Diggin’ Deep: SFB360 Week 7 Preview

SFB360 By the skin of my teeth.

To be honest I’ve never really understood that saying but I’ve heard it alot when talking about narrow victories. Do teeth have skin? I’m no dentist but it doesn’t seem like they do. Even thinking about teeth having skin is sorta weird right?

Anyway.. that’s the best I can come up to describe my narrow five point victory in the SFB360. That’s two weeks in a row that my games have come down to less than a touchdown as I was able to deal Rich Hrbar his first loss despite disappointing efforts from Aj Green and Adrian Peterson. My reward for this harrowing victory? I get to face the team that is now tied at the top of The Spider Monkey division in Pat Kerrane. While I was looking at Pat’s starting lineup for this article I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes, this guy is LOADED. Leveon Bell, Todd Gurley, Hopkins, Marshall and Edelman all on one team? My first thought was that I’m obviously doomed, no way can I compete with this lineup. That feeling of self doubt quickly changed to: “maybe I should throw this guy’s lineup in the Millionaire Maker on Draftkings” but that’s a discussion for another forum.

Once all of the self pity and opportunistic angling washed away I was finally left with one thought: How did Pat get all of these studs? One reason is good player evaluation. Pat got a good value in Edelman because Julian always seems to be undervalued. As a smallish slot receiver he doesn’t seem to have the big time upside as a guy like Julio Jones but he is as consistent as they come. He is the favorite target of possibly the best quarterback in the history of the league and an absolute target monster. Also, remember that back in July we still didn’t know what Brady’s status would be so Julian was a risk. Deandre Hopkins has also been an beast, he is such a focal point of his offense that he is actually on pace to shatter the single season record for targets but he was also a risk. Coming out of Clemson, Hopkins was known to be an athletic marvel but he had somewhat of a disappointment up until this point. Add the fact that “Nuk” is on a team that was supposed to have a conservative offense and has one of the worst quarterback situations in the league; he was a very risky prospect, but one that has paid off mightily up to this point. One of the big questions heading into our fantasy drafts was where to take Todd Gurley, who everyone knew was a generational talent but a talent that was coming off an acl injury. Nobody really knew when or even if Gurley would see lead back duties.. some thought he wouldn’t even be fully healed until 2017. At this point, I think it’s safe to say the guy is healthy. Another risk that paid off for Pat.

I think I see a pattern emerging here.

To win in fantasy football you have to take risks. Whether it’s risks in the draft or dropping your favorite sleeper when they aren’t performing to expectations. Even fading the obvious must play chalk in the big tourney for dfs has it’s advantages.. no matter how hard it may be to go against conventional wisdom you can’t win by following the herd. Pat took the risks necessary to build a powerhouse lineup and it has worked out for him and we can all take a lesson from him.. as the saying goes: no risk no reward.

With that said.. I still have to try my best to beat Pat this week and will be without stud AJ Green so I’ll have to take some risks myself  and that includes starting this weeks cover boy Stephon Diggs. I picked Diggs up a couple weeks ago for depth purposes without the intention to start him anytime soon but he has out produced even the loftiest of expectations and I’m in a bit of a bind so hopefully he can continue to impress.

Thanks for reading and goof luck in all of your games this week. Next week I’ll be doing a halfway report for the overall leaders in the SFB360.

Paul Batts




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