Swimming With Sharks: My Scott Fish Bowl Experience Intro

The Scott Fish Bowl is here! For many of us this is the best week of the year. The NFL season is finally upon us as the dog days of summer draw to a close and our schedules are booked for the next two dozen Sundays. Our drafts have wrapped up and we still have that gleam in our eyes with hopes that all of our preparation and hard work has paid off and we drafted the optimal fake team. Starting tomorrow we will be basking in the glory as we begin to systematically crush the souls of the other eleven or so suckers who dared to question our dominance…and for most of us that feeling will fade quickly. Come Tuesday morning half of our dreams of that perfect season will be a distant memory.

“Wait …what is this? When are you going to tell me who to start at quarterback?”

I’m not here to give you advice; there are a lot of people here that are more qualified to do so than I am. What I intend to do is entertain. I’ll give you a perspective, the perspective of some of the things that the other owners in your leagues might be thinking as the season goes along. Will that help you? I feel like it will, not in a direct “who do I start” kind of way, but in more in a “game theory” kind of way. Also, I’m here as a way to show appreciation to the fantasy community for always being around to entertain. In particular I’m here to show appreciation to Scott Fish for taking the time to put together and run one of the most challenging and unique fantasy football contests around. If you are not familiar with the Scott Fish Bowl or #SFB360 as it has come to be known, I’d encourage you to go to the league’s site www.scottfishbowl.com and look around. I’m not going to go through the specifics, as many of you already know all about it; instead I will sum it up for you the way Scott does on his site: The world’s largest and toughest fantasy football league.

In the following weeks I plan on recapping the week’s events and updating you on my quest to take down 359 of the brightest minds in the industry. There are writers and personalities from just about every site that you can think of so it’s not going to be an easy task and it’s very likely I will fail miserably… but it should be fun and entertaining regardless.

But, for now, let’s get you caught up. The 30 division of 12 teams each were set in late June and it’s hard to imagine that I could get a tougher draw:
Dynasty League Football- Eric Breeze
Pro Football Focus-Pat Thorman
Rotoviz / UTH- Patrick Kerrane
The Fake Football- Rich Hribar
ZachLawOnline-Zach Law
TheFantasyForce-Andrew Jordan
Fantasy Sports Locker-Neil Parker
105 the Ticket- Brian Dezelske
Chad Larned
Pete Nerozzi
And FakePigskin’s very own Regan Yant (Thank You Regan, for allowing me the space to do this)

We drafted in early July which has its advantages and disadvantages. Because a lot of things change in the NFL in the months of July and August you really have to be right on your evaluations of situations and players. Plus you need some luck. I know that injuries have hurt a lot of teams in these leagues because losing a guy like Jordy Nelson or Kelvin Benjamin before the season even starts can kill a team. Not to even mention the team that drafted RG3 (it’s a deep Super flex league so yes, he was drafted) or Joseph Randle fairly early. But you get my point…there’s some luck involved, even more than usual. But also, drafting early can have its advantages if you can identify favorable situations and draft players before their ADP rises.

I drew the 3rd pick which wasn’t so bad because I was able to nab the player I really wanted in Adrian Peterson and because a couple QBs went in the 2nd AJ Green fell to me at 2.10. Where I may have made my mistake was taking Forsett next because by the time it got all the way back to me in the 4th the WRs had dried up even quicker than I thought. I decided to go best available player instead of reaching for a position of need so Tanny and Big Ben were my next two picks. I was able to get decent value later on guys like Decker, Landry, and Parker who I felt were a little undervalued at the time but, as you can imagine, I will be playing catch up at WR. I’m going to have to be diligent on the waiver wire to compete with these guys in a ppr league but I feel like the rest of my team has some decent depth so if I hit on a few of the fliers I took later I should be ok. Plus value usually pops up at WR at some point.

Ive got my 1st big challenge this week as I face off against Neil Parker and his Eddie Lacy led powerhouse (Lacy is playing a cupcake Bears defense and should have no problem racking up the points) so I’m hoping to keep it close enough to make Monday night interesting with my Peterson and his Teddy Bridgewater playing a weakened San Francisco Defense. I hope you will check back next week to find out how it turns out and until then good luck keeping that gleam in your eyes over the weekend!


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