Five Cent Quarterbacks

Andy Dalton

32 teams, 16 games, 8 Division Winners, 4 Conference hopefuls, 2 Title Contenders, and 1 Superbowl! That is the NFL season in a nutshell. All teams look towards their Quarterbacks to lead their team to this promise land, with a few exceptions. A quarterback often receives the glory or the blame for team success or failures. Regardless if they are game changers or game manages, QBs are the one position that fantasy owners want to score 16+ pts on a weekly basis. This position has seen its overvaluation and devaluation throughout the evolution of fantasy football.

In any given fantasy season, you can bank on the fact that there will be more than 32 quarterback to start a game. Whether it is injury or coaching decision, quarterbacks will get a chance to start a game or two; these five cent Quarterbacks. This article can help you prepare in the case your sure fire starter gets hurt or you’re applying the streaming strategy in the way you manage your league. It is also helpful for deep leagues such as a 16, 24, or 32 team league and especially your 2 QB league. Much like a real NFL team, when your starting QB goes down/is not good, you’re pretty much in a hole. The solution is not to lie down and die, meaning leave that 2nd QB slot empty for rest of the season, go find yourself a QB

Here are a few QBs that may not show up in many fantasy rankings, but that you should absolutely keep in mind. I’ll begin with known commodities and slowly move into a much deeper pool.

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Derek Anderson (CAR) – as of this writing, news broke that the Panthers have decided to extend DA. The once former pro bowler (shocking) and leader of the Browns to a 40+ pt shootout (even more shocking), has looked good in spot starts last year when Cam Newton was recovering from his sore ankle. Admittedly, I started DA in one of my 25-man deep 12 team, 1 QB league. It was quite the gutsy call, but I had taken Cam way too early in that league last year, and didn’t properly draft a backup. DA actually played better than some of the QBs available at the time (Geno Smith, EJ Manual, etc.)

Ryan Fitzpatrick (NYJ) – Well, he’s a starter now for at least the first 8 – 10 weeks. The Amish rifle is as inconsistent as they come. The positive for Fitz is that he has Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker to work with. In both his career at Buffalo and Tennessee, this QB won’t necessarily kill your fantasy team (noting that when you’re relying on Fitzpatrick, your team probably is in despair mode already). 12pts average is not out of the question for RF.

Josh McCown (Cle) – It was extremely difficult to defend McCown or even recommend him. I have made that courageous (dumb) attempt to do so on my last podcast with @LakesTwoQB on the Two QB, One Team pod (give it a listen). However, McCown has been all but promised the starting job for Cleveland as Johnny is nursing a elbow tendonitis and Shaw is on IR. Cleveland will ask McCown to manage the game to the best of his abilities, however the team also will fall behind a lot. So, Take your chances if you have to with this guy, he is capable of slinging it. To who…that is a question for another day

Kirk Cousin (Was) – Captain Kirk is named the starter for the Washington team. He has not really progressed much from year to year. In fact, I see him as having regressed. Nonetheless, Jay Gruden loves working with mediocre QB, and you don’t get more mediocre than this former MSU product. Cousin has a connection with Pierre Garcon, and often able to put up 14-15 pt/game numbers. He doesn’t really take care of the ball as much as I thought he would, but you’re not reading this article to look for a superstar QB2/desperate replacement now are you?

Brian Hoyer (Hou) – Speaking of mediocre MSU products…Hoyer is actually my highest rated QB in case of emergency. While he may not look like his pre-ACL self that brought some excitement to the hapless Browns in 2013 for 4 games, he is in fact an aggressive QB that will not lie down and be a game manager. From my view, Hoyer appears more like a QB who tries to overcome his limitations. Most of the time, this results in a turnover or taking the ball away from the RB when a run is warranted. In the world of sub-par QB, Hoyer is as boom/bust as you can get. The positives for this guy is a.) Headcoach O’Brien b.) DeAndre Hopkins c.) a team with a good/great defense. While his scattershot approach will make you cringe, you’re probably already in a bad position to begin with.

Tyrod Taylor (Buf) – Hot rod Tyrod, is probably the hottest thing on the mediocre fantasy QB market. Bills has everything but the QB position solidified, so much like Hoyer, he has a arguably a better surrounding cast than Hoyer on paper at least. I don’t expect Taylor to remain the starter for all 16 games, but probably for the majority of the season. One reason why is because he is a small guy that will scramble a lot. So, I expect him to take many hits, even the ones that don’t count on the stat sheet.

Chase Daniel (KCC) – Now we’re getting into a deep dark territory where the wailing and gnashing of teeth are heard. You don’t ever want to find yourself in a position to rely on Chase Daniel, but…there is a longshot chance that Alex Smith doesn’t finish the season healthy. Chase is only in case of injury to Smith to be honest, as I think Reid will rather watch an ineffective Alex run the team into the turf than make necessary adjustments mid-game. Chase is not a talented QB with much upside, but ask him to run a team with Charles, Kelce, and Maclin, there is a slim hope that he puts up 12 pts when playing against weaker teams. I also like Aaron Murray

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AJ McAaron (Cin) – I am a Dalton proponent (NFL wise, not fantasy), and I have major dislike for AJ (again NFL wise, and probably fantasy). But the buzz is quite strong in the fantasy community who have very short patience left for Dalton. This is a desperate maneuver, and I would rather go towards the other guys that I have mentioned before and probably after him.

Matt McGloin (Oak) – I must really be scrapping past the bottom of the barrel to recommend McGloin. Still, watching the preseason hits on Derek Carr has made me a little nervous (a nervousness of a level of 3, on a scale of 1 to 10). Carr is not exactly the durable type either, so 20 tm, 24 tm, 32 tm leagues, McGloin should be on your speed dial on the number right next to your Ashley Mad…contact person

Colt McCoy (Was) – Gruden might secretly like this Texas product more than captain Kirk. He turned Colt from a forgotten man, into a spot starter. While that may be true, he also fizzled much faster. You’ll be having a hard time trust McCoy to any capacity, but in the same frame, you’re probably already having trust issues with Jay.

Hail Mary’s

The following QBs are ones I rather have over the incumbent 2nd string backups. These are long shots, but for me sometimes the unknown is much better than the known. More fitting for dynasty though

I rather have:

David Fales instead of Jimmy Clausen
Brett Hundley
instead of Scott Tolzien
Dustin Vaughan
instead of Brandon Weeden
Taylor Heinicke
instead of Shaun Hill



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