NFL 2017 Early Fantasy Football Bounce Back Candidates

LA Rams Todd Gurley

I know we are in the 100 days countdown to the NFL season.  It is time to start prepping for what will be your inevitable fantasy football draft.  And to start it is time to give those men who broke your heart last season, a second glance. The Fantasy Football bounce back candidates can help you in 2017!

Here are some players that you might want to take a gander out for the 2017 fantasy football season:

Remember when the running back pool was shallow.  Well, dive into the deep end my friend, because the men who run are making a comeback.  The fantasy football season in 2017 could very well depend on these men.  Choose wisely.

Todd Gurley | Running Back | Los Angeles Rams

I know, i know trust me.  Gurley could have very well been the reason you lost your fantasy league last season (that’s my story and I am sticking to it).  That makes it a very low bar for a bounce back season…but we want a little more than a couple of steps from the bottom.

2016: 278 rushing attempts—885 yards6 rushing touchdown—43 receptions—327 receiving yards

156 fantasy points in standard leagues

Last season Gurley was on the field for 741 of his teams offensive snaps.

2017 fantasy pros predicts Gurley’s strength of schedule is the 28th easiest for running backs.

Now the Rams have a new coach in Sean McVay.  According to ESPN Gurley’s pass catching role in the offense may be reduced.  If you are in a PPR league that is going to sting.  But let’s be reasonable.  New coach, shaky quarterback, slightly better offensive line all spell Gurley’s back!

Doug Martin | Running Back | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Remember that Martin will miss the first three games of the regular season.  Also keep in mind, so far in OTAs he is playing the role of the number one running back.  The Bucs are loaded so far….but if you want to keep the defense off of Jameis Winston, giving him time to throw, run the damn ball!

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2016: 144 attempts—421 rushing yards—3 rushing touchdowns—14 receptions—134 receiving yards

73 fantasy points

Martin only played in eight games.

Martin was on the field for 322 of his team’s snaps on the offensive side.

According to fantasy pros in 2017 Martin’s strength of schedule is the 29th easiest for running backs.

I am all about those who play for something.  These two wide receivers are playing NFL 2017 on a one year contract. If they want to get paid, they will need to play.

Sammy Watkins | Wide Receiver | Buffalo Bills

Watkins played in eight games last season.  This season he will be playing on a one year contract.  There is also less competition for targets.

2016: 52 targets—receptions 28—receiving yards 430—receiving touchdowns 2

Fantasy points 55 in standard leagues

Watkins was on the field for 382 of team’s offensive snaps in 2016.

According to fantasy pros in 2017, Watkins strength of schedule in the 30th easiest for wide receivers.

We are still waiting to see who will chuck him the ball.  But again, new coach, less attractive weapons to compete for the pass, and a man who wants to get paid.

Alshon Jeffery

Armando L. Sanchez – Chicago Tribune

Alshon Jeffery | Wide Receiver | Philadelphia Eagles

Another wide receiver who will be playing for a contract.  Jeffery played in 12 games last season. Aside from his injury concerns he will be getting passes from a better quarterback.

2016: 95 targets—52 receptions—821 receiving yards—2 touchdowns

94 fantasy points in standard leagues.

According to fantasy pros, in 2017 Jeffery strength of schedule in the 16th easiest for wide receivers.

Cam Newton | Quarterback | Carolina Panthers

I am going to dismiss the Romper he wore at Cochella, and concentrate on the delicious selection of weapons the Panthers have accrued for Newton.  Yes, it feels as if he will be cutting back on his running yards.  But it is a trend that has been happening already, in the 11 games after his concussion last season, Newton ran the ball only 61 times for 212 yards and three touchdowns.

2016: 3509 passing yards—19 passing touchdowns—14 interceptions—52.9% completion

Rob Gronkowski | Tight End | New England Patriots

This is the classic hit or miss pick.  Again low hanging fruit, as Gronk was out for most of the season. And let’s face it he is hurt a lot during the season, (which is weird because he isn’t hurt for all his off-season shenanigans) but I digress.

2016: 38 targets—25 receiving yards—540 receiving yards—3 touchdowns

72 fantasy points

Jordan Reed | Tight End | Washington

Again another tight end with a high ceiling who has a hard time staying on the field.  Reed played 12 games last season.

2016: 88 targets—66 receptions—686 receiving yards—6 receiving touchdowns

104 fantasy points

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