Values In Fantasy Football Are Fluid

There are moments when it becomes ever apparent that values in Fantasy Football are fluid and constantly changing. I think it can be easy to forget this sometimes, but it’s like any other market of supply and demand. These moments can come up and smack you in the face like a pissed off lunch lady with a giant slice of salami. How you react, adapt and respond to these moments though, is entirely up to you.

For me recently, it was about a week before the 2017 NFL draft. I was in negotiations for a trade. The guy I was in negotiations with added in a request of getting Jerrick McKinnon, valuing him somewhere around a late 3rd or early 4th round pick. McKinnon’s value was cloudy to be sure, compounded by the fact that the Minnesota Vikings recently signed Latavius Murray. This valuation of McKinnon was low however in my opinion. Too low in fact for us to strike a deal. I believed McKinnon would at least have a passing down role with the possibility of being more, not being a big believer in Murray. McKinnon is a freak athlete with what I thought was a high ceiling, albeit so far in his young career he may have suffered from inconsistencies and a poor offensive line. Never would I have imagined that the Vikings would bring in a top tier prospect through the draft.

FSU Dalvin Cook

Mark Wallheiser – AP

Enter Dalvin Cook.

Regardless of what you think of Dalvin Cook, one thing is apparent. He was drafted by the Vikings in the 2nd round, with the intention to be used. A lot.

And so, McKinnon’s value plummets painfully for me. Like a bowel movement the day after eating Buffalo Wild Wings. Now he is probably a 3rd down back at best. Stuck in a cloudy committee as a handcuff on a team that just drafted a highly touted rookie RB. Worse case scenario is he never really gets another shot. He just turned 25 and has yet to really prove himself. It’s pretty hard to say what will become of him as of now.

The point is, I had a window of hype to sell him higher before they brought Murray in. Then, still with the McKinnon truthers and young athletic freak lovers, I had an opportunity to get something for him. I kept passing though, waiting to see what would happen next and now he sits at the bottom of my RB pool on this particular dynasty team. I wasn’t necessarily wrong by any means at the time, but in hindsight I might have been.

I’m not suggesting you should go out and try to sell McKinnon or buy low on him either. I do still like him and think he’s worth holding onto if you have him, but I’m simply using him as an example. In our fantasy world of football, players values are constantly changing because of injuries, trades, draft picks, coaches decisions, off field stuff, etc. It’s fluid. There will always be unpredictable things which happen that we will never be able to foresee or account for, but being aware of the ever changing landscape and trying to stay ahead of the curve the best you can, often will benefit you as a dynasty owner. Remembering this and taking it into account can help you make decisions during a draft, spending money on the waiver wire and in trading with others. Don’t just think about where players values are at right now, but where it’s most likely to go in the future. Like a river always finding the ocean, flow my friends.


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