DraftKings DFS Picks: BMW Championship

Welcome to DraftKings DFS Picks for the BMW Championship! In this article, I will give you some picks for this week’s BMW Championship. I’m going to recommend some top dollar, mid tier, and sleeper picks. I will also list a couple guys I would avoid, or are questionable picks who could make or break your tournament. At the end, I will even show you my picks for this week (which will hopefully be worth a lot of money!)


Top Dollar Players

Jason Day – $12,600

There’s only one way to describe how Jason Day has been lately: HOT! Day is going to get you points, one way or another. This seems like a very obvious pick to avoid, as some believe he may coast into the final week to make his push for the TOUR Championship and the Fed Ex Cup title. I believe he would rather take a big lead into the final event, to take some pressure off.

In the end, Day is the most expensive player this week, as he should be. I’m more than comfortable taking the top player at this point in the year to help win me some money. If you’re comfortable taking a lower price player (or two), I think you should play him too.

Bubba Watson – $10,200

As we all know, Bubba is either firing on all cylinders or he is out there hitting trick shots for the crowd because his putter has left him. I love Bubba this week, even though Conway Farms favors a shorter and straighter player, because his will to win may be higher than we’ve seen it. He has a pretty decent sized margin to catch Day if he wants to win the Fed Ex Cup, and he needs to make the push now. Bubba seems to always be hanging around the top on Sunday, and I don’t think this week will be any different. Plus, if my memory serves me correctly, he was the runner-up at this event last year to a guy who will be mentioned later on. Hop on the Bubba train, and ride him to victory!

Jim Furyk – $10,000

This is far from a sexy pick (mostly because Furyk’s swing and looks are comparable), but he has been playing great as of late. With three top 5 finishes in his last five events (other two finishes being 11th and 30th), Furyk is seemingly on the top of his game. To help make this pick even easier for you, in Furyk’s last 3 BMW Championships, he has finished in the top 10 all three times (T-4th in ’14, 3rd in ’13, 9th in ’12). This pick should sell itself. Buy him, NOW!

Louis Oosthuizen – $8,400

Louis is what you would call a “tweener,” but I am putting him in the top dollar tier because he really should cost more. He certainly hasn’t been “on fire” of late, but he is a streaky kind of player and is incredible at his peak. This pick could be of huge upside given his price, and doesn’t really come with much risk. At his best this year, Louis finished in 2nd place in two majors (US Open and Open Championship), and had a top 20 at the Masters. With a 12th place finish last week, Louis seems to be heading upward yet again. For $8,400, I’m buying!

Mid Tier Players

Robert Streb – $8,000

Robert is on the higher side of the “mid tier” but averaging 69.2 points, he’s well worth it. If you recall, earlier in the year Streb ALMOST won a tournament after breaking his putter. He finished his final 9 holes on Sunday at the Greenbrier putting with his sand wedge and rolled in FIVE birdies. Anybody that can do that deserves a spot on your squad! In all seriousness, though, Streb has been great all year. He has made 23 of 28 cuts, finished in the top 10 nine times, and even secured a victory. I really like Streb this week, as the course suits his game and he is always good for points.

Tony Finau – $7,600

The fact that I’m putting Finau on this list is scary, but it could payoff big time. Conway Farms doesn’t necessarily suit Tony’s game, BUT he could over power it since…you know… He does that. He hasn’t been spectacular this year, but remember, he’s a ROOKIE. Making 21 of 30 cuts and finishing in the top 10 five times (and top 20 eight times) shouldn’t be taken lightly. If he finds his way to the weekend, he can be pretty intimidating and has the potential to be playing late on Sunday. If you’re looking to make a risky play, to go with your safe ones, Tony is your guy.

Billy Horschel – $7,500

$7,500?! Seriously? Billy is your defending BMW Champion, and defending Fed Ex Cup Champion. He’s got a fire under his rear, and he is out for blood (figuratively speaking, of course). Horschel is on what most would call a cold stretch, but he has been adamant that he is ready to put 4 rounds together. I don’t think much more needs to be said about Billy because, as we’ve seen in the past, when he’s pumped up and fiery, he’s scary to play against. For $7,500, go get him.

Bargain Bin

James Hahn – $6,700

James is going to be the only player in this section this week, because he’s the only one that deserves to be picked out of the “cheap” players (in my opinion of course). Hahn has been all over the place this year, but when he makes the cut (18 of 27 times) he’s been pretty good considering his price. In his 10 cuts made on the main Tour, he’s averaged 65.8 points. That number puts him right in the middle of the field. For $6,700, and the potential for 75-85 points, Hahn is a great bargain.


Brooks Koepka – $8200

At his price, Brooks doesn’t seem like a “sleeper” but he is largely overlooked. Definitely not a household name (yet) but Koepka can flat out play. With eight Top 10 finishes this season, Koepka should be a great play, and he has the potential to get you some real points. SSSHHHHH… Don’t tell anyone!

Jimmy Walker – $7,400

Why so cheap for someone who has two wins and six top 10 finishes? That’s a great question. My response: Who cares? Jimmy is someone I pick pretty regularly, and I’m rarely disappointed. Making 19 of 22 cuts, Walker is very reliable. For the price, his fppg of 72, and clear ability to win, he should be a great pick.


Players To Avoid/Question Marks

Rory McIlroy – $12,100

He’s been making some good progress, but clearly still isn’t himself. With the injury from earlier in the season most likely on his mind still, I think I’m going to pass on Rory until the 2016 season.

Jordan Spieth – $11,600

It hurts to put him down here because I love Spieth, but he hasn’t lived up to his price tag the last two events. He looks out of gas. I’m not going to dig into why, I just don’t think Spieth has much more to give this year. I suppose I would be content with two majors and a five win season, too. Jordan has been gold all season, but after the last two tournaments I’m unfortunately going to have to pass.

Sergio Garcia – $8,600

I’ve never been on the Sergio bus, nor will I be, but taking him at this point will either be really smart or really stupid with no middle ground. He didn’t play the first two legs of the playoffs, and a lot of times after a break players are rusty. It doesn’t help his cause that he wasn’t great prior to his “vacation” either. With his last quality performance in mid July, I’d be scared to take him. It very well could be that he comes back fresh and ready to play, but I’m not going to take the chance on him.


Woofta, that’s a lot to take in. Well, maybe not. If you’ve made it this far, I’d like to share with you the roster I will be going with this week. Here it is:

Jason Day, Louis Oosthuizen, Billy Horschel, Jimmy Walker, Gary Woodland (what!?), and James Hahn.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I really hope I can help you win some money. Best of luck to you all, and hopefully we will see you next week with some extra cash in your pockets!


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