak but have scored well this year. 

TEAM Avg Points Per Games vs Their Avg Snaps per Min

The few teams (Points/Game Red Line) above the pink line (Snaps/M) are the High Points/Game Team (red lines) vs Snaps per Minute (green bars).

CHI, CAR, and LAC are very interesting “Slow” teams as they can produce good points.  They can control the game scripts. 

I also included the team’s Fantasy Points per Game as well. A few of these “fast” team have poorer FP production. They are going fast as nothing is working well. But teams like BAL, ATL, NE, and PIT  are the exceptions. These teams cannot continue being this fast and good? Can they? They stand out in the Fast Teams. The blue stars are the highest scoring teams above the pink dashed line of the average points per game. Many of these are balanced in speed (CIN, KC, NO, and LAR) Blue Stars! 

Use wisely for week 6 DFS and lineups.



TEAM vs Positional Speed in Snaps per Minute For the Season

Use these tables to determine what teams are using their RB, TE, and WRs faster and more (Snaps per Min). Faster/More could equal more chances to score! These figures provide a nice visual view of this data to further burn into your thinking!

I would you to realize in this and other reports on targets and attempts, that I can not catch everything. Fantasy Players must dig and question the reasons why on any data. These reports annotate the tops and bottoms via colorization of the data range. I display team, team positional and player level metrics. This report takes time for me and it is done because I would not depend on Data lists and Player names,  These figures allow for more ways to “see” the metrics!

Team Metrics with League Average Usages

These figures include in this section are positional usages in each team with the Avg of Player Snaps Per Minute from Weeks 1 to 5 data. Included in these data are team usage metric for each position. Weekly vs the 5 Week Average.

Understanding team usages give you a view at the landscape level to fine-tune waivers and lineups. WRs on high usage team might be better than those lower usage teams! 

League Averages

The league averages for positional usages were also calculated and included into the “Scaled” metric. The Extreme High and Low Positional usages by the team are colorized Green (High Usage) and Red (Low Usage).

The scaled usage looks within the position and measures the usage vs the league average. BLUE are highly used positions vs red are weekly used by the team. These data allow a snapshot of the team up to this point in the season. Use to plot waivers, lineups, and DFS in week 6! 

Note that BAL really uses its RBs and thus Allen is a very valuable handcuff to Collins! ATL is the same thing with ITO Smith being relative while Freeman was gone. Stay alert. 









RB, TE, and WR POSITIONAL USAGEs in Weeks 1/2/3/4/5.

Running Backs

RB Highest Speed By Team and % Scaled Usage. The top teams in usage would have more valuable RBs than the lower teams. Use the week to week changes to alter your opinions! 


lAR, TEN, CIN, NYJ, SF, and ATL  are biased to the rushing RB in the league.

SEA, KC, NYG, JAX, OAK, and NO were biased other positions. Note SEA and NO may be changing! 



TEs Highest Speed and % Usage


NO, KC, SEA, PHI, NE, and CAR are more biased to the TE usage

DET, LAR, MIA, TB, GB, HOU, JAX,and PIT are biased to other positions. 


Wide Receivers

WRs Highest Speed and % Usage


DET strongly biased to the WRs. NYG, LAR, GB, JAX, TB, MIA, and OAK are biased to the WRs

TEN, CIN, ATL, NO, DAL, SF, KC and NYJ are using other positions more than WRs relative to league average usages. 


Players Snaps per Minute Segmented by Position

The following are all the RBs, TEs, and WRs who recorded a snap in week 1 to 5.

In the tables below, Running Backs, Tight Ends, and Wide Receivers position snap numbers are presented!

Green/Blue coloring of the Snaps Per Minute numbers denotes the players at the top of the position of the weekly snap count while red coloring of the weekly snap numbers denotes the players at the bottom of the position snap count.

This week I included a metric “DIFF last 3 Games vs 5 Week Average”. This metric will capture recent player changes in usages and speed. Look for high positive green numbers. Red negative will highlight players in decline recently. 

I like to ease through the table to spot interesting information. I would modify opinions based on the data unless you should not! 🙂


Running Backs

Some Interesting Players – DIFFs

HINES, DJ, Bernard, and ALLEN all up in last games played! 






Tight Ends

Some Interesting Players – 

Ebron thriving without Doyle, Ellison without Engram (back this week?), UJ Uzomah was up.

ASJ in JAX down, Seals-Jones and Higbee down as was Watson. 





Wide Receivers

Some Interesting Players- 

Grant nice increase as was Landry. Sanders was up as well. Cole and Hill also increased. 

Golladay, Locket, and Jones were all down. Caution. 










Player vs. Team Landscapes of Usages as measured by Snaps per Minute!

Color-coded view of each team’s positional players and their Snaps per Minute. Easily compare the Team’s RBs TEs, and or WRs.

Spot the surprises. FYI I sorted by W1/2/3/4/5 Average Data for a better view.

Dig deep for Week 6 DFS, Waivers and Lineups! 

Use this for a Team landscape view. Spot the next man up! 













Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide53

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide54

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide55

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide56

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide57

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide58

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide59

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide60

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide61


Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide63

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide64

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide65

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide66

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide67

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide68

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide69

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide70

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide71

Snaps Per Minute Week 5 Slide72


Interesting Players Selected by Snaps Per Minute Data. Watch or Add Potential

Some Ascending Players in here. Dig Deep! 




Player Team Positions Weekly and Avg Snaps Per Minute.

 These tables are sortable with my metrics to allow a fine focus for readers into the top players at each position.


Snaps Per Minute Running Backs Week 5

TeamPlayerAverage of Player Snaps-MINWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
GBAaron Jones0.690.550.850.66
WASAdrian Peterson0.861.10.751.10.49
BALAlex Collins10.771.
CARAlexander Armah0.380.650.070.50.28
HOUAlfred Blue1.020.350.570.651.142.4
SFAlfred Morris0.921.181.050.770.511.09
NOAlvin Kamara1.691.871.562.181.890.93
DENAndy Janovich0.450.370.410.440.70.32
KCAnthony Sherman0.340.660.470.30.110.15
LACAustin Ekeler0.690.640.730.70.710.66
CHIBenny Cunningham0.150.170.14
NYJBilal Powell1.140.721.081.171.571.18
JAXBrandon Wilds0.
CARC.J. Anderson0.240.390.260.090.23
MINC.J. Ham0.440.420.20.70.620.24
SEAC.J. Prosise0.360.280.70.1
CLECarlos Hyde1.31.131.321.461.650.92
ARIChase Edmonds0.380.780.390.340.250.15
SEAChris Carson1.111.010.741.531.15
BUFChris Ivory0.710.280.331.510.870.53
WASChris Thompson1.180.871.50.861.5
CARChristian McCaffrey1.971.862.081.981.95
INDChristine Michael0.090.09
PHICorey Clement0.820.40.931.12
JAXCorey Grant0.430.20.980.730.190.07
MINDalvin Cook1.261.831.40.56
KCDamien Williams0.180.20.320.230.090.06
PHIDarren Sproles0.90.9
ARIDavid Johnson1.841.651.351.821.952.42
BALDe'Lance Turner0.130.090.17
LACDerek Watt0.
ARIDerrick Coleman0.
TENDerrick Henry0.850.680.860.980.960.8
LACDetrez Newsome0.090.09
ATLDevonta Freeman1.151.40.91
DENDevontae Booker0.750.540.810.870.830.71
TENDion Lewis1.321.661.090.921.641.3
OAKDoug Martin0.320.320.520.340.210.24
CLEDuke Johnson1.020.980.840.940.961.35
NODwayne Washington0.060.06
NYGElijhaa Penny0.170.170.17
DALEzekiel Elliott1.912.
MIAFrank Gore0.830.590.840.741.080.88
CINGiovani Bernard1.350.511.232.191.46
NYJIsaiah Crowell0.890.720.9810.90.87
ATLIto Smith0.590.610.341.030.39
TBJacquizz Rodgers0.610.470.740.880.35
OAKJalen Richard0.831.170.240.521.161.03
GBJamaal Williams1.051.391.060.970.820.99
PITJames Conner1.952.012.271.852.061.54
NEJames Develin0.731.120.680.390.910.54
NEJames White1.
DALJamize Olawale0.210.20.320.110.20.22
BALJavorius Allen1.180.851.11.290.961.69
PHIJay Ajayi0.990.90.621.361.07
PITJaylen Samuels0.070.07
NEJeremy Hill0.390.39
INDJeremy McNichols0.080.08
CINJoe Mixon1.441.541.231.54
NYGJonathan Stewart0.180.330.160.06
NOJonathan Williams0.
CHIJordan Howard1.331.
INDJordan Wilkins11.40.90.861.280.55
PHIJosh Adams0.
MIAKalen Ballage0.060.040.07
WASKapri Bibbs0.250.210.3
KCKareem Hunt1.491.561.441.571.281.59
OAKKeith Smith0.340.220.270.490.440.28
NEKenjon Barner0.280.28
BALKenneth Dixon0.620.62
MIAKenyan Drake1.291.511.271.350.951.39
DETKerryon Johnson0.880.61.180.840.681.09
SFKyle Juszczyk1.410.91.351.771.361.69
HOULamar Miller1.781.981.722.121.31
MINLatavius Murray1.070.450.651.571.271.4
DETLeGarrette Blount0.570.480.560.660.480.68
JAXLeonard Fournette0.680.710.64
BUFLeSean McCoy1.331.371.111.431.39
LARMalcolm Brown0.320.140.670.380.07
BUFMarcus Murphy0.740.930.850.45
NOMark Ingram1.081.08
CINMark Walton0.530.270.930.39
INDMarlon Mack0.680.68
OAKMarshawn Lynch1.150.861.241.091.710.83
SFMatt Breida0.921.040.880.971.40.32
LACMelvin Gordon1.451.81.091.551.521.3
CHIMichael Burton0.
MINMike Boone0.230.540.120.03
SEAMike Davis0.730.350.241.50.82
NOMike Gillislee0.
DETNick Bellore0.
CLENick Chubb0.
INDNyheim Hines1.
BUFPatrick DiMarco0.
TBPeyton Barber1.361.491.481.480.99
DENPhillip Lindsay0.810.741.030.370.990.93
SFRaheem Mostert0.
SEARashaad Penny0.651.010.780.310.51
NERex Burkhead0.681.190.510.34
ATLRicky Ortiz0.380.360.40.310.410.42
WASRob Kelley0.120.210.03
INDRobert Turbin0.280.28
MINRoc Thomas0.280.120.43
DALRod Smith0.
TBRonald Jones0.640.64
PITRoosevelt Nix0.
DENRoyce Freeman0.80.830.590.970.660.96
INDRyan Hewitt0.620.60.810.580.49
NYGSaquon Barkley1.731.
NYGShane Smith0.140.160.12
TBShaun Wilson0.
NESony Michel0.870.441.110.911.02
KCSpencer Ware0.420.350.220.60.680.24
PITStevan Ridley0.
JAXT.J. Yeldon1.631.321.331.41.292.82
BUFTaiwan Jones0.030.040.03
CHITarik Cohen0.830.840.610.831.03
ATLTevin Coleman1.341.291.381.811.370.87
DETTheo Riddick0.911.530.920.540.860.71
LARTodd Gurley1.912.071.441.871.952.24
JAXTommy Bohanon0.250.410.
CINTra Carson0.090.110.06
SEATre Madden0.
NYJTrenton Cannon0.20.360.03
GBTy Montgomery0.710.860.590.650.580.87
HOUTyler Ervin0.170.240.09
NYGWayne Gallman0.
PHIWendell Smallwood0.740.030.670.721.191.07
NOZach Line0.50.390.670.390.580.45


Week 5 Snaps Per Minute Tight Ends

TeamPlayerAverage of Player Snaps-MINWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
MIAA.J. Derby1.121.511.20.65
TBAlan Cross0.280.470.450.10.1
KCAlex Ellis0.210.390.04
TENAnthony Firkser0.230.23
LACAntonio Gates0.70.960.330.850.710.66
TBAntony Auclair0.550.310.70.570.61
ATLAustin Hooper1.922.121.781.981.951.78
JAXAustin Seferian-Jenkins1.471.861.951.730.970.84
CHIBen Braunecker0.
NOBen Watson1.441.831.651.471.181.08
DALBlake Jarwin0.650.750.50.440.890.66
DENBrian Parker0.160.16
CINC.J. Uzomah1.461.321.161.341.691.8
TBCameron Brate0.890.750.571.051.18
BUFCharles Clay1.51.621.
NYJChris Herndon1.321.031.391.171.621.42
CARChris Manhertz0.931.
SFCole Wick0.
PHIDallas Goedert0.940.530.481.361.031.29
DALDalton Schultz0.070.07
NODan Arnold0.420.42
CHIDaniel Brown0.070.030.11
SEADarrell Daniels0.660.66
CLEDarren Fells0.950.910.920.971.320.63
MINDavid Morgan0.730.960.620.710.61
CLEDavid Njoku2.041.871.682.012.282.37
TENDelanie Walker1.321.32
KCDemetrius Harris0.810.610.870.880.89
OAKDerek Carrier0.50.790.330.470.580.32
CHIDion Sims0.870.61.020.771.1
MIADurham Smythe0.310.490.320.420.090.24
NEDwayne Allen0.740.740.440.821.240.44
INDEric Ebron1.861.130.642.643.091.82
ATLEric Saubert0.260.470.
NYJEric Tomlinson1.010.881.170.820.581.59
INDErik Swoope0.330.150.410.43
NYGEvan Engram1.442.11.860.37
ARIGabe Holmes0.450.410.660.040.460.66
SFGarrett Celek0.740.81.010.630.620.65
DALGeoff Swaim2.031.971.
SFGeorge Kittle1.851.771.691.81.842.16
LARGerald Everett0.480.180.230.610.840.54
CARGreg Olsen0.520.52
DETHakeem Valles0.330.670.150.17
BALHayden Hurst0.710.71
CARIan Thomas1.561.212.111.531.38
INDJack Doyle2.282.352.21
NEJacob Hollister0.310.480.15
DENJake Butt1.051.020.961.18
JAXJames O'Shaughnessy0.80.880.420.440.911.32
OAKJared Cook1.952.131.551.612.61.86
BUFJason Croom0.630.730.590.70.520.62
DENJeff Heuerman1.71.711.511.382.191.7
WASJeremy Sprinkle0.630.890.390.830.41
ARIJermaine Gresham1.10.721.171.41
PITJesse James1.341.
GBJimmy Graham1.832.221.312.071.581.98
LARJohnny Mundt0.
TENJonnu Smith1.81.351.941.742.361.6
HOUJordan Akins0.881.280.511.021.050.55
NYJJordan Leggett0.820.450.651.171
WASJordan Reed1.
HOUJordan Thomas0.710.490.810.610.770.88
NOJosh Hill1.230.861.191.61.381.14
PHIJoshua Perkins0.380.120.730.770.260.04
BUFKhari Lee0.720.920.52
MINKyle Rudolph1.961.891.772.641.861.65
GBLance Kendricks0.640.710.610.321.020.54
OAKLee Smith0.550.290.670.491.030.28
DETLevine Toilolo0.850.740.720.940.651.2
ATLLogan Paulsen0.80.680.980.720.990.62
BUFLogan Thomas0.710.730.710.71
TENLuke Stocker1.020.851.190.980.861.22
DETLuke Willson10.521.311.020.861.28
GBMarcedes Lewis0.330.260.320.230.50.36
BALMark Andrews0.860.620.920.890.741.11
CINMason Schreck0.390.39
DENMatt LaCosse0.
BALMaxx Williams1.061.250.761.221.160.91
DETMichael Roberts0.380.520.23
MIAMike Gesicki1.180.691.161.261.761.02
INDMo Alie-Cox0.540.54
TENMyCole Pruitt0.
NYJNeal Sterling0.761.210.32
BALNick Boyle1.361.531.131.261.591.31
SEANick Vannett1.371.411.021.071.731.64
JAXNiles Paul0.660.580.290.40.751.28
TBO.J. Howard1.341.341.891.650.48
CLEOrson Charles0.520.190.660.680.860.23
NYGRhett Ellison1.460.950.751.521.852.24
ARIRicky Seals-Jones1.762.241.71.781.381.72
DALRico Gathers0.
NERob Gronkowski2.12.411.982.311.492.29
GBRobert Tonyan0.090.09
HOURyan Griffin1.892.181.752.121.671.73
NYGScott Simonson0.380.130.090.450.480.73
LACSean Culkin0.550.490.510.780.40.55
CLESeth DeValve0.220.140.3
KCTravis Kelce2.
CHITrey Burton1.71.831.661.731.59
MINTyler Conklin0.
CINTyler Eifert1.150.811.541.610.63
LARTyler Higbee1.742.111.881.691.251.8
CINTyler Kroft0.790.631.070.810.660.78
PITVance McDonald1.
WASVernon Davis1.061.230.781.270.97
LACVirgil Green1.341.
SEAWill Dissly1.151.331.841.190.26
PITXavier Grimble0.360.570.250.530.120.34
PHIZach Ertz2.


Week 5 Snaps Per Minute Wide Receivers

TeamPlayerAverage of Player Snaps-MINWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
ARILarry Fitzgerald1.882.381.012.031.842.12
ARIChad Williams1.862.291.311.821.812.07
ARIChristian Kirk1.572.061.21.561.421.62
ARIJ.J. Nelson0.30.050.890.250.210.1
ARITrent Sherfield0.150.15
ATLMohamed Sanu1.892.011.622.011.881.91
ATLJulio Jones1.812.051.621.841.851.72
ATLCalvin Ridley1.421.651.181.431.31.52
ATLJustin Hardy0.450.220.470.510.480.55
ATLMarvin Hall0.430.290.30.410.550.62
ATLRussell Gage0.
BALMichael Crabtree1.791.51.911.721.392.43
BALJohn Brown1.641.361.761.821.281.99
BALWillie Snead1.481.191.491.321.142.26
BALChris Moore0.730.540.680.730.910.78
BALJanarion Grant0.570.57
BALTim White0.060.06
BUFZay Jones1.812.421.891.172.11.48
BUFJeremy Kerley1.781.78
BUFKelvin Benjamin1.431.91.491.151.391.24
BUFAndre Holmes0.950.441.340.871.150.98
BUFRobert Foster0.680.651.080.620.830.24
BUFRay-Ray McCloud0.520.390.790.38
CARDevin Funchess1.751.862.181.531.44
CARTorrey Smith1.541.671.911.31.3
CARJarius Wright1.031.011.490.770.85
CARD.J. Moore0.730.560.560.970.82
CARDamiere Byrd0.370.37
CARCurtis Samuel0.340.34
CHIAllen Robinson1.92.011.831.91.88
CHITaylor Gabriel1.711.81.831.511.7
CHIAnthony Miller1.
CHIKevin White0.430.360.060.330.99
CHIJosh Bellamy0.
CHIJavon Wims0.040.04
CINA.J. Green1.871.912.171.272.351.67
CINTyler Boyd1.811.761.821.962.051.47
CINJohn Ross1.121.321.411.190.56
CINAlex Erickson0.670.
CINJosh Malone0.370.
CINCody Core0.290.230.360.26
CLEJarvis Landry2.261.942.162.142.412.64
CLEJosh Gordon1.661.66
CLEAntonio Callaway1.620.361.832.241.891.81
CLERashard Higgins1.51.31.681.751.751.02
CLERod Streater0.380.170.59
CLEDerrick Willies0.
CLEDamion Ratley0.030.03
DALCole Beasley1.351.461.081.581.261.37
DALAllen Hurns1.351.290.971.51.551.4
DALDeonte Thompson1.031.020.831.030.961.33
DALMichael Gallup10.990.90.921.320.89
DALTavon Austin0.630.340.650.730.560.85
DALTerrance Williams0.460.650.360.37
DALBrice Butler0.040.04
DENEmmanuel Sanders2.081.8222.022.232.35
DENDemaryius Thomas1.821.512.181.812.11.51
DENCourtland Sutton1.731.2521.781.731.9
DENDaeSean Hamilton0.520.40.440.50.251.03
DENTim Patrick0.
DETMarvin Jones2.092.312.531.711.712.18
DETKenny Golladay2.012.422.331.661.811.84
DETGolden Tate1.782.
DETT.J. Jones0.440.630.530.330.380.34
DETBradley Marquez0.260.26
GBDavante Adams2.092.221.692.22.222.13
GBRandall Cobb1.881.951.62.1
GBEquanimeous St. Brown1.81.8
GBGeronimo Allison1.571.581.371.681.64
GBMarquez Valdes-Scantling0.
GBJMon Moore0.370.320.42
HOUDeAndre Hopkins2.492.532.262.782.442.43
HOUKeke Coutee22.271.73
HOUWill Fuller1.931.862.780.772.34
HOUVyncint Smith1.481.281.67
HOUBruce Ellington1.392.251.790.12
HOUSammie Coates0.50.210.79
INDT.Y. Hilton2.322.442.0631.77
INDRyan Grant2.231.981.612.542.932.1
INDChester Rogers1.881.430.982.032.971.97
INDZach Pascal1.010.30.680.311.821.97
INDMarcus Johnson0.540.190.10.781.08
JAXKeelan Cole1.961.591.921.951.612.71
JAXDonte Moncrief1.81.461.661.761.612.49
JAXDede Westbrook1.581.051.661.431.532.24
JAXD.J. Chark0.70.440.980.40.780.92
JAXJaydon Mickens0.10.1
KCTyreek Hill1.931.561.832.31.991.96
KCSammy Watkins1.631.991.732.270.341.83
KCChris Conley1.541.371.291.632.071.31
KCDemarcus Robinson0.470.20.250.371.280.28
KCDeAnthony Thomas0.
KCMarcus Kemp0.030.030.03
LACKeenan Allen1.672.091.541.551.771.41
LACTyrell Williams1.541.81.391.481.711.33
LACMike Williams1.311.281.181.361.431.3
LACTravis Benjamin0.761.360.16
LACGeremy Davis0.
LACJ.J. Jones0.090.09
LARRobert Woods2.
LARCooper Kupp1.922.
LARBrandin Cooks1.852.
LARKhaDarel Hodge0.920.92
LARJosh Reynolds0.
MIAKenny Stills1.891.941.971.861.642.04
MIADanny Amendola1.621.481.551.441.811.8
MIADeVante Parker1.541.54
MIAAlbert Wilson1.
MIAJakeem Grant0.840.821.130.421.330.51
MINAdam Thielen2.192.181.972.722.261.83
MINStefon Diggs1.921.961.742.351.951.62
MINLaquon Treadwell1.441.221.262.391.430.92
MINAldrick Robinson0.350.330.250.46
MINStacy Coley0.280.190.37
MINBrandon Zylstra0.040.060.03
NEChris Hogan2.122.181.882.311.932.29
NEPhillip Dorsett1.81.831.922.171.571.52
NEJulian Edelman1.741.74
NECordarrelle Patterson0.750.510.920.921.130.29
NEJosh Gordon0.570.50.65
NERiley McCarron0.480.48
NEMatt Slater0.080.080.07
NOMichael Thomas2.012.191.772.452.111.53
NOTed Ginn1.411.80.921.71.22
NOCameron Meredith0.
NOTreQuan Smith0.820.430.670.850.831.32
NOAustin Carr0.751.540.980.420.380.42
NOTommylee Lewis0.180.18
NYGOdell Beckham2.
NYGSterling Shepard222.021.662.022.28
NYGCody Latimer1.351.541.371.13
NYGRussell Shepard0.670.
NYGJawill Davis0.220.030.41
NYJQuincy Enunwa1.731.211.651.822.341.66
NYJRobby Anderson1.431.061.681.441.841.11
NYJJermaine Kearse1.320.631.172.111.35
NYJTerrelle Pryor0.830.721.391.510.090.45
NYJCharone Peake0.390.39
NYJAndre Roberts0.
OAKAmari Cooper2.022.191.641.562.741.97
OAKJordy Nelson1.992.281.671.432.741.86
OAKSeth Roberts1.071.490.671.031.11
OAKMartavis Bryant0.890.760.911.370.51
OAKBrandon LaFell0.530.210.86
OAKDwayne Harris0.090.050.14
PHINelson Agholor2.
PHIAlshon Jeffery2.072.151.98
PHIMike Wallace1.122.050.2
PHIDeAndre Carter1.091.650.53
PHIJordan Matthews1.060.821.550.81
PHIKamar Aiken0.81.741.120.30.04
PHIShelton Gibson0.310.120.980.020.10.33
PHIMarkus Wheaton0.060.06
PITAntonio Brown2.212.162.392.042.481.96
PITJuJu Smith-Schuster21.642.361.812.481.72
PITJames Washington1.360.292.051.321.941.2
PITJustin Hunter0.71.330.07
PITRyan Switzer0.360.210.370.230.870.14
PITDarrius Heyward-Bey0.
SEATyler Lockett2.032.252.341.861.991.7
SEADoug Baldwin1.260.441.61.74
SEABrandon Marshall1.171.492.071.310.770.23
SEAJaron Brown1.091.331.841.530.480.3
SEADavid Moore0.910.640.780.731.381.02
SEAKeenan Reynolds0.340.20.49
SFPierre Garcon1.71.841.621.731.761.54
SFDante Pettis1.461.661.890.83
SFVictor Bolden1.421.42
SFMarquise Goodwin1.120.591.41.36
SFTrent Taylor1.011.280.540.831.141.24
SFKendrick Bourne0.620.280.340.50.921.04
SFRichie James0.420.240.6
TBMike Evans1.831.561.931.991.82
TBAdam Humphries1.481.371.191.791.57
TBChris Godwin1.221.431.191.250.99
TBDeSean Jackson1.180.621.41.451.25
TBFreddie Martino0.
TBJustin Watson0.10.1
TENCorey Davis1.842.131.581.592.051.87
TENTajae Sharpe1.191.960.920.731.061.26
TENRishard Matthews1.031.220.920.95
TENTaywan Taylor0.910.30.790.981.540.95
TENNick Williams0.881.030.73
TENDarius Jennings0.
WASJosh Doctson1.861.842.131.62
WASPaul Richardson1.691.62.041.551.57
WASJamison Crowder1.641.
WASMaurice Harris1.070.311.83
WASMichael Floyd0.340.34
WASBrian Quick0.
WASTrey Quinn0.210.21
WASJehu Chesson0.030.03


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