How To Win Your Draft and Your League

matt ryan

Unorthodox and successful aren’t the most synonymous of terms.

However, the following will inform you of how to be the most unorthodox owner at your fantasy football draft this fall.

While I know that others in my leagues may read this, I do not think I am giving anything away as it is quite obvious I am insane while drafting.

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Never start a run

It is a rare occurrence that I start a run on anything that is not a receiver, a position I fell in love with in 2007, mostly thanks to Randy Moss.

What I really mean by this is that I am never the first person to draft a quarterback, tight end, defense or kicker. Let someone else do that.

When you want to take a quarterback… wait

Obviously, you have your Aaron Rodgers’, Tom Brady’s and Drew Brees who are going to score a ton of points, but the difference between Andrew Luck, last season’s fourth-highest scoring quarterback and Tyrod Taylor, the 16th-highest scoring quarterback was under 65 points.

While other people are taking these guys in the first three rounds, take your running backs and wide receivers. The difference between 3-15 at running back? 83.2 points in non-PPR leagues and over 100 points in PPR leagues.

If you follow that trend, you have probably two of those guys while the Aaron Rodgers team has one, if that and you have a wide receiver to go with it.

In rounds 4-10, guys like Matt Ryan, Derek Carr, Dak Prescott and Rob Gronkowski will go. While they are flying off the board, continue to stack your team with running backs and wide receivers.

Last year, Matt Ryan, the second-highest scoring quarterback in 6-point touchdown leagues could be found in the 10th round in 12-team leagues.

Things you do not need a backup for

There is no need to draft a second tight end, kicker or defense in my eyes. I struggle even drafting a second quarterback at times.

When drafting your defense

Someone has to play the Browns and Jets this year and someone has to play them Week 1, go and get them in the 16th or 17th. If they are not available, figure out who has the best matchup of the available teams. The rest of the season, you can get away with streaming and find the best one on the waiver wire. Same works with kickers and I have found luck with using that strategy with tight ends before finding one that I liked midway through the season. 17 defenses scored at least 100 points last season.

Kick the kicker

While I wish no fantasy league employed a kicker, most of them do. It is the hardest position to project, 45 points were the difference between Matt Bryant the 15th-highest scoring kicker, do not waste an early pick on kickers.


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